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Wills of Isle of Wight County, Virginia
Miscellaneous Abstracts

    The following abstracts are from my own research in the Isle of Wight County records. I encourage you to submit any wills you have, abstracted using the format below. Wills probated after 1800 are of special interest since those prior to that date have been published in Blanche Adams Chapman's "Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, 1647-1800". All submissions, comments, (or complaints ) may be directed to me

    Joyce Whitehead

  • NAME:   ALLMOND, William
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 8
    DATE OF WILL:   29 Dec 1808
    DATE OF PROBATE:   5 Feb 1809
    LEGATEES:   Daughter, Nancy Allmond; wife (living but not mentioned by name); Children: Wilson, Sally, Rhody and William Allmond and Patsy Tolar.
    EXECUTOR(S):   Friend, RobertWilliam Tynes
    WITNESSES:   Drewry Driver, Robert Driver, John Jolly

  • NAME:   CUTCHIN, Joseph
    SOURCE:   Will Book 15, Page 351
    DATE OF WILL:   Dec 1819
    DATE OF PROBATE:   6 Mar 1820
    LEGATEES:   "Beloved wife", Penelope; niece, Nancy Lightfoot; Penelope Holladay; William J. Green (son of William Green).
    EXECUTOR(S):   Wife and Bartholomew Lightfoot
    WITNESSES:   William Campbell, James Meadow, William Crumpler
    NOTES:   Wants a tombstone engraved with his name and age, and one acre where he now lives for a family graveyard where he wants to be deposited. Frees his slaves, but if they do not want to leave Virginia to enjoy their freedom, then they may choose the following to belong to: Nancy Lightfoot, Matilda Grun, Polly Gray or Penelope Holladay. His watch to William J. Green.

  • NAME:   DARDEN, John
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 9
    DATE OF WILL:   30 Dec 1808
    DATE OF PROBATE:   6 Feb 1809
    LEGATEES:   Son, Benjamin Darden (land and plantation devisor bought of William Gay); son, Soloman Darden (land and plantation where he now lives); daughter, Jinny Darden; daughter Polly Darden.
    EXECUTOR(S):   Son, Benjamin Darden and cousin, Mills Darden
    WITNESSES:   ? Beal, Jeremiah Bradshaw, John Rose

  • NAME:   DAUGHTREY, Richard
    SOURCE:   Will Book 12, Page 16
    DATE OF WILL:   14 Sep 1803
    DATE OF PROBATE:   2 Apr 1804
    LEGATEES:   Daughter, Elizabeth and her son John Councill Daughtrey; son, Hardy Daughtrey (and his children Patty, Treacy, Susannah, James and Edwin); daughter Patty Holland; daughter Honour Daughtrey (and her children Eli and Mary); son, Richard.
    EXECUTOR(S):   John Councill
    WITNESSES:   Theophelus Daughtrey, Absalom Daughtrey, Solomon Daughtrey.
    NOTES:   Property devised: All the lands bought of David Eley and Benjamin Baker.

  • NAME:   DRIVER, Joseph
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 7
    DATE OF WILL:   1808
    DATE OF PROBATE:   6 Feb 1809
    LEGATEES:   Wife, Priscilla Driver; Children: Polly Whitfield Driver; Mills Driver, Nancy Driver, Joseph Driver
    WITNESSES:   John Holladay, Jeremiah Lawrence, Willis Corbell
    NOTES:   Plantation bought of Josiah Mills

  • NAME:   ELEY, John
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 53
    DATE OF WILL:   Jul 1809
    DATE OF PROBATE:   6 Nov 1809
    LEGATEES:   "Beloved wife, Sally"; son, Mills; son, Merit; son, Zebulon; son, Hartwell; son, Willis
    EXECUTOR(S):   Friend, Godwin Councill
    WITNESSES:   John Lawrence, Mills Darden, Joseph Duck
    NOTES:   Certain property division to be made when son, Mills, attains his 21st year.

  • NAME:   ELEY, John B.
    SOURCE:   Will Book 17, Page 99
    DATE OF WILL:   19 Jun 1823
    DATE OF PROBATE:   3 Jan 1825
    LEGATEES:   "beloved wife, Dorothy Eley"; Son, Robert; son, John; son, Samuel; son, Elbert; son, Exum; daughter, Polly (wife of Josiah J. Watkins); daughter, Nancy (wife of Mills Whitfield).
    EXECUTOR(S):   son, Robert Eley; friend, Exum Eley
    WITNESSES:   Charles Fulgham, Hartwell Powell
    NOTES:   Property devised: Land and plantation purchased from Samuel Bridger; 20 acres adjoining an Old Orchard near where James Bridger now lives;

  • NAME:   ELEY, Robert
    SOURCE:   Will Book 14, Page 148
    DATE OF WILL:   2 Apr 1816
    DATE OF PROBATE:   16 May 1816
    LEGATEES:   wife, Polly; son, Lawrence; son, Benjamin; son, Gilbert; son, Edwin, daughter, Peggy; son, Mills; daughter, Patsy.
    EXECUTOR(S):   John B. Eley
    WITNESSES:   Charles Fulgham, Meriam Eley, John B. Eley
    NOTES:   Property devised: The manor plantation; a place called Barrets(?) which was purchased of William Holsfoot; plantation bought of Mathew Johnson.

  • NAME:   ELEY, Susannah
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 425
    DATE OF WILL:   Aug 1814
    DATE OF PROBATE:   Dec 1814
    LEGATEES:   Son, Cary; son John
    WITNESSES:   James Roberts, Katy Roberts

  • NAME:   ELEY, Stephen
    SOURCE:   Will Book 12, Page 171
    DATE OF WILL:   9 Nov 1805
    DATE OF PROBATE:   6 Jan 1806
    LEGATEES:   Wife, Elizabeth; daughter Catherine W.; daughter, Sally; Daughter, Nancy
    WITNESSES:   Joseph Moody, Jordan Parr, Wilea Langford
    NOTES:   Children not yet 21. If all should die, estate to be divided among brothers and sisters after the death of his wife.

  • NAME:   ENGLISH, J. Ruthie
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 1
    DATE OF WILL:   5 Aug 1808
    DATE OF PROBATE:   5 Dec 1808
    LEGATEES:   Peggy Redd; Nancy Redd; Sally Joyner, daughter of Robert Joyner; Mary Underwood; Patience Butler; Priscilla Redd; Patience English; Sally Joyner; more to be divided between Josiah Redd's children
    EXECUTOR(S):   Josiah Redd
    WITNESSES:   John Eley, Alan Luter

  • NAME:   ENGLISH, Patience
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 43
    DATE OF WILL:   31 Jan 1809
    DATE OF PROBATE:   4 Sep 1809
    LEGATEES:   Josiah Redd and his wife Priscilla; Andrew Redd; Margaret Redd; Nancy Redd; Polly Redd; Edy Redd; Panina Redd; Elvey Redd (Male); William Redd; Patience Butler; Nanny Underwood; Henry Joyner; Joseph Joyner; Sally Joyner.
    EXECUTOR(S):   Josiah Redd
    WITNESSES:   Mills Darden, Margaret Redd

  • NAME:   FEARN, Nancy
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 10
    DATE OF WILL:   27 Aug 1808
    DATE OF PROBATE:   5 Dec 1808
    LEGATEES:   Sister, Lucy Young's four children: Sally, Betsy, James and John; Mathew Fearn, Sally Young, Betsy Young, James Young and Jack Young; Susan Segar, daughter of Polly Segar.
    WITNESSES:   John Saunders, Peter Thivers

  • NAME:   GODWIN, Hannah
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 7
    DATE OF WILL:   17 Oct 1806
    DATE OF PROBATE:   6 Feb 1809
    LEGATEES:   Grandson, Alexander Godwin; Sons, John Godwin and Josiah Godwin; daughter Dolley Pitt; Elizabeth Pedin and Nancy Pedin; Elizabeth J? Godwin; Susannah Jeannet; Mills Godwin;
    WITNESSES:   Henry Mills Applewaite, Henry King
    NOTES:   Should grandson die, property to be divided between Hannah Wills, Nancy Wills and Edmund Pedin.

  • NAME:   HARDY, Marcella
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 1
    DATE OF WILL:   2 Apr 1805
    DATE OF PROBATE:   2 Jan 1809
    LEGATEES:   Grandson, Samuel Hardy; Should Samuel leave no issue, then to his sister Elizabeth Crawley Atkinson. Grandaughter, Elizabeth C. Atkinson; Grandson Thomas H. Hardy; Friend and relative, James Atkinson.
    WITNESSES:   Phillip Holt, Richard ?, Rebecca ?
    NOTES:   To grandson, Samuel Hardy, mill (seated on the breakwater of Lawnes Creek and known as the Hardy Mill) which devisor inherited from her son, George Hardy.

  • NAME:   LAWRENCE, Robert
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 23
    DATE OF WILL:   25 Dec 1808
    DATE OF PROBATE:   3 Apr 1809
    LEGATEES:   Son, Robert Lawrence; daughter Polly Lawrence; daughter Caty Lawrence; daughters: Nancy Eley, Elizabeth Griffin, Amy and Patience Lawrence. Son Robert to take possession of the land at the beginning of 1813.
    EXECUTOR(S):   Hardy Lawrence
    WITNESSES:   Mills Lawrence, Joseph W. Ballard, John Joyner and John English
    NOTES:   Brother, Hardy Lawrence, to be guardian of all his children. Estate to be divided by friends, Mills Lawrence, John Eley, Sr., Joseph M. Ballard, Mills Darden, Soloman Butler and Robert Eley.

  • NAME:   MORRIS, John
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 51
    DATE OF WILL:   5 Dec 1808
    DATE OF PROBATE:   2 Oct 1809
    LEGATEES:   Sister, Nancy Morris; cousin, Everitt Morris; Nancy Marshall.
    EXECUTOR(S):   Friend, Joseph Westray
    WITNESSES:   John Matthews, (?) Casey, Polly Matthews

  • NAME:   NORSWORTHY, J. Mills
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 6
    DATE OF WILL:   18 Nov 1808
    DATE OF PROBATE:   6 Feb 1809
    LEGATEES:   Nathaniel Wills (all of estate)
    EXECUTOR(S):   Nathaniel Wills
    WITNESSES:   James Tolar, Willie Gross, Nancy Bagnall

  • NAME:   NORSWORTHY, J. Tristram
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 5
    DATE OF WILL:   5 Jan 1808
    DATE OF PROBATE:   6 Feb 1809
    LEGATEES:   Wife, Esther Norsworthy; grandson, Lawrence Whitfield; daughter, Esther Godwin; daughter, Martha Norsworthy; daughter Mary Mills; daughter, Ann Godwin; daughter, Fanny King; son, Mills Norsworthy; grandson, John Clark;
    WITNESSES:   Henry Whitfield, Richard Bowden, Charles Chapman

  • NAME:   SEEDS, Samuel
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 23
    DATE OF WILL:   5 Jul 1800
    DATE OF PROBATE:   3 Apr 1809
    LEGATEES:   Son, William Seeds; daughter Ann Seeds; wife, Patsey
    WITNESSES:   William Baily, James Clayton, James Schill

  • NAME:   STRINGFIELD, Benjamin
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 56
    DATE OF WILL:   24 Nov 1809
    DATE OF PROBATE:   11 Dec 1809
    LEGATEES:   Son-in-law, Richard Thomas; Sally Thomas, daughter of Richard Thomas; Harrison Thomas; son, Benjamin Stringfield; daughter, Mourning Outland; daughter, Anne Jones; son, Martin Stringfield; daughter, Chany Stringfield; son, James Stringfield; daughter Holland Stringfield.
    EXECUTOR(S):   Sons, Martin Stringfield and Wombell Stringfield
    WITNESSES:   James Stallings, Henry Jones, Dawford Delk

  • NAME:   UNDERWOOD, Josiah
    SOURCE:   Will Book 13, Page 5
    DATE OF WILL:   4 Sep 1801
    DATE OF PROBATE:   2 Jan 1809
    LEGATEES:   Sister, Mary Underwood; brother, John Underwood; brother Thomas Underwood's son, Josiah Underwood.
    EXECUTOR(S):   Brother, John Underwood
    WITNESSES:   Robert Eley, Horatio Eley, James Rhodes
    NOTES:   To brother, John Underwood, all the land that father Sampson Underwood gave me.