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2015 Meeting Schedule

January 14 - Meeting Cancelled - due to weather

February 11 - Top websites for obituaries

March 11 - Researching online at NARA with open public access

April 8 - Who’s the Father? Adoption Research

Saturday, May 2 - Spring Genealogy Workshop 12-5 - Salem Church Branch Library

May 13 - Friendly Ancestors: An introduction to Quakers for Genealogists - See Blog for research suggestions

June 10 - Round Table - Bring brick wall issues and/or success stories to share. Also organizational ideas will be shared

August - Membership picnic (date TBD)

September 9 - We were always in the courthouse: What you can find on African Americans in Court Records - Char Bah

October 14 - Facebook for Genealogy: How it can help advance your research

November 11 - Show me the Evidence: Evaluating Sources

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