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Hanover County, Virginia

Genealogy Project

Spring Grove Cemetery



Off Rt. 623 near Hylas

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William Grubbs
Born Van Krupps in
New York City
Served in the
American Revolution

Jordan Harris
Line Lieutenant
Continental Army
May 20, 1763
October 7, 1826

Thomas Tinsley
Lt. Col.
93rd Regiment
Virginia Grenadiers 1792
Colonel of the 74th Regiment
Virginia Light Infantry 1795

William Tinsley, Capt.
A Co., 2nd Battalion
Hanover Grenadiers
74th Virginia Light Infantry

James T. Grubbs
Co. G. 4th Virginia Cavalry

Lieut. Hensley Grubbs
Enlisted and served in the
Continental Army for the duration
of the war. Member of Hanover County
Company 14th Regiment. Wintered at
Valley Forge. His Major was
Sam Tinsley.

William Eli Harris
1752 - 1826
Builder of the first house at
this point

Jesse Durrett Winn
74th Virginia Light Infantry 1825
April 13, 1752
Nov. 22, 1823

Parker Tinsley, Capt.
74th Virginia Light Infantry
1822 - 1823

Charles Corbin Tinsley
Appointed Capt. 74th Regiment
Virginia Light Infantry
January 29, 1829

Jesse Winn
Appointed Captain to
74th Virginia Light Infantry 1825

His Wife
Deborah Harris Winn
She gave land for Winn's Church
They were largely instrumental
in its erection

Unmarked Graves

More research is needed to determine the exact
number of graves.


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