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Hanover County, Virginia

Genealogy Project

History of Slash Church

July 17, 1729


July 17, 1999


The Oldest Frame Church In Virginia

By: Dianne A. Jones, Historian

The illustration on the cover represents

the original structure as constructed in 1729.

In 1955-56 a new building (resembling the

old building) was attached to the 1729

structure by a passageway from

its existing North door.

Church Staff

Rev. Donald L. Richardson, Pastor

Troy Paine, Youth Director

Billie Ann Lilly, Administrative Assistant

Ann Bremner, Music Director, Organist

Amy Bates, Accompanist

Karen Jennings, Preschool Director

Kenneth and Sheree Bremner, Custodial Services

We welcome your interest in historic Slash Church.

If you wish a tour, please call and make an appointment.

Office hours are 9 am to 12 noon.

After noon, please leave a message on the answering machine.

Church Phone: (804) 798-4520


General Request: Many records have been misplaced or were taken home during our early years. If you locate any books, papers, photos, or other items pertaining to Slash, please send a letter describing your find to the attention of Historian, Slash Church. Your personal accounts or those of your relatives or friends attendance, stories, graveyard burials or other interesting accounts are especially welcome.

Cemetery list: Updated 8-8-97, available during office hours (9am to 12 noon). The oldest stone is dated 02-27-1780/08-17-1841 for Thomas Reynolds. This is not unusual as most people were buried at home. Please check other church cemeteries and local libraries for other cemetery information.

Many thanks to the researchers and historians who provided much needed and correct information about Slash and especially to Mrs. Elizabeth Loving Miller for her architectural knowledge and editorial help.

Updated September 1999.

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