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Mrs. Mary Lou Turner, daughter of S. E. and Louisa Handy, and wife of Mr. Sherman Turner, was born .July 18, 1889, and died at her mother's home on Rye Cove Creek, March 15, 1909


She was married to Mr. Sherman Turner, of Vesta, Va., March 18, 1908. There married life was only eleven months and fifteen days. She was a true and loving companion, a dear wife, and a kind and loving friend, and always had a kind word for all, and was ever ready to lend a helping hand.


She was in failing health for sometime previous to her death; and how much she suffered no tongue call tell. But she bore her sufferings with great patience. DR'S. H. S. and Moir Martin and Dr. Dickerson, three good physicians. her loving mother, husband, sisters. brothers and other relatives and friends did all that they could for her, but to no avail. how much we loved dear Mary my pen can not write it, nor my tongue tell it. O! it seemed impossible to give her up; but the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. And we have the sweet hope that she is now at rest in her beautiful home, which she viewed on high, which her children of .God are blessed. Christ said, "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."


She was not a church member, but a firm believer in the Primitive Baptist faith and professed faith in Christ about the time of her first sickness. O!, It almost breaks my heart to think of dear Mary. When first confined to her room, she begged the Lord to spare her life that she might stay with her loved ones here. But as sl1e grew worse and weaker, she seemed to know that she would never get well, and put all of her trust in God. She spent the rest of 1161' days and hours talking on religious subjects, and asking her beloved ones to read the bible and to sing songs for her. Just a few days before her death, her loving mother and husband were called to her bedside and asked to kiss her goodbye, and asked them to kiss all the children goodbye for her.


She then exclaimed. "Oh how happy I am!  The Lord is with me now and will be until the end." We know that we cannot meet her here any more, but we hope to meet her in the resurrection, together with the dear Savior and all the redeemed· of the Lord. But she was so near and dear to us that we cannot help but mourn.


After a loving talk from Elder C. A. Vipperman, she was laid to rest in the family burying ground on Bye Cove Creek, to await tile coming' of the Lord.


Attention now to you I call,


To one that has passed away;


Her voice we can hear no more, While here on earth we stay.


Physicians, friends and relations, All for her did their best;


But as they had but earthly power, They could not give her rest.


Her sufferings were great indeed, The doctor's skill was vain;


But she bas paid the debt we owe and is free from death and pain.


I t grieved our hearts from her to part, And 0, we miss her here!


But yet, it is sweet to know,


She's free from life's toils and care.


Her broken sister,