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Hanover County, Virginia

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Volunteers for Lookups

If you own genealogy resources for Hanover County please consider volunteering for this effort. To volunteer send an email to Stephen McDaniel

Guidelines for Lookup Volunteers

  • Volunteers may do unlimited lookups if and only if:
    1. The lookup volunteer is the actual author and copyright holder of the publication.
    2. The lookup volunteer is using primary source documents ... whether they are treking to the courthouse or using their own copies of public domain documents.
    3. The lookup volunteer has written permission from the author / copyright holder to use their publication for lookups
  • Volunteers may be able to make certain limited scope lookups in copyrighted publications under the "fair use" provisions of existing law.
  • Potential volunteers are encouraged to review the explanations of copyright protection; especially the "fair use" provisions, available elsewhere on the Web.

Guidelines for Lookup Requests

  • Mention the name of the book in your message.
  • Make your requests for lookup limited in scope.
    • "Tell me everything about the Smiths" is too broad.
  • Remember the volunteers are doing you a big favor so please be considerate.

Lookup Offers

When requesting a lookup from Dee Thompson include the reference numbers that preceed the title along with the title of the book you are interested in.

1354. Hanover County Chancery Wills and Notes: A Compendium of Genealocical, Biographical and Historical Material as Contained in Cases of the Chancery Suites of Hanover County, Virginia William Ronald Cocke, III, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1978

1394. Hanover County, Virginia Deeds 1783-1792Abstracted and Compiled by Rosalie Edith Davis, Heritage Trails, Manchester, Missouri, 1983

1494. A Sketch of the Early History of Hanover County Virginia and Its Large and Important Contributions to The American Revolution.

   Dee Thompson

  Dee Thompson

  Dee Thompson

Land Patents and Grants of Hanover County Virginia (1721 - 1800) compiled by Charles P. Blunt IV

  Stephen McDaniel

Virginia Migrations Hanover County Vol 1 (1723 - 1850), Vol 2 (1743 - 1871) compiled by Eugenia and Preston Glazebrook

  Stephen McDaniel

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Various lookups avaiable.

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