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During the Colonial period, Virginia was governed by a Governor, the Governor's Council, and the House of Burgesses. The House of Burgesses was the forerunner of the Virginia General Assembly. The Governor's Council were appointed and acted as the upper house of the legislature as well as the highest court in Virginia. The elected Senate is now the upper house. The lower house was composed of the Burgesses, elected representatives from the shires or counties, roughly equivalent to the Delegates of today.


1619 James City: William Powell, William Spense
1623/24 Jamestown: William Pierce, Clement Dilke, Richard Stephens, Edw. Blayney, John Southerne
1623/24 James Island: Robert Adams
1623/24 The Neck of Land: Richard Kingsmill
1623/24 Ye Plantations over against James Citty: Samuel Matthews, Edward Grindon
1623/24 Hog Island: John Utie, John Chew
1627/28 John Chew, Edward Grinden, John Uty
1629 James City: George Menefie, Richard Kingsmell
1629 Pace's Paines: William Perry, John Smyth
1629 The Other Side of the Water: John West, Robert Fellgate
1629 Pasbehay: Thomas Bagwell
1629 The Neck of Land: Richard Brewster
1629 William Browne, Benjamin Harrison
1629 Archer's Hope: Theodore Moyse, Thomas Doe
1629 Plantations between Archer's Hope and Martin's Hundred: John Utie, Richard Townsend
1629 Hogg Island: John Chew, Richard Tree
1629 Martin's Hundred: Thomas Kingston, Thomas Fawcett
1629 Mulberry Island: Thomas Harwood, Phettiplace Clause
1629/30 Pace's Paines & Smythe's Mount: William Perry
1629/30 Pasbehay: Bridges Freeman
1629/30 James City Island: John Southerne, Robert Barrington
1629/30 The Other Side of the Water: John West, Robert Felgate
1629/30 Hogg Island: John Utie
1629/30 The Neck of Land in the Corporation of James City: Richard Brewster
1629/30 Archer's Hope & Glebe Land: Theodore Moyse, Henry Coney
1629/30 Harrap & the Plantations between Archer's Hope and Martin's Hundred: John Browning, Thomas Farley
1629/30 Martin's Hundred: Robert Scotchmore, Thomas Fossett
1629/30 Mulberry Island: Thomas Harwood, Anthony Barham
1631/32 Captain Perry's downwards to Hogg Island: Captain William Perry, Richard Richards
1631/32 James City: John Southerne, Thomas Crampe
1631/32 Archer's Hope: Thomas Farley, Percival Wood
1631/32 Kethe's Creek to Mulberry Island & Saxon's Goal: Thomas Harwood, Thomas Flint
1632 Smythe's Mount & Perry's Point: John Smythe
1632 James City Island: John Jackson
1632 Pasbehay: John Corker
1632 The Neck of Land: Thomas Crump
1632 Glebe Land &Archer's Hope: Roger Webster, Henry Coney
1632 Over the Water against James City: Richard Richards
1632 Hogg Island: Richard Tree
1632 Mounts Bay: John Browning, John Wareham
1632 Martin's Hundred: Robert Scotchmore, Percival Wood
1632 Mulberry Island: Thomas Harwood, Thomas Bennett
1632/3-1633 James City, Chickahominy & Pasbehay: John Corker
1632/3-1633 Neck of Land: Thomas Crump
1632/3-1633 Archer's Hope & Glebe Land: Henry Coney
1632/3-1633 Smythe's Mount, The Other Site of the Water & Hogg Island: Thomas Grinden
1632/3-1633 Harrop & to Martin's Hundred: Richard Brewster, John Wareham
1632/3-1633 Martin's Hundred: David Mansfield, Robert Scotchmore
1632/3-1633 Mulberry Island: Thomas Harwood, William Spencer
1641/42-1642 James City: Robert Hutchinson, Francis Fowler, John White, Thomas Hill, Richard Richards, Ferdinand Franklin, Jeremie Clement, Thomas Follis, William Butler
1642/43 James City: Robert Hutchinson, Rowland Sadler, Henry Filmer, John Fludd, Stephen Webb, William Davis
1643/44 James City County: Robert Hutchinson, Richard Brewster, Stephen Webb, Edward Travers, Thomas Loven, Thomas Warren, John Shepard, John Jorden
October 1644 James City: Robert Hutchinson, Stephen Webb, Edward Travis, Thomas Loveing, George Jorden, John Shepherd, Thomas Warren
1644/45 James City: Ambrose Harmer, Robert Hutchinson, William Barrett, John Corker, Peter Ridley, George Stephens, John Rogers
1645/46 James City: John Flood, Walter Chiles, Thomas Swan, Robert Weatherall, Ambrose Harmer, Thomas Warne, Peter Ridley, George Stephens
October 1646 James City: Ambrose Harmer, Walter Chiles, Robert Shepheard, George Jordayne, Thomas Lovinge, William Barrett
1647/48 James City: Robert Hutchinson, Bridges Freeman, Robert Shepheard, George Jorden, William Davis, Peter Ridley
1649 James City: Walter Chiles, Thomas Swan, William Barret, George Read, William Whittaker, John Dunston
April-May 1652 James City: Robert Wetherall, John Fludd, Hen. Soane, Da. Mansill, George Stephens, William Whittakere
November 1652 James City: Robert Wetherall, William Whittaker, Abraham Watson, Hen. Soane
1653 James City: Walter Chiles, William Whittaker, Hen. Soane, Abraham Watson
1654-1655 James City: Thomas Dipnall, Abraham Watson, William Whittaker, Hen. Soane
1655/56-1656 James City: William Whittaker, Theophilus Hone, John Flood, Robert Holt, Robert Ellyson
1657/8-1658 James City: Hen. Soane, Richard Webster, Thomas Loveinge, William Corker
1658/59 James City: Walter Chiles, William Whittacre, Thomas Foulke, Mathew Edloe
1659/60 James City: Henry Soane, Robert Ellison, Richard Ford, William Morley
1663 James City: Robert Ellyson, Walter Chiles, Edward Ramsay
1679 James City: Edward Hill
1680-1682 James City: Thomas Ballard, Thomas Clayton, William Sherwood, William White
1684 James City: Henry Hartwell
1684 James City County: Thomas Ballard, William Sherwood
1685-86 James City: Thomas Ballard, Henry Hartwell
1688 James City: Wm. Sherwood
1688 James City County: Philip Ludwell, James Bray, Sr.
1691-92 James City: Henry Hartwell
1691-92 James City County: James Bray, William Lewis
1692/3 James City County: Michael Sherman, Henry Duke
1692/3 James City: Miles Cary
1693 James City: Henry Duke, Daniel Parke

Note: These names are taken from lists in H. R. McIlwaine, Journals of the House of Burgesses of Virginia 1619-1658/59 (Richmond, 1915) 1659/60-1693 (Richmond, 1914).

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