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John Otto
Va. Beach VA

.............with respect to Janet Perdue King's entry on the marriage of Giles Perdue and Sarah Jane Wray:  Sarah was the daughter of Jonas and Elsabeth "Betsy" (Angle) Wray, not Elizabeth (Angle) Wray.  Jonas married Elsabeth in 1829 and Elizabeth in 1837.  I attached the applicable page from the Franklin Co. Marriage Bonds.  Elsabeth had at least four daughters, including Mary (married Henry S. Hodges)  Sarah Jane, Ellender Jane, and Martha Anderson Wray.  Apparently, Elsabeth died ca. 1836-37.  I thought Elizabeth was the mother also based on Henry S. Hodges and Mary Wray's marriage license, but I was corrected last year by Doris Eames of the FCHS.  Elizabeth had at least three daughters and a son of her own with Jonas, but was the stepmother of the first four.  Jonas abandoned Elizabeth sometime after the 1870 census and took up with Elizabeth Clements.  He had additional children with her, but I don't believe they ever married.  According to Doris Eames, Jonas is buried with Elizabeth Clements in a private cemetery near Callaway.

Marriage Bonds - Franklin County, Virginia
No. - 4625
Husband - Wray, Jonas
Wife - Angle, Betsy
Date - 8-10-1829
Name of Surety - Angle, Henry
Minister - Greer, Moses
Date of Marriage - 8-13-1829

No. - 4626
Husband - Wray, Jonas
Wife - Angle, Elizabeth
Date -
Name of Surety -
Minister - Bowman, John
Date of Marriage - 11-16-1837