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~Will of Charles T. Hunt,  1862~
Submitted by William "Bill" Hunt

Jesse Prunty was son in law of Charles T. Hunt of Franklin.   Charles T. Hunt was son of Owen Hunt of Franklin.

Franklin County Virginia

Will of Charles T. Hunt

signed 19 November 1862, proved 1 December 1862


Hunt, Charles T.        I Charles T. Hunt considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and

Dec’d                          being of sound mind and memory do make this my last will and

Last Will                     testament in manner and form in the following manner.

Examd                                 1’  After the payment of all my debts I loan to my belonged wife

                                    Margaret Hunt all my land and appurtenances thereon except 72 acres which I give to my son William Hunt in trust for the benefit of my daughter Julia F. Pinkard and her bodily heirs and bounded as follows   Beginning at a poplar in George Coopers line S50 E84 poles to a large soap stone thence S281/2 W35 poles to a fallen down spanish oak thence S47 poles to a double chestnut thence S46 W76 poles to a white oak in Merediths line thence N69 W 9poles to a fallen down red oak thence N4 E [blank] poles to the beginning   the crop of oats on said lands to be reserved.  I also loan to my beloved wife Margaret Hunt two Negro men named Peter and Isaac and two negro women named Julia and Harriett and the future increase of any all of my entire stock and crop of every description all of my plantation tools and farming implements belonging to said farm  all of my household and kitchen furniture of every description & to keep during her natural life and after her death the above named property to be equally divided between all of my children.

2nd  I give to my son William Hunt one Negro man named Ben and one Negro boy name Quince.

3rd   I give to my son William Hunt in trust for the benefit of my daughter Julia F Pinkard and her bodily heirs the above named tract of land of 72 acres and bounded as above written also one negro man named Anthony  one negro woman named Jude one negro Girl named [Fanny?] and her future increase if any together with the balance of the property that may be coming to said William Hunt as trustee for the benefit of said Julia F Pinkard and her bodily heirs  after the death of my beloved wife Margaret Hunt.

4’  I give to my son in law Benjamin F Belcher two negroes named Charlotte and Sam and the future increase if any

5’  I give to my son in law Jesse Prunty two negroes named [  ] and Major and the future increase if any.

6’  I give to my daughter Eleanor F. Hunt two negroes named Toney and Alice and the future increase if any

7’  I give to my son Thomas D. Hunt two negroes named John and Peyton

8’  I give to my son in Law James Montief two negroes named Heny[Henry?] and Julia and the future increase if any.

9’  I want the property that I loan my beloved wife Margaret Hunt valued and kept an account of.

10’  I want all of the property that has been advanced to all of my children heretofore to be valued and charged to them together with all of the property that I have just given to each of them and for each of them to be made equal.

Lastly I appoint my son William Hunt and my son in Law Jesse Prunty executors of this my last will and testament.  Given under my hand and seal this 19th day of November 1862.

                                                                        Charles T. Hunt  {seal}


Thos S Keen}

[     ?    ]



At a Court held for Franklin County at the Courthouse on the 1st day of December 1862.

            This last will and Testament of Charles T. Hunt Decd was produced in Court and proved by the oath of Thomas S Keen one of the subscribing witnesses hereto who also proved that John [D or Q?] Stovall the other subscribing witness hereto signed the said will in his presence and in the presence of the Testator as a witness hereto  the said will is admitted to record.  And on the motion of Jesse Prunty one of the Executors named in the said will who made oath and executed bond with security according to law  certificate is granted him to obtain a probat of said will in due form.  Liberty being reserved to William Hunt the other Executor named in said will to qualify when he shall think fit.

                                                                        Teste   Ro. A. Scott  C. F. C.


Transcribed by William M. Hunt from xerographic copy from Will Book 12, pp. 422, 423, Franklin County Virginia Circuit Court, Rocky Mount, VA 24151



1.  spelling & punctuation & general format retained

2.  uncertainties & questions added in brackets [  ].