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Hanover County, Virginia

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Beaver Dam Cemetery



Rt. 738

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Richard Morris Fontaine
8 August 1842
15 October 1914

Kate Minor, wife of Richard Morris Fontaine
and Daughter of Lucius H. Minor
Born 25 February 1849 at Edgewood
Hanover County, Virginia
Died 23 April 1890 at Beaver Dam, Hanover County

Charles Fontaine
Son of Richard Morris & Kate Minor Fontaine
Born at Beaver Dam, Hanover County
22 December 1884
Died at Beaver Dam, 11 May 1888

Maria Louisa Fontaine
Born 4 February 1807
Died 30 _____ 1876

John B. Fontaine
Medical Director Calvary Corps Army of Northern Virginia. Died on the
field of battle near Petersburg on the 1st of October 1864 in his 24th
year. A graduate of Medicine in 1860 he entered the Confederate
Service in April 1861, twenty years old, and reached the highest position
in his department. He had been spared through the dangers of many a
skirmish when he rode in the ranks with Stuart and Hampton, and at last
was mortally wounded while rendering professional aid to a dying general.

Edmund Fontaine
Son of Edward and Maria Louisa Fontaine who fell on the 21 July 1861 in
his 24th year, bravely defending the liberties of country at the battle
of Manassas where forces of the Confederate States were blessed with a
glorious victory over the invading army of the North

Sarah Louisa Fontaine
Daughter of Edmund and Maria Louisa Fontaine
Born 8 November 1831
Died 2 October 1857

This stone is erected by her grandmother E.P. Pollard

William Fontaine
Sone of Edmund & Maria Louisa Fontaine
Born 1 January 1828
Died 5 August 1842

Rose Maury Fontaine
Infant daughter of Edmund and Maria Louisa Fontaine
Born 7 March 1848
Died 23 May 1848

Peter Forneau Fontaine
Son of William and Anne Fontaine
Died just as he was entering manhood

Elizabeth Morris
Wife of William Morris and mother of Anne Fontaine
Died 29 July 1818 in her 76th year

Ann Fontaine
who was Anne Morris, daughter of
William and Elizabeth Morris
and wife of William Fontaine
Born 14 April 1766
Died 21 July 1852
in her 87th year

William Fontaine
Son of Peter and Elizabeth Fontaine, was a
Lt. Colonel in the War of the Revolution and
was in service at Yorktown when Lord Cornwallis surrendered
He was born on the 22nd day of January 1754
Died on the 6th of October 1810 in the 57th year of his age

Elizabeth Fontaine
who was Elizabeth Winston, mother of
Colonel William Fontaine
Born 17 December 1734 o.s.
Died at an advanced age, exact date of
death unknown

Edmund Fontaine
A public spirited citizen, hes was for 25 years
president of the Virginia Central R.R. and the
first president of the C.&O. R.R.

John Fontaine
Son of William and Anne Fontaine
Born 17 April 1803
Died January 1827

Charles Fontaine
Son of William and Anne Fontaine
Born 25 May 1806
Died on the ___ day of January 1827

Alexander Fontaine
Born 1810
Died 6 February 1870

Nancy Fontaine
Daughter of James and Juliet Fontaine
Born 15 July 1846
Died 3 December 1856

John Fontaine
Son of James and Juliet Fontaine
Born 16 May 1849
Died 31 October 1854

James Fontaine
Son of James and Juliet Fontaine
Born 16 March 1838
Died 3 May 1852

Charles Fontaine
Sone of James and Juliet Fontaine
Born 16 March 1842
Died 12 February 1868

James Fontaine of Rock Castle
Born 1799
Died January 1875

Juliet Fontaine
Born 21 November 1816
Died 31 May 1907

Maury Fontaine
Son of James & Juliet Fontaine
Born 2 January 1852
Died 6 May 1881

William Morris Fontaine
Eldest son of James and Juliet Fontaine
Born 1 December 1835
22 April 1913
32 years Professor of Natural History and Geology
at the University of Virginia

Joseph Morris Fontaine
Youngest son of James and Juliet Fontaine
4 August 1854  -  25 January 1915

Unmarked Graves

There are several graves in this cemetery marked only with
field stones. Two of the graves are believed to be the graves of

William Winston and
Barbara Overton, his wife

More research is needed to determine the exact number of graves.


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