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King William County, Virginia
Court Cases


Some King William County Court cases. (New Kent & Hanover)

October 1821, 15th November KW Ct. Lucy K. Greenhow asne H. A. Claiborne asne  Abner Allen  who was asne of William Johnson, jr. and Henry Libscomb agt Mourning Davis. Debt for $40.  due by bill and damages $10 and bail.

15th November KW Ct. Wesley Saunders vs Joseph Fox for money due by acc $40.00 and no bail.

2nd.Nov. 821 KW Ct. William Dabney vs John S. Barrett. Debt for $44.

15th Nov. KW Ct. William D. Wren, Sergeant of the City of Richmond to whom  Estate
of Thos. Blackwell, dec’d, was committed for administration vs Carter Braxton. Dam $100.

Same KW Ct.Vs William Armistead & Corbin Braxton, executors of the last Will & Testament of  Nicholas Johnson, dec’d, for breach of Covenants. Dam $60.

1st KW Ct."by Grymes" Obadiah Winfree asne Henry Gaines vs Ro.B Gaines. Debt for$225 due.

30th [?) March KW Ct. Timothy B. Redmond vs John Wood. Debt for $48.50

December 1821 13th Supr. KW Ct. February rules. William D. Wren, Sergeant of the City of Richmond to whom the  estate of Thomas Blackwell, dec'd, was committed for administration vs Reuben M. Davis.  Money due $250.

20th Supr. KW Ct.  February rules. Abraham Warwick & John M. WarwiCk Merchants & partners  trading under the firm of A &J M Warwick vs William H Taliaferro adm de bonis non of
John H. Taliaferro, dec'd, to  recover debt $1000. 

Same vs William H. Taliaferro adm de bonis non of Mary P. Taliaferro, dec’d ,to recover amt of  Bill executed by James Guy an insolvent and  assigned by the sd Mary P. Taliaferro to the  pltffs, sum $1000.

20th Supr. KW Ct. February rules. George Perkins vs William H. Taliaferro adm of John  H.Taliafero, dec'd, 'to recover amt of bill, executed by James Gray an Insolvent and  assigned by the said John H. Taliaferro to the Plaintiff $1200.

Same vs same adm of Mary P. Taliaferro, dec'd. to recover same.

20th Supr. KW Ct. Febuary rules. Richard Anderson, Beverly Blair and Edmund Anderson, Merchants & partners trading under the firm of Anderson, Blair, and Anderson  vs William H Taliaferro adm of John H. Taliaferro, dec'd, to recover same amt of a writing obligatory executed bu  James Guy an Insolvent and by said Hohn H. Taliaferro, dec'd to sd plaintiffs.

Same vs same adm Mary P. Taliaferro, dec'd, to recover same.

January 1822 March KW Ct. William D. Wren, Sergeant, etc., estate Daniel R. Foot, dec'd, vs Rees(?) Peters(?) Debt $52.65.

February 1822, 28th March KW Ct. M. L. Weems vs Carter Braxton answering obligation of Carter Braxton and  William P. Claiborne, dec'd, for $43.00.

22nd March KW Ct. Charles Terrill vs Bay Walker. Temple Walker and R. Hill, jr., executors of John Hill, dec'd, for money due by account $50.

April 1822, 25th June KW Ct. rules. James B. Ferguson one of the execs of Thomas Spiller, dec'd, vs Winslow L. Robinson & Colin C. Spiller. Debt $104.80.

May 1822, 25th June KW Ct. rules. Samuel Dunn & Obediah Gathright, Merchants & Partners trading  together under the firm of Samuel Dunn & Co., vs Robert Garnett. Debt for $63.70.

Same vs Joseph Fox. Debt $66.80 Promissory note.

25th May KW Ct.. William B. Lipscomb asne of John H. Lipscomb vs Theoderick B. Lipscomb &  William Hargrove. Debt $50.

27th May KW Ct.Joanna Sweat ecex of William Gunn, dec'd, who sued for the benefit and at  the cost of rury Dugard or Dugan vs Daniel Powers and Wm Hargrove minor of Jason Terry and  themselves. Debt for $100.50.

June 1822, 3th August KW Ct. Lewis Wingfield adm. of Martin Drewry attn of R. S. Drewry,  dec'd, vs John D. Armstrong and Sarah Armstrong, debt for $40.

July 1822 9th Aug. Supr. KW Ct. Judith Pugh who sues for the benefit of and at the costs of  David Royster vs Joseph J. Fox. Breach of Covenant, $600.

29th Aug. New Kent Ct. Wm A Barton vs John B Christian. Money due $150.
August 1822 19th Aug.rules. James White vs William H. Taliaferro adm de bonis of John J.  Taliaferro, dec'd, to recover bill executed by James Guy an Insolvent and asnd by said John  H. Taliaferro to the plaintiff. $1000.

Same agt same adm of Mary P. Taliaferro for same.

19th Aug. KW Ct. Thomas Barker exr of Richard Crafton, dec'd, vs Wm Rive and Thomas Dabney,  debt.

Oct. 1822, 10 Jan KW Ct. rules. Curtis Carter exr of Wm Saunders, dec'd who was asne of Obediah  Gatright vs Gouldermann Smithers. Debt $195.

March 10 KW Ct. rules. Charles Ellis and John Allen, Merchant and partners under the firm of Ellis  & Allen vs William H. Spiller and Colin C Spiller late Merchants & partners under the firm  of Wm H & C. C. Spiller $80 to recover the amount of a bill under seal of John Adams an insolvent assnd by the Defts to the plaintiffs.

November 1822, Nov. 1 KW Ct. Frederick Jude & Thomas Meux, Merchants trading together under the  firm & style of Jude & Mieun vs Wm Ellet and Samuel Baker, late bricklayers & partners under the firm of Ellett & Baker con. for money due by acc. Damages $150.

Same asnes of Wm Robinson vs June W. Reddock. Debt $125.

November 1, 1822 KW Ct. James B. Ferguson one of the ecors of Thomas Miller, dec'd, vs Colin C Spiller & Thomas Miller. Debt $51.

Same vs Christopher Tompkins, junr & John W. Valentine. Debt $85.

November 1, KW Ct. Burwell Bassett attny of William Langborne, dec'd, who sues for benefit  and at the costs of John W. Byrd, vs James Southerland and Jane his wife who before her  intermarriage with the said James was Jane Powers. Covenant for Covenant broken. Damages  $100.

Nov 1. KW Ct. John Cuzzins vs Wm S. Johnson, money due by acc. $60.

Nov. 1 KW Ct. William H Hinins or Hining vs same, case for money due by acc, $50.

Nov 1, KW Ct. Herbert Claiborne vs Bailey Fox. Debt for $50 due by single bill under seal.  Damages $10 & bal.

December 1822, 5 January KW rules. Martin Drewry asne of Lewis Wingfield vs Billey Talley, jr., debt for $361.79 due by promissory note. Dam $50 & bail.

January 5th KW rules. Lewis Wingfield who sues for the benefit & at the costs of Martin Drewry  vs Billey Talley, jr., for money due by acc. Dam $300. J. J. Wingfield, Joseph Wingfield,  Witns for plaintiff.

January 1823, February 16 rules, New Kent. L. Jones asne of William Chamberlayne Harfield vs Narbone Crumb. Debt for $400 due by bill penal. Dam $20 & bail.

February 16 KW rule. Wm Silen asne of John Williams vs Barth Dandridge. Debt for $257 due by note. Dam $50 & bail.

March 22 rule New Kent. George W. Gatewood exor of Ben Hoskins, dec'd vs Isaac Tyree. Dam  $300.

February 1823 March 12 Ct., New Kent. Stephen Cowley vs William E. Clopton for money due.

March 1823, 20 Mar King William "to be dismissed" William Crane vs George M. Wert. Dam $100. Thomas Wert, witn for Plaintiff.

Mar 23 KW J.C.P. Samuel Dunn & Obediah Gatright, Merchants & partners under firm of Sam Dunn & Co. vs William S. Johnson. Debt $51.62. Dam $10.

April 1823 June 10, New Kent Rules. Philip Birdsong attny of James Jenkins vs Edwin Boyd.  Debt $80 due note. Dam $20.

July 1823 July 4, KW Ct. Sam Dunn and Obediah Gatright, Merchants trading under Sam'l Dunn & Co vs  Thomas Rowse. Money due $100. D. S. Mosby, Hanovertown, witness.

July 4th KW Ct. Gabriel Ralston & Archibald Pleasants, Merchants & Partners trading under the  firm & style Ralston & Pleasants vs Thomas B. Mitchell endorser of a protected note  negotiable & payable at the bank of Virginia. Debt for $126.69 with interest thereon from  the 19th of June 1814 till paid and $325 notarial charges of protest. Dam $50.

July 4th KW Ct. George Dabney, Sheriff of the County of King & William who sues for the  benefit & at the cost of Herbert A. Claiborne attny for Jno. T Ayres vs Wm L. Abraham &  Susan M. Abraham. Debt for $125 due by bond with collateral conditions. Dam $125 and no  bail.

Same by same. Debt  for $125 due by bond.

January 1831 March 1st KW Ct. Herbert A. Claiborne agt John Quarles. Debt for $26.50. Dam $10.

February 1831 3rd March rules KW Supr Ct. Richard C Wortham & Sublett McGruder, Merchants and  partners under the firm of Wortham & McGruder agt George Claiborne & Philip W. Claiborne  late merchants & partners, etc. Debt $200 due by note Dam $20.

Same plaintiffs against Philip W. Claiborne. Debt $52. Dam $10.

Hanover Co Ct, 4th February 1831. William Crane & Jas C. Crane, partners under firm & style  Wm & J. C. Crane agt Joseph Mosby. Debt for $22.50 due by bill. Dam $10.

14th March Rules KW Supr Ct. Herbert A. Claiborne asne of Armistead Robins agt Mary S. Shelton  & Wm Ruffin. Debt for $120 due by Bond. Dam $10.

16th March  KW Ct. William R. Butler adm of Susan Butler, dec'd, agt Thomas W. Toler & Thomas  B. Puller. Debt for $23 due by bill. Dam $10.

William R. Butler agt Thomas Armstrong. Debt for $35 due by single bill. Dam $10.

16th March KW "No dec'n necessary." Charles H. Braxton, Sheriff of KW Co and admr of Reuben  Madison, dec'd, agt Francis W. Quarles admr de bonis non with the will annexed of John 
Meredith, dec'd, to revive a judgm in KW Co Ct. of the 29th of May 1811 in the name of the  sd Reubin Madison agt Bernard Lipscomb, Exor of Jno Meredith, dec'd, for pounds 66 with  interest thereon from the 18th May 1810 till paid & $13.41 cost.

March 1831, March 4th New Kent Sup Ct. March rules.Fleming James, Edwin James & Joseph F.  James, Merchants & partners trading under the firm & style of Fleming & Edwin James & Co agt   Edward C. Mosby and Wm Chamberlayne. Debt $476. Dam $100.

23dr April rules. 1831 Hanover Supr Ct. Walter Crenshaw agt Niles O. Locknam. Dam $300.

June 1831, 16th June Hanover Supr Ct. "Bill same day" John Waddill agt Jonathan Jordan.  Subpena in Chancery.

July 1831 7th September KW Supr Ct. John Lysle, survg partner of Lysle & Wm Neale late  Merchants & partners under the firm & style of Wm Neale & Co. agt Alexander C. King. Debt  for $90.75 due by bill. Dam $10.

25th August KW Ct. Gustavus Lucke & James Sizer, Merchants & partners under the firm & style Lucke & Sizer agt George Claiborne & Philip Claiborne late Merchants & partners under George  & P. Claiborne Debt $46. Dam $10.

August 1831, 22nd September  KW Ct. Edmund Christian (who sues for benefit & at costs of Wm  McDonald & son) agt Wm Claiborne. Debt $636.70 due by Bond. Dam $20.

25th Sept. KW Sup. Ct. Richard C. Wortham & Sublett McGruder Merchants & partners under firm &  style Wortham & McGruder vs D. Claiborne money due $160.

Sept 1831 1st Sept Hanover Sup Ct. Chs H. Braxton, Sheriff of KW Co & admr. with the will of  Blackwell Foster, dec'd, annexed which was unadministered by Thomas Chinn & Susanna his wife  which sd Susanna before her intermarriage with Thomas Chinn was Susanna Foster, Extrx of sd  Blackwell Foster, dec'd vs Thomas Hooper admr of the estate of Thomas Blackwell, dec'd which  was unadm. by Wm D. Wren, Seargant of the City of Richmond & adms of said Thomas Blackwell,  dec'd, who when alive was joint obliger with one Allen Blackwell. Debt $102 due by bill. Dam  $10.

2nd Oct 1831 Hanover Ct. Albert Jones agtr Daniel Boaze for money due. Dam $100. Joseph  McGee, Jordan Slaughter & John White, wits, also Thomas Acres, Hanover.

30th Oct. Hanover Ct. Thomas E. Poythress agt William King. Debt $40. Dam $10.

October 1831, 3rd Nov. Ct. John McDonough asne of Wm Kieffin agt John D. Claiborne. Debt  $34.76. Dam $10.

Same agt George Claiborne & John D. Claiborne. Debt $131.54. Dam $10.

17th. Hanover Co Ct. Oct. John Hitchcocke (who sues for the benefit & at the Costs of Thomas  Priddy) agt Francis G. Taylor otherwise called Doctr  Francis G. Taylor for money due by  Acct. Dam $100.
November 1831 29th. KW Supr Ct. Jan rules. Vincent Bramham vs Wm R. Browne, Exot of Wm  Hill for money due. Dam $500.
January 1832 19th  Hanover Co Feb. Ct. Bennett Scott & John W. Smith, tailors & partners  under firm & style Scott & Smith agt George W. Trueheart money due. Dam $100. J. B.Keene  cost.
February 1832 1st   Hanover Co Feb. .Ct. Albert Jones agt Richard Barrett. Dam $100. John  Adarns  of Hanover, wit.

10th  Kg Wm Supr Ct . April rules. Alfred King asne of Wm Ruffin agt Telemachus B.  Littlepage & Lewis Littlepage. Debt $107.94. Dam $20.

29th  Hanover Co Ct   "No dec'n necessary." William Crawford & Wm Dunn, Merchants & partners  under the firm & style Crawford & Dunn vs (blank) adm of John Taylor, deed, to revive Judgt 
In Hanover County Co Ct. for $135to be discharged by $67.51 with interest from 20 January  1815 &  $10.54 costs. .'
March 1832 , 19th. Hanover Supr Ct April . Jonathan Brown & John Colsin  agt  Thomas  Doswell. Dam $200.. Hector Davis, wit.

19th Hanover Sup Crt "Dismissed by P....." Wm S Tyree & Ann his wife, Francis S. Littlepage  & Kitty his wife & Henry G. Butler & wife Temperance his wife agt Laney Jones, Sheriff of  Hanover Co & adm of the estate of Christian Mitchell, dec'd. Robert White Subpena in  Chancery.

19th Hanover Ct. April John Hitchcocke agt Philip B. Winston Exor of Thomas Priddy, dec'd,  for money had. $50 Dam. Set Maynard,wit.

March 1832 24th March KW Ct. James Fox, James Cocke & Thomas Floyd agt Thomas Patterson &  Richard Simpkins. Debt $37. Dam $20.

April 1832, 5th KW Supr Ct. May Rules. Ammon Hohnson agt Christopher Johnson in his individual   capacity & as adm of Robert Johnson & Lucy Johnson and Christopher Moon & Patsy his wife.  William B. Libscomb & Sterling Lipscomb. Subpena in Chancery.

25th Hanover Supr Ct, May rules. Nathaniel H. Ragland vs Elisabeth Cocke. Debt $ 119. Dam  $20.

May 1832 June 10th rules. KW Supr Ct. John Botts agt George Claiborne money due by acc. Dam  $300.

June 10th rules KW Supr Ct. Thomas Spencer agt Same for money due by acc. Dam $60.

10th June rules KW Supr Ct. John Lyle surviving partner of John Lyle & Wm Neale late  merchants & partners under firm and style of William Neale & Co agt Same. Debt $38.92 due by  note in writing. Dam $10.

KW Co Ct. May 29th. Beverly Kennon & Elisabeth D. his wife who before her intermarriage was  Elisabeth D. Claiborne, Lucy Ann Claiborne, Willianna Armstead an infant who sues by said  Beverly her next friend & Bassett Smith Claiborne agt George Claiborne, Philip W. Claiborne  & John D. Claiborne. Subpena in Chancery.

June 1832 New Kent Supr Ct. 13th July rules. William D. Wren trustee for Frances Mann wife  of Wm Mann & her children asnes of Herbert A. Claiborne agt Edward C. Mosby. Debt $145. Dam  $20.

KW Supr Crt 18th July rules. Philip Aylett (who sues for the benefit & the costs of Logan  Waller) agt Robert J. King surviving obliger of himself & Isaac Quarles, dec'd. Debt $200.  Dam $20.

Hanover Co Ct. 28th "Dismissed by direction of Pltff." Mary Hooper admx of Jeremiah Hooper,  dec'd, against William Allen. Dam $100.

July 1832 James City Supr Ct. 17thy "Bill filed 19th." James J. Mountcastle agt John I.  Gregory. Subpena and injunction.

KW Supr Ct. 17th "Bill filed 19th." Polly Winn agt Charity Winn admx of James G. Winn, decd,  and James Jones. Subpena & injunction.

August 1832 Hanover Co. Ct. 2nd "Bill annexed & degree at Hanover Jult Ct." Thomas J.  White, Wm S., Philip B, and Elisabeth Ann White agt Mildred White, Philip B. White & Harriet  W. McLaurine. Subpena in Chancery.

October 1832. Hanover Supr Ct. 2nd Jan. Rules. Thoams and Amos Ladd asnes of Samuel  P.  Parsons agt Robert and John White. Debt due by bond $400. Dam $20.

6th Oct. Hanover Co Ct. Thomas H. Lambeth agt John D. Doswell alias Jn D. Doswell. Debt $27  due by promissory note. Dam $10.

18th Hanover Ct. "Never issued by mistake." Alfred King agt Thomas Price, jr. Dam $60 L.  Jones jr. wit.

November 1832 29th Jan rules. Hanover Supr Ct Wm Steane sometimes called Wm Steane Cruster  for Elisabeth Woodson agt John W. Tomlin. Trespass Dam $500. Josiah Faulkner, Thomas  Faulkner, Jno Earnest, Jno Waddill, Nicholas Libscomb, Mary J. Faulkner, wits.

December 1832. Hanover Supr Ct. 1st Dec rules. Thomas R. Bird vs A. Bird, Louisa Bird, Wm D.  Winston, Spotswood James & Feronia, his wife, Lemuel Vaughan, Joseph Vaughan & Parke Street.  Subpena in Chancery.

KW Supr Ct. 24th January rules. Herbert Claiborne agt Thomas W. S. Gregory. Debt for $69.  Dam $10.

January 1833. KW Supr Crt 1st January rules. Richard C. Wortham & Sublett McGruder,  Merchants and Partners under firm & style Wortham & McGruder agt Thomas Wilson. Debt $71.87.  Dam $10.

KW Supr Ct. 15th Feb rules. David Ellett & Charles H. Braxton, Gentlemen, Justices of the  Ct. of King William County and surviving obligers of themselves & Temple Elliott and James  Meaux both dec'd late Gentlemen Justices of KW Co. (who sueat the instance and for the  benefit of T. William Duke vs Edward Valentine,David and John W. Valentine, surviving  obligers of themselves and Wm F. Thompson, dec'd. Debt $5,000. Dam $5,000.

Same plaintiffs (who sue at the instance & for the benefit of Thomas Duke) vs same  defendants. Debt for $5,000 due by bond with collateral conditions. Dam $5,000.
Same plaintiffs ( who sue at the instAnce & for the benefit of Aaron Hungerford and Jane his  wife who before intermarriage with said Aaron was Jane Duke) vs same defendants, etc.

New Kent Supr Ct. 29th Feb. rules. Benjamin Sheppard, Fleming James agt Edward C. Mosby.  Debt $116. Dam $20.

Febr 1833 Hanover Co Ct. 6th Feb.  David N. Horton agt Miles B. Lacknane. Debt $42. Dam $10.
Mar 6th Ct. Hanover Supr. Ct. Wm Taxewell and David N. Horton agt Miles B. Lacknane. Debt  $60. Dam $20.

March 13th rule. Hanover Supr. Ct. Francis I. Lewis asne of Joseph Starke who was asne of Wm  I. White agt John Cross. Debt $1,000. Dam $50.

March 13th rule. Hanover Supr. Ct. James H. Lipscomb vs James Hill, detenue for a female  negro slave named Winney of the price of $300, one Negro female slave named Lucy of the  price of $200, and one Negro slave infant child of Winney her mother of the price of $150. 
Dam $900.
Jno L. Lewis
Thomas Hill KW
Thomas B. Mitchell
Wm V Woodrow  Richmond

Hanover Sup Ct. March 13th rules. Bowling Batkins agt Warner B. Mahone, Geo W. Trueheart,  Fielding Fleshman and Fancis S. Littlepage. Debt $101. Dam $10.
Hanover Co Ct. 27th Febr. Seaton Grantland, Wm B. Tinsley, Thos F. Johnson and Peter F.  Johnson agt Susanna Tinsley, Thos G. Tinsley, Wm G. Johnson and Mary T. Johnson. Subpena in  Chancery.

March 1833 Hanover Supr Ct. 1st Aug rules. Jaqmes C. McFarland agt Wm Timberlake. Debt for  $50. Dam $20.

June 1833 Hanover Supr Ct. July 12th rules. Edwin M. Maddox agt James Higgason, detenue for  a female Negro slave named Sally of the price $350, one other female slave named Celia  Catherine of the price of $200, one feather bed $25, and other household items. Dam $1,000.  Wits: Wm G. D. Maddox, Richard Wm G. Maddox, Wm L. Stanley, Jno W. Anderson, Henry I.  Garland, M Carpenter, Nathaniel Anthony of Hanover.

July 1833 Hanover Sup Ct. Aug. 12th rules. Nathaniel Dunlop, Henry W. Moncure, James Dunlop  and Asa Otis, Merchants and partners trading under firm and style of Dunlop, Moncure & Co.  asnes of Marcus Cockran, Newman W. Baines and David N. Patterson, late merchants & partners  under firm and style of Cockran, Baines & Patterson agt Thomas Doswell. Debt $60. Dam $20.

Hanover Supr Ct. Aug 12th rules. John Colgin asne of Jonathan Browne agt Hector Davis. Debt  $212. Dam $50.

Hanover Supr Ct. 12th Aug. rules. John Colgin endorser of Henry Gibson, who was endorser of  Jonathan Browne agt Hector Davis. Debt $208. Dam $50.


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