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These Revolutionary War Pension applications may be found as images at Heritage Quest. Access can be gained to Heritage Quest at many public libraries. Mr. C. Leon Harris has worked many hours to provide us with a transcription of these images. Some are difficult to read. If you have a patriot that you don't see here, please transcribe the pension application and send it along. I'll post it. This is a work in progress, so bookmark this page so you can check back ocassionally.

Elijah Hatcher's marker

[Battle at Clapps Mill by C. Leon Harris]

John Richardson S4109

John Davis S35876

Patrick Lynch W8071

Lucy Mountcastle daughter of Rush Hudson BLWT1432-100

John French R3795

James and Ruth Gaddy Kerr R5888

Philip Williams S1269

John Harmon S1825

Joseph Hundly S5581

George and Elizabeth Echols Dabney W3007

John Q and Sarah Hartman Dabney W10311

Nathaniel Harris S37971

Richmond Harris W8891

Sally Karnes heir of William Craig BLW1345-100

Richard and Polly Haislip Dale W25515

Anthony Campbell S9138

Charles and Nancy Snead Lambert W8021

John Vest S15692

Threesivolus Miner / Minor S16968

William Miner / Minor S11070

Henry Brown S8098

Jesse and Alice Brown Witt W6524

Joseph & Penelope Angel Taylor White W11809

Thomas Brown S6750

William R. Brown S15764

Ansel Goodman S13175

Augustine Leftwich S11364

George Coughran R1816

George Lambert S8810

Isaac Cundiff S9252

James Hollis R5154

Joel Leftwich S8830

John and Elizabeth Adams Arthur W5635

John and Frances McGhee Hudnall W25806

John and Rhoda Buford W5967

Isabella Mitchen widow of Benjamin Mitchen R7284

John Lowry S5698

John Pribble S5951

Mary Parker Welsh widow of Dominick Welsh W6461

Robert Johnson S1838

Sally Dixon Arthur widow of Thomas Arthur W5636

Samuel and Margaret Witt Wilks R11553

Thomas Dixon S30387

William Arthur S6528

Sally Karns d/o William Craig BLWT1345-100

Francis Wood S18290

Frederick Padget/Padgett S8930

Joseph and Nancy Eubank Crews W221

William Watts S16286

Abraham Goff S39596

Alexander Reynolds S5979

George and Nancy Swain R10329

James Crabtree S32195

John Holly S9588

John Mitchell S5767

Jonathan Dacon S39410

Mason Gibbs Robinson widow of William Robinson R8909

Rush Milam S7943

Samuel and Ann Ammon Moon Hancock X916

Samuel And Margaret C Claytor Mitchell W3851

Thomas Andrews S6506

William Davenport S8309 William Hancock R4552

Agnes Royalty Taylor widow of William Taylor R10404

Benjamin Robinson S9090

Jane Kent Buford widow of Thomas Quirk W5958

John Montgomery and Nancy Busick Montgomery Pritchet W980

John and Lucy Hickman Miller W5380

Zachariah and Betsy Ashberry Goff W2730

William Tracey S7751

Abraham and Susan Wiatt Blankenship W10425

Edward and Jane Nichols Hancock W7648

Jesse and Mary Reynolds W5683

William Hancock

William and Elizabeth Fielder Waughn W2708

John Markham S5726

Thomas and Nelly Wilkerson Markham W7389

William and Dorothy Newman Hackworth W3415

Thomas Hackworth S31115

Lucy Barksdale Tate widow of Edmund Tate R10398

George Harman BLWT1361100

Alice Hughes Roberts widow of Richard Roberts W4573

Henry and Rebecca Chaffin Adams W5595

John Watkins S39878

Thomas Pullen S15847

Aaron Powell W5566

Benjamin Johnson R5674

Benjamin Meador S9405

CharlesMelson S38209

Chesley Callaway S30917

DudleyCallaway S39282

Edward Casey S39291

Elisha Barton S19198

George Smith S38386

James and Susan White Callaway W9771

John Wigginton W6547

Micajah and Frances Hawkins Callaway W6646

Rebecca Dickerson Howell widow of David Howell R5299

Robert Boyle S15755

Sarah Turner Holland widow of Drury Holland W3419

Field Jarvis S5606

George Caldwell S3141

Glover Baker S10351

Gray and Elizabeth Winfield Jones W3690

Henry Burnley S31582

Jacob and Elizabeth Runion City W6672

James Hill brother of Thomas Hill BLWT1429-100

Joseph Goine/Gowin S35979

Major Merritt S38213

Moses and Fanny Arthur Preston W8533

Obediah Scott R9310

Stephen and Mary Gibbs Jones W7916

William and Eleanor Moor Caldwell W345

Samuel Franklin S6860

Constantine Clarkson S32180

James Turner S30757

Joel Devenport or Davenport S39413

John and Jane Brown Craig W8638

Richard Wade S3443

Jacob Wade S41290

Joel and Lucy Tate Preston W10229

John Clark S46462

Polly Gibbs Stevens Wade widow of Isaac Wade W6389

James and Betsy Smelser Piercy W2849

David and Letitia Bailey Street W6164

David and Locky Leftwich Saunders W3872

Isaac Williams S16297

John and Sally Cundiff W8647

Phillip Bailey S5266

Jacob and Mary Warner Shepherd W2008

James Hambleton S6983

John Hays S16408

John McConahey S16953

John and Polly Sheddon Hays W1272

BenjaminViers S6313

James and Molly Stiff W4344

John Biggs BLWT1421-100

John Carter S39285

Priscilla Carter Burnett widow of Williamson Burnett W3383

John S Alverson S30819

John Thomasson S7713

John and Ruth Crabtree Edwards W19222

Mary Mitchell Beard widow of Samuel Beard W4131

Jonathan Grooms S19305Jonathan Grooms lived also in Botetourt County.

Joshua Worley S18667

Philip and Margaret Grady Lockard W3836

Prestley Boley S39204

William Alen BLWT1356-100

Anna Cotrell Dormire widow of William Ewing R3022

Michael Graham transcribed by Will Graves. Link to it: Michael Graham S8621

Elizabeth Crouch widow of William Crouch W27913

Richard Austin S6513

Robert Moore S5790

Thomas and Fanny Roberts Overstreet W26604

John Turner did not apply for a pension, possibly because an injury kept him from serving the six months required for a pension, but his service is described in the pension application ofThomas Overstreet W26604

Celia Bondurant Fuqua widow of Joseph Fuqua W7345

Elizabeth Coleman Chapman Widow of Nathan Chapman W6654

George R. and Lucy West Walker R11046

Jacob and Mary Allen White W8076

Thomas Murray S31784

Jacob Dooley W1837

Isham Talbot S37482

James S Talbot R10377

David G Talbot S7690

John Nichols BLWT1474-100

Priscilla Carter Burnett W3383

Catharine Nichols Pollard BLWT1474-100

Allen Christian S32170

George and Charlotte Mourn Woodward W2506

Jacob Woodard-Woodward S17208

John Clayborn S1945

Mary Hood Morgan widow of Reece Morgan W4297

Stephen Arther-Arthur R271

Shelton Eidson S32231

Sally Statham Stewart widow of William Furbish Ferbush Forbes W5180

Nancy Lane King widow of Jesse Tucker W7987

John and Mary Shearer Cannaday R1654

Jilson Oliver S21405

Elizabeth Rust widow of Peter Rust W4064

David Green S6913

William Frazier S17966

Wright Bond

I will add this list of Bedford countians who served in the war, but may not have applied for a pension, which has been extracted from the book by By J. T. McAllister, Hot Springs, Virginia; Copyright 1913 by McAllister, Facsimile Reprint by Heritage Books, Inc. 1989, 337 pages incl. Index. Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War extracted for computer file by William M. Hunt 12/1/2000


Hi Rena,

I'm not sure whether there are errors in that particular list, but in general there are quite a large number of errors in McAllister's Book. His list is only for the militia, and I believe was taken from county records. Some of the errors might be in the original documents. The ones I spotted are as follows:

Green, Moses should be Greer, Moses

Leftwich, Uriah should be Leftwich, Urial

Murphy, William omitted from p188 but his pension application is abstracted (#157)

Otley, John should be Otey, John

Price, Brown and Price, Bowen are probably the same person, Bowen Price Rentree, Isaac and Rentfro, Isaac are the same person, Rentro or Renfro being the common spelling, to be safe it might be better to go to the original source, if available.

There are many pension applicants that I have transcribed that are not in McAllister's list, either because they weren't mentioned in the county records or because they were in Continental service.

C. Leon Harris

If you know of anyone else, please contact me, and I'll ask Mr. C Leon Harris to help locate the application.

We are greatful for all the work on this and I dedicate this page to C. Leon Harris

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