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Dear Brother Branscome, I have sad news to write you, My dear wife, Mrs. Charlotte Bowren, after suffering for a year of heart weakness, departed this life. If she had lived till the 24 day of February, she would have been seventy-six years old; and she had lived till the third or this month (April) we would have lived together fifty nine years. We were married April 3, 1851. The good Lord cared for us, Bless his holy name forever!


Her people were Methodists, But when she was ten or twelve years of age, she went to hear the Primitive Baptists, the first she ever heard, and became a, Baptist in belief, and at her death she had not changed. She was always delighted when she met with the brethren and sisters, and she was loved and esteemed by all who met her. She sympathized with the sick and was good to nurse them. She was a member of the Primitive Baptist church about forty years. When I joined she had been a member three years.


0! Brother Branscome, the Lord gave to me a good wife, indeed, and I cannot thank him enough for it. Bless his great and holy name!  She was a wife, indeed. O how I do miss her! I do not want her back here to suffer again, for I am satisfied that her soul is now in paridise with her blessed Savior whom she loved so well.


We were blessed with four children, three girls and one boy.' Three are living.


I am now in my eighty-third year, and feel that I will not have to stay here long. I am only waiting on the Lord, till he shall call me home. I am, in hope of eternal life.


Your Brother,

L. W. Bowren


Floral, Ark.