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Hanover County, Virginia

Genealogy Project

Page Library of History and Genealogy


The Page Library of History and Genealogy is housed in the
Historic Sycamore Tavern in Montpelier, Virginia.


Monday 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Wednesday  9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Friday  9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Saturday  9:00 am to 2:00 pm


Page Library of History and Genealogy
17193 Mountain Road
P. O. Box 323
Montpelier, Virginia 23192
Phone (804) 883-5355

Our purpose is to collect, preserve and share the history of
Hanover County and Virginia. In order to reach our goal, we
are asking any and everyone who has any information, memories,
books, records, etc., to please share with us, either donating to
us or allowing us to copy it.

The following areas are of interest to us, if you have anything
that will help us, please contact the library at 804-883-5355.

Families of Hanover County Any History

Genealogy of Family - Names, Birth, Death, & Marriage Dates, Children

Family Traditions - Special celebrations, family events, and holidays

Photos or Copies of Photos

Homes & Farms of Hanover County Locations

History of

Families who have owned or live there now

Photos of, Maps, Plats, or Deeds

Crops - Tobacco, cash crops, etc.

Livestock - Characteristic of the area

Machinery - Tools - Ways of farming

Business of Hanover County Lumber, General Stores, Doctors, Lawyers, Mills, Factories, etc.

Speciality Trades - Blacksmiths, Stonemasons, etc.


Dates they were in business

Records of any kind

Employees - Unions and Union  Buildings

Post Offices - Locations and any history

Photos or copies of Photos, Maps, Plats or Deeds

Churches / Religion Location of Churches Past & Present

Plats, Maps, or Deeds

Dates - Opened and/or Existed

History of

Vestry or Church Records

Membership List, Cemetery Records, Baptismal, Death, & Marriage Records

Photos or copies of Photos of the Church, it's People & Activities

Schools / Education Locations of Schools - Maps, Plats, or Deeds

Dates they were open and/or standing

Any  History

Teachers who taught there - Names, Tales about them

Students - Names, How many, Studies, & Activities that were part of their school life

Any information on Private Schools, Tudors, & Home Schools

Photos or copies of Photos of Schools, Teachers, Students, & Their Activities

Schools Aaron Hall Free School

Brown's School

Montpelier School - Present One

Miss Jenny's School

Mont Air School

Rev. Peter Nelson's School

Cedar Creek Meeting School

Old Montpelier School

School at Taylor's Creek

Hanover Academy

Col. Jones' School

Churches Allen's Creek Church

Shiloh Church

Hopeful Baptist Church

Cedar Creek Meeting House

Ground Squirrel Meeting

Church of Our Saviour

Bethany Church

Fork Church

Little Hope Meeting House

Dunn's Chapel

People Quakers


Czechoslovakian Community

Places Farrington

Brown Grove

Business Spool Factory

Cook's Mill

Woodman Hall

Rocky Mill

Smith's Mill

Clough Mill

Creshaw's Mill

Shoe Factory

Four Mill

Morris' Mill

Scotchtown Mill

Price's Mill

Thornton's Mill

Taverns Sycamore / Higgason's Tavern

Coleman's Tavern

Goodall's Tavern

Goodman's Tavern

Terrel's Tavern

Magazine Any and all Volumes 1 - 41 of The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography


Thank you so very much for your help, without it this would not be possible,
especially the recording of your memories. The recording and sharing of our
memories  is a way we can all share with the children of tomorrow.

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