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Free Negroes and Mulattoes Taxable -- 1833.
  Names Occupation Residence Slaves above 12 years Horses &c. Stud Horses Stud value Carriages Value of Carriage Tax thereon Amount of Tax
  Bluford, Frank Farmer near Bellamys                
  Bluford, Thomas Farmer near Bellamys                
  Bowden, Robert Farmer near Bellamys                
  Bowles, Jefferson Blacksmith Abingdon                
  Casey, Humphrey Farmer W. T. Stubblefields                
  Cooke, John   Transient                
  Cooke, Frank   Transient                
  Colona, Jacob   Transient                
  Casey, James Farmer Bellamys                
  Driver, Lorenzo Farmer Bellamys                
  Purcell, John Farmer Bellamys                
  Driver, Samuel Farmer Bellamys                
  Driver, William Farmer Bellamys                
eman'd Rilee, Daniel Farmer near Woods                
eman'd Rilee, Charles Sawyer P. Taliaferros                
  Fary, Dick   Transient                
  Fox, James Farmer near Col. Jones   1           0.060
eman'd Rilee, Frank Farmer near Woods                
  Jordan, Vincent   Transient                
  King, James Farmer near Petsworth                
  King, Elliott Farmer near Petsworth                
  King, William Carpenter near Petsworth                
  Lemon, Richard Farmer near C.B.Harmanon                
  Lemon, Mordicai Farmer near Bellamys                
  Lemon, John Farmer near Bellamys                
  Lemon, Ned Weaver near York River                
  Lemon, Lewis Farmer Petsworth                
  Lemon, James Farmer Petsworth                
  Lemon, Jack H. Farmer Petsworth                
  Lemon, Thomas Farmer Petsworth                
  Sturges, Thomas   Transient                
  Goldman, William Farmer Scuffleton                
  Meggs, Robert Farmer Dragon   1           0.060
  Morriss, Phil Farmer Bellamys                
  Morriss, Seth Farmer Bellamys                
  Morriss, James Farmer Bellamys                
  Powers, Reubin Shoemaker Guinea                
  Sutherland, Jeremiah Farmer Bellamys                
  Wilson, Robert Farmer Bellamys                
  Gregory, Augustine Carpenter Bellamys                
  Cole, Richard   Transient                
  Coda, Phil Estate   Transient 1             0.250
  Freeman, Josiah D. Farmer near C.B.Harmanon                
  King, Alexander Farmer Petsworth                
  Bluford, William Farmer Bellamys                
  Hayes, William   Transient                
  Hayes, Elijah Farmer Bellamys                
  Dennis, Charles Ditcher Transient                
  ?, Allen   Transient                
  Sutherland, Thomas Farmer Bellamys                
  Chapman, William   Transient                
  Almond, John   Transient                
eman'd ?, Jack Farmer at R. Cokes   1           0.060
  Morriss, Harrison Farmer Bellamys                
  Morriss, Beverley Farmer Bellamys                
  Goldman, James Farmer near Scuffleton                
  Chapman, Thomas   Transient                
  Scott, Frank Farmer Petsworth                
  Purcell, Henry Farmer Petsworth                
  Boswell, John   Piankatank                
  Wilson, Robert Farmer Bellamys                
  Morriss, Tom Farmer near York River                
  ?, Elijah Farmer at F.W.Cookes                
  ?, William Farmer at F.W.Cookes                
  ?, George   at C.Roanes                
  Purcell, Nelson Farmer Petsworth                
  Weaver, John   York River                
eman'd Hearn, Peter                    
  Hearn, Ephraim Farmer Abingdon                
  Goldman, Willis Farmer Dragon                
  Birk, Henry Shoemaker Mount Zion                
  Birk, Daniel Shoemaker Mount Zion                
  Almond, Addison   Transient                
  Lemon, James (dead)                    
  Booker, Henry   Transient                
  Wilson, Edward   Transient                
  West, John Blacksmith York River 1             0.250
  King, Henry Farmer Petsworth                
  Morriss, Samuel Farmer Bellamys                
  Lemon, Frances Farmer Petsworth                
  Bluford, Frank Farmer Bellamys                
  Morriss, Littleton Farmer Bellamys                
  Birk, John Farmer Bellamys                
  Thias, Davy Carpenter at Miss Perrin                
  Kelly, Thomas   Transient                
  Collins, Mason Farmer at William Taylors                
  Meggs, Paul Farmer Dragon                
  Bew, Joe Ditcher Transient                
  Glass, Davy Shoemaker York River                
  Dennis, Brister   Transient                
  King, Henry Shoemaker Guinea                
  Wallace, George   at Samuel Enos                
  Wilson, William Farmer Bellamys                
  Almond, Thornton   Guinea                
  Almond, Warner   Guinea                
  Almond, Miles   Guinea                
  Anderson, Domps Carpenter John B. Roy   1     Gig & Harness 50.00 0.50 0.560