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Hanover County, Virginia

Genealogy Project

Bruington Hills Cemetery



Peacock Place off Taylors Creek Road Between
Spring Road & Clazemont Road

Condition & Description

This cemetery is in poor condition and has not been maintained in years.
It is overgrown with briars, poison oak, and scrub brush. There is a large
area of periwinkle as ground cover which is typical of old cemeteries. The
cemetery is located in an area of cedars and hardwoods. They are traces
of iris on some of the graves. There is only one tombstone in the cemetery
which is broken. Which seems to be the result of vandalism. The inscription
of that stone has been recovered and is listed below.





Memory of
Mrs. Nancy Wash
Born March 22, 1788
Died Oct. 4, 1858


J.W. Davies        Rich.d

Unmarked Graves

There are four graves with very large field stones,
and between twenty five and thirty unmarked graves.
More research is needed to determine the exact
number of graves.


Information Provided By
Robert L. Wood, Jr.
Field Visit To Cemetery On
August 4, 1999

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