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2015-2016 Meeting Schedule

September 9 - We were always in the courthouse: What you can find on African Americans in Court Records - Char Bah

Courthouse  records reveal a host of information concerning African Americans. This lecture will cover additional records that are examples of family connections, slave owners’ suits, divorce records, business suits, depositions and testimonies that might include information on your ancestors. 

A genealogist since 1981, Char McCargo Bah has appeaed on numerous television interviews on CBS, FOX-5, Comcast and PBS. She has received numerous awards for her work in genealogy. Char became a 2014 Living Legend in Alexandria, VA. She is co-author of “African Americans of Alexandria, VA: Beacons of Light in the Twentieth Century," and is working on her second book about Alexandria, Virginia’s Descendants and Freedmen Cemetery.

October 14 - Facebook for Genealogy: How it can help advance your research

Mary Ann Kelley will explain the basics of Facebook, show how to find the best pages and groups for genealogy and helpful hints that will make the best use of your resarch time.

November 11 - Show me the Evidence: Evaluating Sources

With the help of a PowerPoint presentation, Ray Maki will demonstrate the importance of documenting sources as you go, and will show examples of when primary documents are not always correct.

December - No meeting

January 13 - Researching at the DAR

DAR Librarian, Elizabeth Ernst, will share information on what genealogical material can be found at the DAR library in Washington, DC

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