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Over time there have been several query systems used by the Goochland County, Virginia GenWeb.  Initially the queries were sent in by e-mail and added to the page manually.  An automated system was later added and was hosted at a company called Boardhost.  I found that site to be unreliable and closed it down after I inherited the project.  To ensure ease of posting and that the largest possible viewing public sees your postings, I decided to offer two options for posting queries - the Goochland County, Virginia Message Board at Rootsweb and a Goochland County, Virginia Blog that I started.  You will find links to both sites below.  Feel free to post queries, questions, comments and share your research with others.

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If you can offer assistance to any of these individuals or think they might help you, feel free to contact them directly at the e-mail address provided.  If you are included here and wish to be removed, please let me know.  If you send someone here an e-mail and it bounces back, let me know so I can remove it for future reference.


John Word settled from England in Goochland County.  He had two children, John and Mary.  John married Lucy Rice and in 1803 they settled in Kentucky.  Do you have references to this family?  Jeanne Strong

I am trying to find out some information about an ancestor of mine who was a prisoner in the Virginia State Farm in Goochland County in 1930.  Nothing I have "googled" has helped me out - would it be possible for you to point me in the right direction?  The person in question is John Jacob Oslage. He was born to George H. Oslage & May (maiden name unknown) in Arkansas on February 7, 1875. I am trying to determine for sure whether or not the John Oslage that is listed in that particular census is my John. He was white, not black - and the census record states that the John Oslage in the State Farm was black. So that has me a little confused. If it helps, I can also tell you that John married Mabel C. (maiden name unknown) and that they were residing in Virginia in 1920. John worked in the Navy yard.  Jessica of Newburgh, Indiana

I have a boat load of my family history, if you ever get any request for the following surnames, please feel free to use me as a reference! I know how difficult it is to research. I could not imagine not being local and researching. I also live in western Goochland and have access to others if anyone ever ask and is in a bind. If you ever need any assistance with this program please let me know, I will be happy to assist you. I think this is an awesome site, I think there is so much to offer from our great county!!  Surnames: Hicks, Southworth, Bragg, Grady, Houchins, Terry Taylor, Davis, Tolor, Pace, Ransone, Parrish, Saunders.  Molly Adams

I recently located a deed for Goochland county from 1740.  It refers to the location of this land as south of the James River and the south side of Deep Creek.  Would you happen to know if this would be land that would be in Albemarle County after it formed from Goochland?  I appreciate your help.  Kolleen Moss of Jamestown, NC


I did a little research and it turns out there is a Deep Creek in present Goochland County.  I do not know where the James River comes into play but you can click here to see a map with Deep Creek marked.  Kevin Lett, admin


FOLLOW UP - 3/16/2009 -

"I noticed an entry by Kolleen Moss of Jamestown, N.C. concerning land in Goochland County south of the James River on Deep Creek.  I think you will find Goochland land " south of the James River " is in what now is known as Cumberland County.  I believe there is a Deep Creek in Cumberland also.
Judy Metz"


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