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Thanks for assuming the responsibility of the Hanover WebPage. There are several Nuckols and Nuckolls still in Hanover. The one L Nuckols are descendants of William Nuckols B 1710 in Louisa Co VA. William's mother was Susannah Pouncey who was an early Baptist. He married WE THINK Elizabeth widow Duke but we can not connect her to any of the Dukes in the area. They had a large tract of land on Tuckahoe Creek on the Hanover line. You may know Pouncey Tract Road and Nuckolls Road and also I think Old Nuckolls Road.

William and Elizabeth dropped an L from Nuckolls so their children would be distinguished from those of William's brothers who conformed to the Church of England. The Goochland Baptist Church was called the Nuckols Meeting House because of so many families of that name. It is said that a visiting minister requested during a service, "Will Brother Nuckols please lead us in prayer?" and 17 men stood up. This church is very close to the Hanover line and the area where William's son Reuben lived on the lower side of the South Anna River. I think my great-grandfather Harden Duke Nuckols had a home on this land that included what on some maps is Mill Creek. He was a minister at the Berea Baptist Church.

The Nuckols folks in Hanover do not seem too interested in their family history--when you live with it every day you just do not need to study it on weekends. We think that James Nuccol who signed the Blisland Complaint in 1676 is our common ancestor. His name is fairly close to that of Roger Pouncie.

Tinsley, Cross, Butler, & Lacy Families

The Cross family--

1 - Callie Edmonia Lacy Foos, a daughter of:
    David Alonza Lacy and Cora Lena Butler,  daughter of:
    Frederick Butler and Margaret Eliza Cross, a daughter of:
    Thomas Cross and Mary Ann  Tinsley, a  son of:
    Samuel Cross, and Lucinda Anne, or Anne Lucinda, Tinsley.

Children of Samuuel Cross and Lucinda Anne Tinsley (see above)
    Thomas Cross, of Hanover County, VA
    born December 28th, 1788
    married Mary Anne Tinsley
    died September 28th, 1832, aged 64

See:  Hanover County, It's History and Legends, Rosewell Page
    Pages 70-71,  The War of 1812, Private Thomas Cross, (24), 74th Regiment, Captain Hudson Wingfield

Thomas Cross's wife, Mary Anne Tinsley, daughter of John (David) Tinsley, and Anne Tinsley
    born Sept. 15, 1793
    died Dec. 14, 1879, aged 86
    also known as Polly Cross

Children of Thomas Cross and Mary Anne Tinsley:
1 - Lucinda Cross
    born Dec. 28, 1810
    married ----- Tinsley, bore six children
    died Oct. 2, 1858, aged 48
2 - Margaret Eliza Cross
    born Jan 15, 1812
    married Frederick Butler, who was born Sep. 7, 1809 in Henrico County, died 1871
3 - Elizabeth Jane Cross
    born March 24, bore 13 children
    died 1852, aged 70
    married first, Fleming VanZile (Bazile), bore one child (Annabella Curtis Vanzile (Bazile), who was born
                                                                                        May 27, 1838, died April 4, 1878, aged 61
    married second, ----- Farmer

4 - Frances Allen Cross
    born Jan 20, 1820
    died             1824, aged 4

5 - Samuel Page Cross
    born June 20, 1824
    died Feb. 12, 1839, aged 15

6 - Maria Fleming Cross
    born Feb. 19, 1827
    married -----Chalkley, bore 8 children
    died - date unknown

7 - Harrison Jones Cross
    born Sep. 28, 1829
    died Jan 11, 1873, aged 44

8 - William Thomas Cross
    born March 27, 1831
    died Jan 31, 1881

9 - Walter Scott Cross
    born July 10, 1835
    died ---

10 - Albert Cross
    born July 10, 1835, twin brother of Walter Scott Cross
    died July 10, 1835, at birth

Children of Margaret Eliza Cross and Frederick Butler

1 - Benjamin Washington Butler
    born ----
    died July 7, 1837

2 - Joseph Oliver Butler
    born  ---
    died September 1838
3- Josephine Olivia Butler  (possible twin of Joseph Oliver)
    born ------
    died April 13, 1839

4 - Frederick Marshall Butler
    born October 16, 1840
    died Nov. 12, 1842, aged 2

5 - Calledonia Adelaide Butler
    born Nov. 17, 1843
    died July 6, 1915, aged 73 (unmarried)

6 - Mary Ellen Butler
    born ----
    died March 17, 1844

7 - Thomas Jefferson Butler
    born Dec. 1, 1844
    died Dec. 8, 1844, aged 7 days

8 - Delaware Demetrius Butler
    born March 19, 1846
    died Jan. 9, 1859, aged 13 years

9 - Andrew  Alexander Butler
    born April 16, 1848
    married Elizabeth Marshall, bore no children
    died July 3, 1891

10 - Indiana Manly Butler
    born June 24, 1850
    died -----

11 - James Madison Butler
    born May 20, 1852
    died June 6, 1852, aged 14 days

12 - Cora Lena Butler
    born Feb. 8, 1856
    married Dec. 11, 1872, David Alonza Lacy, who was born Dec. 14, 1848 and died April 13, 1912
    died October, 1941, aged 90 (Cora)

13 - Jane Anne Butler
    born Aug 1858

Children of Cora Lena Butler and David Alonza Lacy

Six infants who lived only a few months.

1 - Callie Edmonia Lacy
    born Sep. 23, 1873
    died 1964
    married Louis Hamilton Foos, bore three sons,  George Howard, Eugene Boulware, Louis Hawthorne

2 - Luther David Lacy
    born April 26, 1875
    married Bessie Dorset, had three children, Lois Imogene, Luther David, Jr., and Phillip

3 - Frederick Alonza Lacy
    born Nov. 27, 1876
    died ----

4 - Cora Clopton Lacy
    born March 28, 1882

5 - Marie Louise Lacy
    born Aug. 9, 1897
    married Otto S. Olson, bore 6 children, Edmond, Doswell, Daphne, Anne, Roy, and one infant who died at birth
    living  1954 - has died since.

Children of Maria Fleming Cross and -------------Chalkley
   1 - Edward Chalkley, married a Miss Hall
   2 - Frances Chalkley, married John Dunn
   3 - Anne Chalkley, married Andrew L. Tenser
   4 - Emma Chalkley, married William Russell
   5 - Mary deVille Chalkley, married ------------?
   6 - Mattie Chalkley, married -------Delarue or deLarue

Family Number 969 - Samuel Cross

His daughter, Margaret Eliza Cross, married Frederick Butler.

Their daughter, Cora Lena Butler, married David Alonza Lacy.

Their daughter, Callie Edmonia Lacy, married Louis Hamilton Foos,
and they were my great grandparents.

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