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 Mrs. Eliza Melvina Howell, wife of Caleb Howell, departed this life November 12, 1912. She was of a good family, a daughter of Alexander Howell and has three brothers and one sister living; Col. Tip Howell and Elisabeth Leshors, of Floyd County, Virginia; Toliver Howell, of Girard, Arkansas, and Vergel Howell, of Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was born in Floyd County, Virginia, May 5, 1832, and was married to Caleb Howell  March 11, 1858. Twelve Children were born to them. Emma C. died at 4 years of age, and David W, died at 2 ˝ years of age. The ten yet living are: Almedia, wife of Gordon Williams, Nettie, wife of Walker Hurst; Alice, widow of A. K. Lineberry; Lenor, wife of Conner Winesett: Flora, wife of Perry Derting; Lula, wife of Elder D. Smith Webb; Mary K, wife of Ellis Alderman: Charles L" of Ethelfelts, Va; Lillian, wife of A. B. Williams, and J. Bruce the home son of Woodlawn, Va, It was by J. Bruce and .Myrtie, his kind-hearted wife, that Mamma Howell was being most kindly cared for when, on the night of Nov. 5, she was stricken with severe pain, causing helplessness. At once all of her children were called, and Dr. S. M. Robinson was summoned, who rendered his faithful service, But, with all that gentle hands and loving hearts could do, She had to go.


The husband Caleb Howell, departed this life March 16, 1897, aged 69 ˝  years, and taught a great many schools in Floyd and Carroll counties; and he was a. strictly upright and moral man, They used great pains and precaution to bring their children up in the way of moral righteousness and succeeded well for not, a stain of reproach has ever marked one of this large family.


Neither papa nor momma Howell ever joined the church but they were both regular attendants at our church meetings, and were believers in the Primitive Baptist faith. Before her death she said she had a hope, but did not know it was that; for she could not, tell how nor when it came. But she had learned that, it was a good hope. While she was suffering great pain, she said. "I want you all to pray for me; Brother Webb, pray for us" We bowed by her bed and prayed; and, at the close of our prayer she began clapping her feeble white hands saying, "I am so happy! I wish I could tell you all how happy I do feel. Sister Flora, speaking for us all, said, "We know you are all right momma. for you are one of the best of loving mothers that ever did live." She replied, "I wish you all could feel as I do when you come to die" Sister Nettie said, "momma it hurts me to see you suffering so much ;" and she answered “Well, Jesus suffered; and, while I was suffering the other clay, I heard the clapping on the other side," Nettie said, "The clapping of hands? And she said, Yes, yes, the clapping of the right hand" Three different times she waved her right hand, saying, "Waft me away on the wing's of heaven.’Then she said, "My refuge; His countenance is whiter than snow." She requested us all to stand around her bed and sing where she could see us and hear us; and while we did so, her face was adorned with the sweetest smile, She said. "I wish I could fall asleep while you are singing and never wake up in this world." And she said, "O, my large family! I reckon I have the most dutiful Children that ever was. Bruce and Myrtie have been as good to me as could be." Bruce and Myrtie were not only good to our dear loving mother, but they were good and kind to us all: May God bless them from his bountiful hand with the riches of heaven.


Dear momma was laid beside dear Papa, in the field of A, B. Williams, in the presence of a large number of relatives and friends. We thank the many friends for their kindness.




Hillsville, Virginia