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Dickeson Lumpkin, Revolutionary War Pension Application, File S38887. Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Application Files 1800-1900. National Archives Microfilm, Microcopy M804, Roll 1601. Contributed by: Julie Chitwood.

Dickeson Lumpkin(s)

State of Tennesee, Campbell County
Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
September Term 1832
On this 11th day of September one thousand eight hundred and thirty two personally appeared before the Justices of said Court now sitting Dickeson Loumpkins [sic] a resident of said County age seventy three or therein abouts, who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the act of Congress paper June the 7 1832. That he entered the services of the United States under the following named officers, and service as hereinafter states, he was at the time he entered the services only about sixteen years old, and was a resident of King & Queen County, Virgin, [sic] at the time he entered the militia he was a substitute in the place of his father Anthony Loumpkins [sic], for six months under Captain Conegin [sp.?], & marched from the County aforesaid to Todds Bridge on the Matassanne [sic] River, & from thence to Richmond, and there he joined the Regulars under Capt. Lawery & marched from that place to South Carolina & joined General Morgan army on the Saludia River, in the State last aforesaid, and from thence to the Cowpens where a Battle was fought [17 January 1781]. The British army was commanded by Colonel Tatton [sp? - Tarleton?] the American army was commanded by General Morgan & Colonel Washington & in that battle Washington wounded Col. Tatton in the hand. We went from thence to join General Green [sic] army in North Carolina, but did not get here in time to be at the Battle that was fought at Guilford Court house. We found Greens army at Whitrell [sic] Mill and there we had a small skirmish against some of the British fources commanded by Col. Totton. from there we went to Richmond, Virginia, again, and from there we marched to General Washington army which was near the line between Pennsylvania & Virginia, and from thence we marched to Little York where Cornwallis surrendered, the French at that place had gotten to the harbor & kept out the British fleet whilst Washington was on the opposite side of the Rowin there was nothing more then _____ canonading on both sides at that place. he says he is a man unacquainted with letters & cannot recollect the dates of the particular events, he states that he was in the regular service three years, and six month in the mlitia making in all three years & six months - he says he received a discharge in writing from General Washington which got burnt up with his house in Clark County Georgia about ten years since. he states that he was born in King & Queen County Virginia in the year 1759 and was only about 16 years old when he entered the services, after the war was over he moved to Guilford County North Carolina & from there to the State of Georgia & from there to the State of Tennesee where he now resides he hereby relinguished every claims he has for a pension or annuity except the present & he declares his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State. Sworn to & subscribed this day & year aforesaid.
Dickeson "R" Loumpkin

Sworn to in open court the date above written
William Casey Clk

Mr. Samuel Vanderpool Clergy & resident in said Couty and Frederick Bollinger resident of Claiborne County in the same neighborhood, hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Dickeson Loumpkins, who have abscribed & sworn to the above declaration, that we believe him to be seventy three years of age; that he is ______ believed in the neighborhood where he resided to have been a soldier of the Revolution & that we concur in in that opinion.

Samual Vendderpool, Clergy
F. Bolinger

Sworn to in open court the date above written
William Casey, Clk

and the said Court do hereby declare their oppinon after the investigation of the matter, and after putting the inlearagatories [sic] prescribed by the war department that the above named applicant was a revolutionary soldier, and the Court further cerrtifies that it appears to them that Samuel Vanderpool who has signed the preceeding certificate is a Clergyman residant in Campbell County; and Frederick Bolinger who has also signed the same is a resident of Claiborne County (in the same neighborhood of the applicant) and is a credible person, and that ____ statements __ __ ___ __ credit

Enoch Rices
Edmond Grafs [sic]
Caleb M. David
[another line I can't read]

I William Carey Clerk of the Court of Pleas and Quarter sessions of Campbell County in the State of Tenessee do hereby certify that the foregoing contains the original proceedings of the said Court in the application of Dickison Lumpkins for a pension in testimony wherefore I have hereunto set my hand and seal of office this the 27th day of March A.D. 1833

Willliam Carey, Clk

WAR DEPARTMENT, Pension Office
May 31st 1833
The evidence in support of your claim, under the act of June 7, 1832, has been examined, and the papers herewith returned. The following is a statement of your case in a tabular form. On comparing these papers with the following rules, and the subjoined notes, you will readily perceive that objections exist, which must be removed, before a pension can be allowed. The notes and the regulations will shew what is necessary to be done. Those points to which your attention is more particularly directed, you will find marked in the margin with a brace, (thus: }). You will, when you return your papers to this Department, send this printed letter with them; and you will, by complying with this request, greatly facilitate the investigation of your claim.

A STATEMENT, shewing the Service of Dickenson Loumpkins, Campbell Co. Tennessee
Include (Duration of claiment's service): 3 years 6 months; Rank of the claimant: Priv.; Names and rank of the Field officers under whom he served: Gen Morgan, Col. Washington, Cap. Conegin, Gen. Green; Age at present and place of abode when he entered the service: 73 years, King & Queen Co. Virg.; Propf by which the declarationis supported: Traditionary

State of Tennessee Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
Campbell County December ____ 1834

Dickeson Lumpkin personally appeared in open court the same being a Court of Records and having a seal of office. And made the following statement as an amendment to his declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress paper the 7th June 1832. That he himself is althogether illiterate And the person he imployed [sic] to draw his declaration as appears from an examination of the declaration itself has failed to state the name of the Captain under whom he enlisted and also the Regiment to which he belonged in the Regular Service. Conegin [sic] was the name of the Militia Captain under whom he served six months tour of duty in the Militia Service as a substitute for his Father. his place of residence was in King and Queen County in the State of Virginia at that time in which County he was raised as stated in his declaration. He states that at the time of his enlistment he was living in the State of Pennsylvania with one of his Brothers. Applicant states that he enlisted in the service of the United States at the Barracks upon Brandywine. either in the month of September or October in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight. The battle at Brandywine was fought the year before he enllisted [Battle of Brandywine - 11 September 1777]. That he enllisted under Captain John Ferguson for the three years in the fourth Regiment of the Pennsylvania line. as well as he can now remember. He well recollects that Col. Howard commanded the Regimnet. The services detailed in his declaration are the services he performed in the Regular service. applicant states that he is very deaf and hard of hearing and did not detect the error in his declaration when it was first read over to him. The statements he made he knows are true. He expects his name will be found upon the list returned by Captain Ferguson of the Pennsylvania line and as well as he can remember in the fourth Regiment.
Sworn to in open court
this 8th day of December 1834
Wm Carey Clk
Dickeson (his X mark) Lumpkin

And the said Court do hereby declare their opinion that the above named applicant was a revolutionary soldier and served as he states.

[Four names follow, hard to read, one is ___ David - Court of Quorums]

I William Carey Clerk of the court of pleas and Quarter Sessions of Campbell County do ehreby certify that the foregoing contains the original proceedings of the said court in the matter of the application of Dickeson Lumpkin for a pension.
In testimoney whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of Office at Office in Jacksborough this the 8th day of December 1834.
William Carey Clk

Declaration of Susan Lumpkin of Tennessee, widow of Dickinson Lumpkin decd. for services from the State of Virginia in the Rev. War - for Rev. Pension under act of Febr. 3, 1858.

July 16/63[?]
Richard __ Young atty. of Washington City.

State of Tennessee
(l) Campbell County -- Be it rememberedd that on this second day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty five personally appeared before the County Court of Campbell County in open court within and for the County and State afforesaid Mrs. Susan Lumpkin a resident of Campbell County and State of Tenn. aged fifty three years who being first, duly sworn according to Law doth doth [sic] on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provissions made by the Act of Congress of July 29th 1848 and February 3rd 1833 granting pensions to the widows of persons who served during the Revolution War. That she is the widow of Dickinson Lumpkin deceased and that I do not know of my own knowledge the names of any of the officers under whom he served, but often heard him say he served two tours of sservice amounting to about four years and a half in the Regular troops of VA and that she was married lawfully to the said Dickenson Lumpkin in the County of Hall and State of Georgia on the 22nd day of May one thousand eight hundred and twenty and that her name before she was married to the said Dickenson Lumpkin [was] Susan Luker that her said husband died in the County of Campbell and State of Tennessee on the 8th day of Sept. A.D. 1851 and that she was married to him at the time above stated. She further declares that she is now a widow and finaly there hereby constitutes and appoints of Washington City her lawful attorney to prosecute her said claim to a pension and to receive her certificate of pension when ready for delivery.

Attest two witnesses
Nancy PieceSusan (her X mark) Lumpkin
Migna Chaims (sp?)

I James Williams presiding _______ of the County Court within and for the County of Campbell and State of Tennessee do hereby certify that the foregoing Declaration was subscribed and sworn to duly by the said Susan Lumpkins in open court before me and in my presence with Law on the 2nd day of April 1855. I also certify that Susan Lumpkin who has this day appreared in open court is a credible witness and entitled to full faith and credit as such and Thomas Piece and Murrice Chavis (sp?) resident citizens of the County of Campbell and State of Tennessee whose names are also assigned to the said Declaration as subscribing witneesses thereto are personally well known to me to be persons of respectability and credibility as such and who being first duly sworn according to Law testified in open court that they were personaly well acquainted with the said Susan Lumpkin whose name is signed to the foregoing Declaration and knkow her to be the idential person she ascribes herself to be in and by the same and states she is now a widow.

State of Tennessee Chrisiman {sp?] of the
Campbell Count County Court of Campbell Count
I William Cary Clerk of the County Court within and for the County of Campbell State of Tenessee do hereby certify that the Hon. James Williams whose name is subscribed to the foregoing certificate now is and was at the time of signing the same the presiding Chairman of the County Court of said County, that such proceedings were held in said Court in the premises as are stated by him in his said certificate and that his said signature is genuine and wrote in his own handwriting. In testimony where of I have here unto subscribed my name and affixed the seal of said Coaurt at the clerks office in Jacksbourgh this 3rd day of April 1855.
William Carey

Transcribed by Julie Chitwood. Copyright 1999.

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