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Mr. Love, son of Brother J. W. Love and F. J. Love, was born in Surry Co., N. C., Dec. 19, .1877, and died .Jan.28. 1910 aged 32 yeas, 1 month and 8 days.


He was a young man of good character and well liked by all who knew him. He was honest, truthful and sober and had no bad habits whatever. He was a home boy, always looking after his parents. His mother has had rheumatism for several years. She cannot walk one step and is almost entirely helpless; and his father was old and feeble in health. Appendicitis was tile cause of his death. When he took sick his father was in bed with Pneumonia. Jim made no complaint as long as he could help it; but when forced to give up he suffered much pain, which be bore with great patience. His doctors, knowing that he could not live as he was, carried him to the Sanitarium at Mt. Airy, where he was treated with the greatest care that could be given him. But after thirteen days of hard suffering he calmly passed away. The Lord had called fat' him, and all that doctors. kindred and friends could do he had to go. He seemed to be submissive to (Joel's will; and, four days before his death, be said. "If it is not God's will for me to get well, it is alright. 1 am prepared for death."


He had never joined the church, but was a lover of the church and enjoyed carrying preachers to his home and being with God's people.


During the last weeks of his suffering, his brother Frank was with him day and night, and his sister Maude and other relatives a part of the time. But neither his father nor his mother could visit the bedside of their darling son, who was their main dependence to look after them in their afflictions and old age. But, they had to see him comming home a lifeless corpse. It seemed to be more than they could bear. But God, who is able to help in every time of need, supports them. May he enable them to meet their dear children who have gone on before; and may he watch over their three children who are still here and, at last, gather them all safe in heaven where parting shall be no more.


His remains were laid to rest in the Indian Grove graveyard and, although it was a bad day, there were many relatives and friends present. His father is a member of the Primitive Baptist Church.


His cousin,




Mt, Airy, N. C.