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Mrs. Dealy C. Dalton, daughter of Flemon and Martha J. Phillips, was born March 16, 1872: and departed this life Jan. 29, 1918. She was married to W. M. Dalton Dec. 27, 1887, and to whom were born five sons and five daughters. One son died in infancy, leaving a husband, nine children, eight grandchildren, a mother (Mrs. Martha J. Smith), two half-sisters, one half-brother, together With a number of more distant relatives and friends to mourn her sad death. She was a good wife, mother and neighbor, and made friends wherever she went.


She was afflicted for several years with Rheumatism, from which she had been a cripple for ten years. Finally she took Tuberculosis of the bones and her suffering, were very great. During the last three months of her life she suffered harder than I had ever seen any other person suffer. But now her sufferings are over; and, and I trust, she has made a glorious exchange. And so, dear husband, children, and all loved ones, do not grieve after her, for she had a sweet hope in Christ and is now in that sweet home of everlasting peace and love. We should willingly submit to the will of God, and say, THY will be done, not ours.


While dear Dealy was not a member of the church, she believed in the Primitive Baptist faith and doctrine, and had a good hope in Christ.


All was done to ease and comfort her that loving ones could do. The last time she was turned in bed, her son Hozy turned her, and she said to him, "You have fixed me so good, just like I wanted to be fixed, and I will always love you for fixing me so good." Then death struck her. She was fixed and ready to go. And now 1 can say to all who loved her, Just think of what a glorious exchange she has made, while she is missed so much in the borne.


She was buried in the Hollingsworth cemetery, near her home. Her funeral is to be preached in the near future. She requested that her funeral be preached by Elder Q. D. Weeks. When he preached my mother's (Mrs. Luvina Rigney) funeral she said every word seemed to be directed to her and exactly fitted her feelings; that it seemed to, her to be the best sermon she had ever heard. She said, "If Elder Weeks outlives me, I want him to preach my funeral."


May God bless all the dear bereaved ones and comfort them in their loneliness.


Her sister-in-law, .




Indian Valley, Virginia.