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Meeting Schedules & Special Events

August 12, 2014  GGSV Board Meeting

September 22, 2014  Regular meeting at 10 am at the Gloucester Public Library

Program by Roane Hunt

Title: Roane Family of Gloucester-- Gloucester Roanes descended from Alexander Roane by his four sons: William S., Charles S., Thomas, and Major Benjamin.  Charts will be presented to show the families represented for each of these branches of Roanes.

Special guest:
Jefferson Sinclair Selden III, son of Mr. Selden Jr. who wrote Charles Roane the Immigrant...
Miriam Annette Taylor Davis who wrote Robert Roane, Gentleman, of Surrey County, England, and His Descendants

October 14, 2014  GGSV Board Meeting

November 24, 2014 Annual Meeting at 10 am at the Gloucester Public Library

Program by Philip Morton

Title: Lee Family of Paradise


Our meetings are free and open to the public. 


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