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Mrs. Mary C. Horton, second and dutiful wife of Joseph Horton Jr., was born May 23, 1843, and died of diabetes April 20, 1910. She dwelt in her house of clay for sixty-six years, ten months and twenty-seven days. She was the daughter of Deacon William and Elisabeth Semones, of Harmony church. Her name was enrolled as the 124th member of 311 on the church book at Fellowship, first Sunday in September, 1878, and was baptized by Elder Isaac Webb.


She suffered much for sometime, not withstanding her case was treated by a noble physician, who could not heal her nor stay the hand of death. For in death every knee shall bow. For over two months a goodly number of her friends, with her anxious husband, were ever by her bedside, night and day, to render all aid they could to alleviate her suffering body. But she grew weaker and weaker, till Thursday eve, April 19, she said to me, "I can't be here long: for I dreamed that I had to die Tuesday night. But I love you, for you have been good to me." She spoke many nice things about her friends and kindred. As the evening drew on, eyes of sympathy, of a good many friends and kindred, watching the hand of death playing upon that patient form through the night; and, as the morning sun threw out its beautiful light upon the mother earth, the light of heaven dawned through the Son of Righteousness, dispelling the gloom from Sister Nancy's soul, and causing her to say, I want to go home!" She also called her step son, M. M. Horton, and spoke of the love she had for him and her husband. Then, in a few minutes, the thread of life was broken and her spirit was free. Sad, the hand that now lies silent and cold will no more caress the afflicted and dying- of our land. She was an unequaled nurse in the home of affliction. It is sad to know that the tolling bells of time have rung the last chime for her. Yet we feel that the bells of heaven are ringing for her in the beautiful home of which she spoke before her death. So," Blessed are they that die in the Lord!" By faith, in His promises, we believe she is now basking in the glorious light of heaven, and shouting glad i10sanahs, and loud hallelujahs around the throne of God. Bless the broken-hearted husband, Lord, who feels his earthly enjoyments severed; and console him with the thoughts, we will meet again!" "It will not be long!"


Funeral services were conducted by Elder Isaac Webb; and, after which, her body was consigned to the tomb, to await the glory of the resurrection morning.


Yours in sympathy,




Fancy Gap, VA