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Turner DeHart

by Wayne Hawley

A lot of the newer breed of drivers have never heard of the many old timers who were the fathers and grandfathers of this great sport. So many were and are from Floyd Co.

Another that comes to mind was a driver by the name of Turner DeHart. Turner really fit the good ole boy image. A wild man both on and off the track. He was and is a businessman. Although his years in racing are far removed, he was one that all the older drivers remember well. He one time won eleven races in a row and did it with ease. His smooth driving and knack for taking chances became well known. Bruce Sweeney, another of the early greats once told me that Turner could put a car through a keyhole and not hit the sides. When he saw an opening, he went for it.

Like so many of us ole boys, he is getting up in years and lives on rental property and a little farming. Back in the day he owned a lot of trucks and worked them in W. Va. hauling coal, and maybe some of the "Mountain Fruits" of Floyd Co. Turner was not too well educated but had the business sense of the best. He could smell a lawman a mile away and maybe that is why he was never caught in his "side line" business.
Oh the stories this man could tell of his wilder days would fill a book ten times over. He is in my eyes a true hero of early racing in the old bullrings as well as a lot of other trades.