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Register of Births, King and Queen County, Virginia

Selected entries from 1870-1894 for the Alexander, Carter, Martin and Schools families

Thomas Martin birth Aug. 24, 1870
Place of Birth: Tudor Hall
Father: William Martin
Mother: Rosy A. Martin

Charles Schools Born July 9 1872
Place of Birth: Clay Hill
Father: George C. Schools
Mother: Lucy E. Schools

Lucy C. Alexander born January 14, 1872
Place of Birth: Clay Hill
Father: R.F. Alexander, born Mink Chase
Mother: Maria Alexander

Joseph Martin Born Februay 12, 1872
Place of Birth: Church View
Father: Cornelius Martin Place of Birth:Church View
Mother: Virginia Martin

Elijah Alexander born Oct. 29, 1874
Place of Birth: Mink Chase
Father: Frank Alexander Place of birth:K&Q
Mother: Maria Alexander

Charles G. Schools born November 29, 1875
Place of Birth: King & Queen
Father: Charles H. Schools
Mother: Adeline Schools

Geo H. Schools born April 5, 1876
Place of Birth King & Queen
Father: Jno G. Schools
Mother: Lucy E. Schools

Luther W. Alexander Born September 14, 1876
Place of Birth King & Queen
Father: Richard L. Alexander
Mother: Maria Alexander

Ann Schools born September 26, 1877
Place of Birth King & Queen
Father: Jno. G. Schools
Mother: Lucy E. Schools

No name Schools Born July 12, 1877
Father: William Schools
Mother: Susan Schools

Manly Carter born May 4, 1878
Father: John w. Carter
Mother: Susan Carter

Oscar Martin born September 18, 1880
Father: Calvin D. Martin born King & Queen
Mother: Fannie E. Martin

Mollie L. Alexander born July 16, 1883
Father: Frank Alexander
Mother: Mary A. Alexander

Unamed Martin born june 10, 1892 Place of Birth:King & Queen
Father: Wm. Martin
Mother: Mary S. Martin

Boyd Martin born July 1, 1894 Place of Birth King & Queen
Father: Leroy Martin
Mother: Ida Martin

Edgar Martin born ?---- Place of birth King & Queen
Father: Jno Martin
Mother: Mary Martin

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