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Mrs. Sallie Hayslet died of heart dropsy in her 52nd year on April 12, 1912. She left a husband, one son and eight daughters, the youngest being in her 12th year. She was 1t devoted mother and neighbor, and was loved by all who knew her. It had been fourteen years since I first met her, and when I had the pleasure of meeting her last, she was the same as at first. We feel assured that she is at rest with the angels in heaven singing the song of the Great Jehovah, for there is no other song to sing.


She told her husband, while on her bed of affliction, that she only regretted that she had not been baptized by a Primitive Baptist preacher, but, while she did not have that pleasure, we feel assured that she was baptized by the Holy Ghost. Most assuredly the arm of the comforter was around her when she spoke her last words. Her two daughters were waiting on her as tenderly as they could. When they were laying her in the bed, she told them to just throw her in any way, and she fell asleep in their arms. When this mortal lump of clay loses all its love for everything of this life, the Spirit is bound to be present; for nature loves its own until the Spirit comes and banishes it away. .Jesus can make a dying bed soft as downy pillows are.


Written by her sister-in-law,



New Richmond, W. Va.