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Hanover County, Virginia

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Totomoi Cemetery



Rt. 643

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Susanna T. Tinsley
Born Dec. 5, 1765
Died July 29, 1844

Mary consort of David Johnson
and daughter of
Thomas & Susanna Tinsley of
Hanover County, Va.
She was born on the 16th of
August 1786 and died 22 Sept. 1819

Thomas G. Tinsley
Born Dec. 30, 1788
Died Sept. 14, 1859

Harriet W. Tinsley
Born July 24, 1803
Died July 13, 1841

Patsy Tinsley
Born Aug. 18, 1808
Died May 30, 1873

Thomas Tinsley
Born October 8, 1825
Died July 14, 1873

Daughter of J. P. & H. B. Taliaferro
Born Feb. 5, 1852
Died Dec. 18, 1865

Augustus S. Rutherfoord
Died Aug. 10th 1875
in the 64th year of his age

Sallie A. Hendree
Relict of George Hendree
Died Dec. 15, 1875
in her 87th year

George Hendree
who was born at Portsmouth
Sept. 26th, 1792
and died in Richmond
July 8th, 1834

This stone erected as a
memorial of affection by
his wife and children

Sue A. Hendree, wife of
S. M. Bartlett and daughter
of George & S. A. Hendree
Died April 14, 1879
in her 54th year

Two infants of
G. & S. A. Hendree

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