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Halifax County Wills

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  • Judith Bennett--1775 Will-Legatee
  • Lucreasy Dodson--1775 Will-Legatee
  • Isabella Glenn-- 1846 - Will
  • Kitty Hamblet--1794 Will-Legatee
  • Richard Jones--1794 Will-Testator
  • Ann Light--1775 Will-Legate
  • Francis Moore Petty
  • Edward Davis Petty
  • Joel Petty (Son of Joseph and Frances)
  • Joseph Petty
  • Absalom Russell--1775 Will-Legatee
  • Anna Russell--1775 Will-Legatee
  • Buckner Russell--1775 Will-Legatee
  • Eliz Russell--1775 Will-Legatee
  • George Russell--1775 Will-Legatee
  • William Russell--1775 Will-Legatee
  • William Russell, William--1775 Will-Testator
  • Thomas Stovall
  • Joseph G. E. Baynham
  • Thomas Bush
  • Archibald McMillan
  • Henry Perkins
  • Sara Walters--1775 Will-Legatee

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