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Pension Application of Augustine Leftwich: S11364

                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


State of Virginia

Bedford County   Sct  1833

on this 26 day of October 1833 personally appeared before me Samuel Mitchell a justice of the peace for the County of Bedford Augustine Leftwich Sn’r. a resident of the County of Bedford aged eighty nine years and two months & 16 days who being First duly Sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benifit of the act of Congress passed June Seventh 1832

            That he entered the Service of the united States as a Lieutenant about the Last of may or first of June Seventeen hundred and Eighty of that year  That he rendezvous at Newlondon in the County of Bedford [sic: New London now in Campbell County], and marched from Newlondon about the first of June 1780 as well as he can now recollect under the Command of Thomas Leftwich as Captain himself as Lieut and Daniel Mitchell as Ensign in said Company. That from Newlondon they marched to Dixes ferry on Stanton River in the County of [blank: probably Dix’s Ferry in western Halifax County on the Dan rather than on the Staunton River]  That they crossed the river at said ferry and marched on to north Carolina to hillsborough in said State, that they rendezvous again at Hillsborough and remained there six or seven weeks  That I was attached to General Edward Stephen’s Bagrad [sic: Edward Stevens’s Brigade], but General [Horatio] Gates was the Commander in Chief. That from hillsborough we marched to the Pedee [sic: Pee Dee River] and crossed over said River into South Carolina. we were then marched on to deep River and from deep River we were marched to Rugleys mills [sic: Rugeley’s Mill about 10 miles north of Camden]; from Rugleys mills marched on toward Camden in South Carolina; and was attacked Early one morning by the British army under the command of Lord Cornwallis [Battle of Camden, 16 Aug 1780] – that I was in the battle that General Gates was defeated there at that time  that a part of his Troops retreated Back to Hills Borough in North Carolina with me  that after arriving at Hillsborough again finding that there was not men enough there to give me any further command, I was discharged on the 12th day of September 1780 by General Edward Stephens which discharge I still have in my possession. That from the time I was called to rendezous at New London untill my return home again I believe to be about four month. I dont think it was less than that Time.

            That during that whole Tower I accted as a Lieutenant in the company of said Capt T. Leftwich in a Company of Virginia militia from Bedford County.

            That shortly after my return I was promoted to Captain, and was ordered to rendezous again at Newlondon in bedford County where I remained some time  that I was ordered to march from Newlondon to Swans point [sic: Swanns Point] on James River opposit to old James Town on said River; that I passed on from Newlondon through Powatan [sic: Powhatan] County and on through petersburg on the appomattox River in Dinwiddie County to Swans Points–; that I remained at Swans Point as well as I can now recollect between three & four weeks  That after the British army left old James Town we crossed over to old James Town and marched a few miles from James Town when we received orders to go on to york Town in Virginia where the British army lay encamped and was surrounded by the french and american armys, as I was informed; That near James Town the commandant of that detachment undertook to organis the different companys – that after the Companys was organised there were found not a sufficient Number of men to give me a command; That the senior Captains took both the Commands – and that Captain John Clayton of Bedford and myself was discharged at that time we both being Junior Captain. That I received a discharge for a Tower of duty at that time, I think from Colo Wm Trigg the Commandant at that place of our Regiment. That this call was in the Virginia melitia that I have lost the said discharge or mislaid it and all my commissions and do not know what has become of them. That from the time I was called out on the Second Tower of duty untill my return I do believe to be not less than Two months and upward as a Captain in said requisition

qes 1 Where and in what year was you Born in

Answer I was born in the county of Caroline in the state of Virginia  I was born on the 10th day of September 1744 from the register of my age;

qes 2 Have you any reord of your age and If so where is it

Answer it is in my lage Bible now in my possession

3 qes. Where were you living when called into service where have you lived since the revolutionary war and where do you now live?

Answer  I moved from the County of Caroline when I was about seven years of age, was living in the county of Bedford when called on to perform both Tower of duty and have lived in bedford county ever since I first moved to it;

qes 4  How were you called into service were you drafted did you volunteer or were you a substitute and if a substitute for whom?

Answer  I was drafted in the militia for both Towers of duty that I performed.

qes 5  State the name of some the regular officers that you served with, in the army.  answer from age and infirmatys my memory does not now seve so well as to recollect any other officers except General Gates & Genral Decolb [sic: Baron Johann DeKalb, mortally wounded at the Battle of Camden] at this time that belonged to the Regular service

qes 6. Did you receive a commission and If so by whom was it assigned and what has become of It

Answer. I received a Lieutenants commission and served a Tower of duty as Lieutenant. I afterwards received a Captains Commission and served a part of a Tower of duty as a Captain, but I do not know at this time by whome they were assigned. I have lost or mislaid all my commissions I ever had and one of my discharges and does not now know what has become of any of them

qes 7. State the name of persons to whom you are known In your present neighbourhood and who can testify as to your character for veracity and their belief of your services as an officer in the revolutionary war

answer. I refer to the Rev’d. James Mitchell  Colo David Saunders  Doctor Thomas Mitchell  George Steptoe Esquir  Rives Scrugg  Micael Graham Esqr.  John Hudnall & Major Samuel Mitchell                    [signed] Augustine Leftwich