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Hanover County, Virginia

Genealogy Project

Gold Mine Farm Cemetery



MLC Lane
This cemetery is on the Baptist Foreign Mission Board property.

Condition & Description

The cemetery is being maintained and preserved. The cemetery has
a field stone wall around it with a brick walkway on the outside of the wall
going around the cemetery. There is only one stone in this cemetery. The
cemetery is approximately fourteen feet by twenty-eight feet.




Elizabeth Clough
Wife of
Robert Anderson
Born April 3, 1722
Died Nov. 10, 1779

Robert Anderson of Goldmines
Born Jan. 1, 1712
Died Dec. 19, 1792

Unmarked Graves

Charles W. Childress
and wife
Lydia C. Talley
Died 28 January 1864


Field Visit Made By
Robert L. Wood, Jr.
August 8, 1999

Family Graveyards In Hanover County, Virginia 1995
By Helen Kay Yates

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