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President's Message


     Asked for a personal photo to accompany the President's message for June, I couldn't find one.  As family photographer, I found pictures of my family, my flowers and my dog, Maggie.  There are early studio photos of me at significant phases of my life and with my children.  But, in recent years I am more interested in the grand-children and their poses.  Has that happened to you?  Framed photos are crowding the corner cabinet with several generations smiling, serious or in a group for a special event; In a word, family.  Hopefully, you will enjoy the photo of me with my two grandsons born in the Old Dominion (I have another grandson who was born in the Land of Lincoln) and that it brings the message to you of why we search and record our family histories.  Our society, by its constitution, by-laws and logo has stressed the family.  Genealogy, in my opinion, is the study of history through our ancestors.  Each generation illuminates against the background of community and world events documented and, ultimately, published.  These goals are being accomplished in our Society. 

     The proposed slate of officers will be elected at the annual meeting in November.  The Board has been supportive and generous with their talents.  The general membership has attended the meetings and become a part of all its activities.  It has been a joy and an honor to serve as your organizing president, 1996-1998.

Joan C. Kanter

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