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Elijah Stanley, son of John Stanley, one of the pioneer settlers of this section of the county, was born December 14, 1839, and died March 23, 1914 at the ripe age of 74 years, 3 months and 6 days.


He was married to Miss Susan J. Arrington March 10, 1859. Five daughters survive him. So far we have learned, there were no other children. These daughters are Mrs. David Quesinberry, Mrs. H. E. Collier, Mrs. E. D. Hart, Mrs. J. W. Bowman and Mrs. F. C. Bolt. Brother Stanley’s wife preceded him in death by several years.


He joined the Primitive Baptist Church, at Bell Spur, Carroll County, Virginia, on Saturday before the first Sunday in June, 1865, and was baptized by Elder Jackson Lackey. Having moved to Claudeville, Patrick County, Virginia, he took a letter of dismission from his mother church, and united with the newly constituted church at Dobyns. This was December 2, 1911.

Here is his membership remained till he entered the Church triumphant. His son-in-law, Mr. J. W. Bowman, with whom he lived, moved to Amelia County, Va., a few months prior to the death of Brother Stanley. On his way from Amelia C. H., Virginia, to his old house on the mountain, he stopped to spend the night with Elder S. A. Thompson, in the town of Stuart, Virginia where he was stricken down and died. There his spirit and body parted. There his body was entombed to await the general resurrection of the dead.


Brother Stanley was an excellent man, a law abiding citizen, and a true brother of the church. We always found his association, in the church and in home, to be very pleasant. He was a Bible reader and enquired much after truth. It was common for him to say to his brethren, “What do you think of this scripture?” which he would repeat. We have no perfect man on earth, but Brother Stanley was well up to the standard, as a citizen, a sholdier and a brother. While we were not a soldier in the great Civil war, where we lost our father, we have a very special and loving regard for the brave and loyal soldiers of the Confederacy. Peace to his ashes.

May all of his children, by the grace of God, meet him again in that better and perfect state. Though they miss him here, they should rejoice when they think, “He is in heaven.” God be with them, is the prayer of

One who loved him.


F. P. Branscome

Laurel Fork, Virginia


Memorial By His Church


The Primitive Baptist Church at Dobyns, Patrick County, Virginia, being in conference April 4, 1914, adopted the following resolutions:

Where as it has pleased Almighty God to remove from our midst and call to his reward, on March 23, 1914, our beloved brother Elijah Stanley, who was an honored member of our church, and whose death we deeply deplore. It is requested that Elder F. P. Branscome prepare his obituary and publish the same in the Messenger of Truth.

J. M. Dickerson, Mod.

S. G. Dobyns, Clerk.