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Hanover County, Virginia

Genealogy Project

Cedar Hill Cemetery



Paramount Kings Dominion Property

Condition & Description

This ancient cemetery is in good condition and is being maintained. It is
believed to be the oldest cemetery in Hanover County, since it contains
the oldest known grave in the county, the grave of Temperance Harris.
The cemetery is located in a mature forest with huge hardwoods. The grave
of Thomas Harris is enclosed in a wrought iron fence. This ancient cemetery
is believed to be the largest private family cemetery in the State of Virginia.




Here Lyes the
body of Temp
erance Harr
is deceased
the 19 of Febua
ry 1716.  W.H.

William O. Harris
Born November 22, 1785
Died April 29, 1850

Thomas A. Harris
Born April 24, 1825
Died August 18, 1857

Erected by his mother

Diana Ann
Wife of Robert Beadles
Born May 7, 1809
Died Apr. 5, 1884

Rest dearest Aunt

Mary Judson Beadles
Beloved daughter of J.E. & S.M. Beadles
Born April 18, 1876
Died October 23, 1896

Unmarked Graves

There are one hundred and twenty-five to one hundred and fifty graves
in this cemetery. Some of these graves are marked with field stones.
More research is needed to determine the exact number of graves.


Information Provided By
Robert L. Wood, Jr.
Field Visit To Cemetery On
May 30, 1999

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