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Lebanon, Ind.




Robert Bower Gambill, the youngest son of Preston and Elizabeth Gambi1l, was born September 16th, 1892, in Ashe County, N. C., and died February 27th, 1905, at the age of twelve years, five months and eleven days.


Bower, when I saw him last, was a strong, healthy child, and as intellectual and beautiful boy as I ever saw. No doubt hut that he was the ideal of human perfection in the minds and hearts of the dear father and mother, who were looking' with pride and animation of heart to the future career of their lovely boy, dreaming, no doubt, of the strength and comfort it would be to them to have his arm to lean upon in their declining years; but in this, as well as in many other cases, we are made to understand how easy it is for all our plans to be upset. So there is but one thing we can depend upon in our expectations of the future here, with certainty, and tI1at is death.


Perhaps the father and the mother had thought but little about Rheumatism and Typhoid Fever making a combined assault upon the lovely form of their dear little boy, causing such intense suffering and death. In these things there is a mystery. O, that we could be reconciled to the dispensation of providence!


Bower had done for him all that seemed possible, by physicians, parents, relatives and friends; but that cruel monster, our greatest enemy, would not be entreated, and could not be turned aside until it had conquered its victim. Little Bower had to go embracing his dear mama, with his arms around her neck. he passed over the river to tile home of the children and all the, ransomed of the Lord, where he can, and does now, view death a vanquished foe forever.  


I have sometimes thought that amidst all the sad bereavements and sorrows there is a blessing in disguise. It helps to wave our affections from the world that we must soon leave.


I will now say, in conclusion, to the dear father and mother, sisters and brothers, that when you come to that dark valley, that we all are so rapidly approaching, there will be no regret and sorrow that you have to leave the deal' child in this cold, uncertain world; but yours will be a sweet anticipation of meeting him where nothing that, troubles can ever come.


I sincerely hope that the bereaved ones may be able to dry up their tears and take courage and comfort. from the fact that resistance to wrong is walking in the highway that leads to where little Bower is and must dwell forever. .


Surely there is a blessed thought that our children and friends have a home where there is no death, where all is well forever.


Written by a guest.