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Hanover County, Virginia

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Nuckols Regiment" 4th Virginia Cavalry


There were so many Nuckols and cousins in Company G, 4th Virginia
Cavalry, that its nickname was the "Nuckols Regiment."

More information on NUCKOLS listed in Stiles' 4TH VIRGINIA REGIMENTAL
All of these men resided in Hanover County, Virginia and have William
NUCKOLS born 1710 as a common ancestor:

CHARLES J. Nuckles (Co K) probably the son of George Potts Nuckols and
Martha Crawford.  Enlisted 22 Aug 1863; absent on horse detail 4 Oct
1963; Wounded right breast Sep 1864, Charlottesville Hospital; paroled
April 1865 Farmville.

ANDERSON (Andrew) Broadus NUCKOLS (Co G) b Hanover 1816 son of John
William and Susan Jude.  Enlisted 9 May 1861; Discharged 8 Aug 1862.

ANDREW L NUCKOLS (Co G) grandson of Rueben, son of Elizabeth S. NUCKOLS
and 2nd husband William H. NUCKOLS born 1841.  Farmer; enlisted 9 May

BENJAMIN J. NUCKOLS (Co G) son of Joseph NUCKOLS and Phoebe Watkins.
Enlisted 6 Feb 1863, wounded right thigh and captured May 1864
Spotsylvania Count House d 14 May 1864 Washington City Hospital.

EDWIN GOODE NUCKOLS (Co G) son of John NUCKOLS and Susan Jude, b 1823
Hanover.  Farmer, enlisted 9 May 1861; detailed Brigade Wagoneer.

HENRY KNIGHT NUCKOLS (Co G) b 1833 Henrico son of Jane Woodson and
Israel NUCKOLS captured 11 Oct 1863 at Brandy Station; paroled 9 May
1865 Dover Mines.

JACOB ANDREW NUCKOLS (Co G) b 1839 Goochland son of Phoebe Watkins and
Joseph NUCKOLS. Farmer; enlisted 9 May 1861; captured 17 Mar 1863
Kelly's Ford; exchanged 29 May 1863; horse killed 11 May 1864 Yellow
Tavern, paid $1000. Note that Jacob Andrew and Samuel Reuben both lost
horses at Yellow Tavern.

JOSEPH H. NUCKOLS (Co G) b 1822 Hanover son of Susan Jude and John
NUCKOLS.  Farmer; enlisted 9 May 1861 detailed Brigade Butcher.

JAMES POLK NUCKOLS (Co F) Farmer; enlisted 15 Aug 1863 paroled 9 May
1865 Beaver Dam.  Probably the same James on the Goochland Militia roll.

JACOB WOODSON NUCKOLS (Co G) b 30 Aug 1836 Goochland, son of Jane
Woodson and Israel NUCKOLS. Enlisted 1 Aug 1862; absent for horse
May/June 1863 d 12 Sep 1910 Henrico.

PETTUS HARDIN NUCKOLS (Co G) son of Hardin Duke NUCKOLS and Jane Ambler
Jones. Enlisted 6 Feb 1863.

REUBEN JULIAN NUCKOLS (Co G) b 1840 son of Elizabeth S. NUCKOLS and
William H. NUCKOLS. Farmer; enlisted 9 MAY 1861; Courier for Gen R. E.
Lee to Dec 1862, transferred to McGregor's Battery, Stuart's Horse

SAMUEL REUBEN NUCKOLS (Co G) son of Hardin Duke NUCKOLS and Jane Ambler
Jones.  Farmer; enlisted 9 May 1861; horse killed 11 May 1864 Yellow
Tavern, paid $1400; horse killed 11 June 1864 Reams' Station; paroled 28
April 1865 Ashland.  Note: Samuel Reuben was furloughed home after being
shot in the elbow and shoulder on 20 Aug 1864.  This information is not
in the Regimental History, but on the Hanover County Monument, Samuel
Reuben Nuckols is shown as wounded.

THOMAS NUCKOLS (Co G) son of Jane Woodson and Israel NUCKOLS. Enlisted 1
Aug 1862; detailed Wagoneer May to June 1863; captured and paroled 19
April 1865, Blackstone.

Contributed By
Doris DELL POB 4184 WEST HILLS CA 91308
My ancestor is Samuel Reuben Nuckols.

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