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1909 Henry County Confederate Pension List

After the Civil War ended, the problem of disabled Confederate soldiers and Confederate widows came before the Virginia Legislature several times. In 1888, the Legislature approved payment of pensions of widows of soldiers killed in action or who died in service and those who were severely maimed while wearing the gray. In 1900, as the veteran population aged, some restrictions were lifted. In 1902, requirements were further eased.

The procedure followed was that the veteran or widow filled out an application for a pension. This pension was then presented to a local pension board for review. If this board approved the pension, then it was sent to the Auditor of Public Accounts for payment. The pension applications were not kept at the county level. The Auditor of Public Accounts published a list annually, by county, of the recipients of these Confederate pensions. This is that list for Henry County in the year 1909.

The following list shows the name of the pensioner, and the act under which they were drawing benefits. Contact the Library of Virginia for copies of the actual pension application if desired.

Agee, Jane 1900
Atkinson, J. E. 1900
Ayers, J. J. 1900
Balisie, Mary J. 1900
Barker, Jane 1900
Beale, John M. 1888
Beale, Marcus W. 1888
Beck, James 1900
Bowles, Lucinda 1900
Burgess, W. G. 1900
Burton, J. W. 1900
Burton, W. T. 1900
Byrd, S. W. 1900
Carter, Elizabeth 1900
Cheatham, John D. 1888
Clark, Elizabeth 1888
Clark, William 1888
Cobler, Malinda 1888
Compton, James 1900
Craig, Elizabeth 1888
Craig, Thos. R. 1900
Curry, Allen 1900
Dodson, Josiah 1888
Donivant, Geo. W. 1900
Doss, E. H. 1900
Doyle, Mrs. M. J. 1888
Earles, Mary F. 1900
Eggleston, Mary E. 1888
Eggleston, Mrs. D. S. 1888
Eggleston, Mrs. E. S. 1900
Forbes, Bettie E. 1900
Fountain, Nathaniel C. 1900
Franklin, John L. 1888
Garrett, H. F. 1900
Garrett, Mrs. S. A. 1888
Garrett, P. F. 1900
Giles, Fanny 1888
Gilly, Martha J. 1888
Gravely, Mrs. S. E. 1888
Halley, Jas. R. 1888
Hollandsworth, Lucinda 1888
Holt, Mary A. 1888
Horseley, Geo. W. 1900
Ingram, J. T. 1900
Ingram, James L. 1888
Ingram, S. J. 1900
Jeffreis, Lucy 1888
Joyce, Alexander 1888
Kindridck, John M. 1888
King, J. B. 1900
Koger, M. W. 1888
Leake, Jane 1900
Lewellen, Mrs. M. J. 1888
Marshall, Elizabeth M. 1900
Mathews, Sarah E. 1888
McMellon, S. H. 1900
Meeks, John T. 1888
Moore, Mrs. M. E. 1888
Pearson, J. H. 1900
Philpott, J. H. 1900
Powell, B. F. 1900
Price, Martha M. 1900
Rogers, Mrs. S. N. 1888
Self, Silas 1900
Shelton, Thos. H. 1900
Shumate, Hardin 1900
Shumate, Josiah 1900
Shumate, Mrs. M. D. 1888
Smith, Franklin 1900
Stanley, Burwell 1900
Stone, Ann 1900
Stone, Jas. L. 1900
Stone, Mrs. M. A. 1888
Stultz, Johnson W. 1900
Thomasson, Jas. R. 1900
Thomasson, Jno. S. 1900
Thomasson, R. W. 1900
Thomasson, W. H. 1900
Thomasson, W. O. 1888
Trent, Thomas F. 1888
Turner, C. P. 1900
Vaughan, Joshua A. 1900
Wade, James A. 1888
Watkins, H. S. 1888
Watkins, Susan 1888
West, Mary A. 1888
Wilson, Lightfoot Ann 1888
Winn, Thos. L. 1900

Information compiled by Jeff Weaver, August, 1996

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