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May 11, 1998 (Laurence E. Dickerson)

I am looking for information on the family of James B. EUBANK. He seems to have lived in both King William and Caroline Counties. He was the son of James EUBANK and Lucy BUTLER, who were married in Caroline Co. on 11 January 1819. They had three other known children: Mary, Elizabeth and Isaac Lee. James B. EUBANK married a woman named Lizzie [I think her maiden name was RICHERSON]. They had at least five children: Isaac W., Roberta, Mary A., Lucy and Sarah. James EUBANK served in the Confederate army and was killed or mortally wounded at Fredericksburg. I am told his name is on the King William County monument. Following the war, Lizzie and three daughters moved to Florida. Any information on this family would be much appreciated. Does anyone know James' regiment?

May 10, 1998 (Sharron Jennings Gunter)

I am seeking information on Thomas F. GUNTER, born in King William County in 1756. He is living in Buckingham County in 1850 and lists age as 94 and birthplace as King William County. I would appreciate corresponding with anyone who may have info on the Guntes of King William County. Thanks.

May 2, 1998 (Estill Duggins)

I am looking for any information on Reben DUGGINS born in 1780 (or 1766 or 1784) in King William Co., VA or relatives. He was in Corydon, IN in 1810.

April 30, 1998 (Nancy Hoffman)

Looking for relatives of my gggrandmother, Lucy Anne WRIGHT b 18 Oct 1832 who married Anselem Justus BAILEY. The lived in New Kent Co. but a second cousin told me she was from Aylett. In a famil Bible was a paper whith her name and date and the name William Hamilton WRIGHT b 5 Jan 1826.

April 23, 1998 (Deborah K. Toon)

SIMPSON/MARKSBERRY/MARKSBURY. Does any one have these families? Please let me know if you do. Debby

April 23, 1998 (Joe Holman)

I am looking for Daniel of Jacob or any HOLEMAN/HOLMAN. The Holeman/Holman llived in Fredrick Co. in the 1700's. I would appreciate anything anyone can give me. If I can be of an help with the Holeman/Holmans for N.C. I will be glad to do so. Thank you.

April 9, 1998 (Sam Jones)

DEW, Thomas m. Elizabeth and had children Thomas, Robert, William, Sarah, mary and Elizabeth. This family was taxed on 205 acres of land in 1798 on Cohoke six miles SW of courthouse. I need to know anything about this family, especially the son Thomas. There are indications the father died about 1816 in King William Co. Sam.

April 3, 1998 (Louetta. Allen)

I am interested in William FLEMING who was a resident ofKing William Count prior to 1744. William Fleming was from England and left property for any of his relatives who might come from England to claim said property. Members of his family did immigrate and claim the property left to them. William is said to have been married twice. The name of his first wife is unknown and the second is known only as Elizabeth. Thank you, Louetta Allen

March 22, 1998 (Jerri Davis)

BIBB - I am searching for information on Thomas BIBB, born about 1669 in King William Co. His father may have been Binjamin BIBB.

March 15, 1998 (Charlene Bradby Dunham)

BRADBY/BRADLEY: Allen BRADBY (my ggg-grandfather) dob 1828 married Mary BOWMAN dob abt. 1835 in the Tidwater Region. Allen was a Powhatan (Pamunke--King William Cty./Chickahominy--New Kent/Charles City Counties) Native American. I am seeking documentation that Allen's parents were Alexander (dob 1805) and Chrisitana (dob 1804) BRADB. Collateral names are STEWART/ADKINS.

March 15, 1998 (Celeste Marshall) **There are 10 entries for this address**

BOOKER. Searching for ancesor, sibling, and descendant information on Lewis/Louis BOOKER, b. 1814 d. 1874. Lewis resided in the area of King & Queen known as Newtown; he was also known to have resided in Walkerton, King William Co. as well. Lewis had 14 children among 3 women; two being identified as Sophia Hamilton and Mary Simms. Namely, his children are: Alexander, Beverly, Elizabeth, Luc Ellen, Roane (Rowan), Walker, Virginia, John Henry, Mary Susan, Nichie, Robert C. Charles H., David and Lewis Jr. Several of these children have been traced; willing to discuss and share information.

HAMILTON. Searching for ancestor, sibiling and descendant information on Sophia HAMILTON b. 1840 d. 1891 (Her names has also been spelled Aphia). Sophia's parents have been identified as Charles and Lucy HAMILTON. Sophia married Lewis/Louis BOOKER and had the following children: Elizabeth, Luc Ellen, Roane (Rowan) Walker, Virginia, John Henry, Mary Susan, Nichie, Robert C., Charles H., and David. (Lewis had other identified children) Would like to discuss and share information.

COMADORE. Searching for ancestor, sibiling and descendant information on Marian D> COMADORE b. 1884, possibly of Newton. Per Marian's marriage certificate her parents are identified as Griffin and Rose COMADORE. Marian married Roane(Rowan) BOOKER (b. 1859) in 1907. Would like to discuss and share information.

HILL-JOHNSON. Searching for ancestor, sibling and descendant information on Josephone HILL-JOHNSON, b 1847. Per Josephine's marrieage certificate, her parents are identified as George and Venus HILL; thus the JOHNSON surname must be from a previous marriage. Josephine married John Henr BOOKER (b. 1864) in 1917. Would like to discuss and share information.

BOOKER. Searching for ancestor, sibling and descendant information on Beverl T. BOOKER, b. 1848, Beverly's father is identified as Lewis/Louis BOOKER b. 1814 d. 1874; mother unknown. Beverly married Cora PAIGE b 1855; they had the following issue: William H., Rose Paige, Bunche, Louis, Samuel and Fred. Several of these children migrated north; have limited lineage information on them. Believe Beverly and Cora were married in King & Queen but owned landand resided in Walkerton, King William Co. Would like to discuss and share information.

PAIGE. Searching for ancestor, sibling and descendant information on Cora PAIGE, b. 1855. Cora married Beverly T. BOOKER, b. 1848; believe the marriage took place in King & Queen. Their children are: William H., Rose Paige, Bunche, Louis, Samuel and Fred. Several of these children migrated north; have >limited lineage information on them. Cora and Beverly owned land and resided in Walkerton, King William Co. Would like to discuss and share information.

BOOKER. Searching for ancestor, sibling and descendant information on Alexander BOOKER, b 1847. Alexander's father is identified as Lewis/Louis BOOKER, 1814-1874; mother unknown. Alexander married Sallie MORRIS b. 1847 d. 1914. They resided in the Walkerton, King William Co. area. Their issue are: Lewis, Betty, Beverly, Henrietta, and Charles; have limited lineage information on them. Would like to discuss and share information

MORRIS. Searching for ancestor, sibling, and descendant information on Sallie MORRIS, b. 1847 d. 1914. Sallie married Alexander BOOKER, b. 1847; they resided in the Walkerton, King William Co. area. Their children are: Lewis, Betty, Beverly, Henrietta and Charles; have limited lineage information on them. I understand there is a large family reunion held each year or bi-annually in Walkerton for the MORRIS family. Would like to discuss and share information.

SIMMS. Searching for ancestor, sibling and descendant information for Mary SIMMS. I have very limited information on Mary. She has been identified as the mother of Louis Frances BOOKER b. 1874 d. 1964. Until Louis's death certificate surfaced, it was believed that his mother was Sophia (Aphia) HAMILTON-BOOKER. Louis's father is identified as Lewis/Louis BOOKER, 1814-1874. Would like to discuss and share information.

BOOKER. Searching for ancestor, sibling, and descendant information on the following BOOKER children. Their mother is identified as Sophia (Aphia) BOOKER (nee HAMILTON), 1840-1891; father is Lewis/Louis BOOKER, 1814-1874. Namely: Walker BOOKER b. 1862, King & Queen records reflect a Walker BOOKER purchasing land in the late 1800's; Nichie BOOKER b. 1868; Robert C. BOOKER b. 1870; and David BOOKER b. 1872. Would like to discuss and share information

March 8, 1998 bluffman@WILKES.NET (Bobby Luffman)

I am researching the surname LUFFMAN/LUFMAN, in particular looking for any reference to a Wilson LUFFMAN prior to 1825. Family legend indicates that he may have lived in this area of Virginia. An reference to LUFFMAN/LUFMAN prior to 1825 would be greatly appreciated.

March 3, 1998 (Lina Mcilwain)

I want to know Waller QUARLES who married Keziah ELLETT. Had a daughter named Lavinia. Born 1805, King William Co. VA.

February 26, 1998 (Dan Mahoney)

I have a copy of a page from a book entitled CAVALIER AND PIONEERS VOL III. On page 92 there is a transaction dividing up 980 acres in Pamunkey Neck by William Stanard. Dennis MAHONNY is listed as one of the purchasers.  Does anyone have any information on him or his family.  I am searching for the ancestors of Dennis MAHONEY who appears in the 1808 tax list in Fayette Co. Ky.  He had 8 children, 7 of whom were born in Va. He may be the Dennis MEHORNER who married Sarah THOMPSON in St Paul's Parish, King George Co. Va. in 1781.  I have quite a lot of information on Dennis's descendants that I will share with anyone who is interested. 

February 10, 1998 (Kevin McGehee)

I am trying to pin down as much as possible the physical locations of two landmarks referred to in documents pertaining to THOMAS MACKGEHEE (~1645-1724) and his first son, WILLIAM MCGEHEE (1675-1771), both of whom lived in King William County. First, ST. JOHN'S PARISH. Thomas' will reportedly states that he lived in St. John's Parish at the time, either he made out his will, or that it was probated. In either case, we're talking about 1724 or 1725. I've found that the modern St. John's (Episcopal) Church is located in West Point, but I want to know how far northward the parish would have extended on the dates given, and if possible the church's location at that time. Can anyone help? Next, GREAT ROCKY CREEK. In a land document in 1725, Thomas' son William received acreage on "Great Rocky Creek" in King William County. I have examined a good map trying to find such a waterway today, but either the name has since been changed, or perhaps land reclamation has drained it, or tidal erosion has drowned it. Does anyone have any info about this creek, its location and present name if any?

February 9, 1998 (Leslie Beall)

I'm looking for ancestor/descendent info.on the following people. All were from King Willliam Co. VA - some of the HAY family later moved to Richmond. Richard COCHRAN d. before 1850, daughter of Richard Cochran - Nancy Cochran b. 1793 married HAY. Children of Nancy COCHRAN HAY: Edward HAY b. 1820, married Martha RICE b. 1825. Children of Edward HAY and Martha RICE: Sarah E. b. 1845, Mary G. b. 1848, Andrew b. 1855, Patrick b. 1855, Miriam b. 1858, Ada b. 1860, Edward b. 1866 and Edna b. Jan. 3, 1862 married William HOFFMAN in Baltimore MD, d. May 22, 1915 (in Baltimore, MD) their child was Jacob LeRoy HOFFMAN. I will be glad to share all information I have.

February 3, 1998 (Kevin McGehee)

I'd be interested in any information anyone might have about William MACKGAHYE, a scottish immigrant to Virginia who is documented to have been present in King William County in 1653 and probably arrived in or about 1649. I do not know when he died and would much appreciate that information along with any known descendants. I know that one Scottish historian, Sheila McGregor, differs with MCGEHEE family tradition and suggessts that Thomas MACKGEHEE (1645-1724) may have been a son of William's father than of Patrick MACGREGOR, but I have reason to believe William may have had other descendants besides MCGEHEES.

February 2, 1998 (Joseph McKenzie)

I am looking for info. about a Col LIPSCOMB, he was in the Rev. War. He was born: 1750 to 1755 in King William Co. VA. He married Susanna MOSBY in about 17820. Her father was Hesekih MOSBY. They has four chilren: Hesehih LIBSCOMB b.1781, Anderson LIBSCOMB b.1783, John LIPSCOMB b.1784 and Nancy LIBSCOMB b.1785. Anderson married and his son's name is Wade LIPSCOMB b.1804 in Buchanan Co. VA. Wade LIPSCOMB died in MO. We are looking for info. on any of these people but especially Col. Pauline Lipscomb Ernst has the copyright for the Lipscomb 300 years in America and this Col Lipsomb is her line. I talked with her on the phone and she has 19 copies left at $80.00 each.

January 27, 1998

TILLEY - Searching for information on Lazurous, Henry, Edmund Tilley who were in King William or adjoining counties in mid 1700's served in Rev. War and migrated south to Orange, Stokes, Surry, NC

January 19, 1998 (Dottie Blackwell)

RUSSELL/BLACKWELL - William Russell b. ca 1690. Lived in King Wm. Co. for awhile. His daughter Elizabeth Russell b. ca 1715, d. 1808-10, Halifax Co. Elizabeth Russell m. Robert Blackwell b. ca 1715- d. 1793, Halifax Co. Thanks in advance.

December 31, 1997 (Jim Terry)

SPENCER, TERRY- I am trying to identify the wife, parents, siblings, etc. of William A. Terry, born May 27, 1793 in King William Co. He was married ca 1822, probably in KWC. He went to MO ca 1829 and died in MO in 1851. I believe his wife's name may be Drucilla Spencer, but am not sure - possibly that is her middle name. I think his father was James E. Terry, based on a burned will I saw, but was unable to make a copy of at the time. William was mentioned in James E. will, but relationship was damaged by fire! James would have been born ca 1855, and died about 1833 - probably in KWC. Any help would be appreciated. I will share any information I have.

November 6, 1997 (James N. "Jimmy" Pitts)

CECIL, SOUTHWORTH - I am looking for information on or locations that I can receive information in reference to Eliajh CECIL, my great grandfather. Eliajh was married to Rosa SOUTHWORTH who died in King William on 14 February 1925. Rosa and Eliajh operated a grocery store in the DuAnne area of King William. ( Unkown if spelling is right ). Rosa SOUTHWORTH CECIL is buried in a small cemetery in this area and I would like to find out where it is located in King William. Any information that I could receive will be greatly appreciated.

November 6, 1997 (Tom Land)

SINGLETON - Looking for any records of Christopher SINGLETON or relations. In 1777 he prepared and issued a Power of Attorney stating: "I Christopher Singleton of this county of King William in the Colony of Virginia planter for diverse good Causes & Consideration ... put my Son Robert Singleton of the County and Colony afore said..." Thanks,

October 27, 1997 (Donna McMaster)

MORRISON, RICE, SWEET - My g-grandfather, Benjamin Franklin RICE, lived all his life in King William County. I believe his father was a Levi or Levy RICE. Levy shows up, unmarried, in the 1850 King William Census. My grandfather, Robert Sidney RICE, was born in King William County in 1896. His siblings include Verna MORRISON, Nannie SWEET, and Frank, George, Russell and Leslie RICE. Needless to say, and help greatly appreciated! Donna McMaster, Moorhead, Minnesota.

October 27, 1997 (Donna McMaster)

LIPSCOMB, SWEET, TUCK - Molly Hawes TUCK, my g-grandmother, was born in and married to James Carey SWEET in King William County. Their children included my grandmother, Inez Hawes SWEET, William Aalfred and Jack SWEET, who married Ivy LIPSCOMB. Donna McMaster, Moorhead, Minnesota.

October 27, 1997 (Donna McMaster)

HAWES, SWEET, TUCK Searching for information on a Dr. HAWES of King William County. Both my g-grandmother, Molly Hawes TUCK and my grandmother, Inez Hawes SWEET, were apparently named after him, and we would like to know how the hame held for two generations of women. Donna McMaster, Moorhead, Minnesota.

October 26, 1997 (Donna McMaster)

BLAKE, RICE - Looking for any and all information about Molly BLAKE, my g-grandmother, who was married to Benjamin Franklin RICE, and lived in King William County where my grandfther, Robert Sidney RICE, was born in 1896. We do not know about the BLAKE line further back than that, which isn't much, so all help welcome. Donna McMaster, Moorhead, Minnesota.

October 26, 1997 (Donna McMaster)

SWEET - Hunting for info on the SWEET family, including my grandmother, Inez Hawes SWEET, b. in King William County in 1901; her father, James Carey SWEET, his father, William A. SWEET, and his father, Wiliam SWEET (we think). All were involved in developing the Corinth Christian Church in the county. Donna McMaster, Moorhead, Minnesota.

October 12, 1997 Eve McCann

GORDON - King William County, VA Family Bible says that Alexander GORDON was born West Point, VA. 1750-1760. Does anyone have GORDONS in this county? First seen in Chester Co. SC, 1790.

September 20, 1997 (Jeanne Weaver)

CRANE, LEE, POND, VEACH - Looking for information and descendants of John CRANE born ca. 1738 in VA, died in Mercer Co., KY. He married Frances POND around 1765 in King William Co., VA. Some of the children were born and married in Pittsylvania Co., VA. Also looking for information on his parents James and Susanna CRANE and their children: Aaron CRANE born VA, married Susanna VEACH, have no info except that he was in the Revolution War; John CRANE who married Frances POND in King William Co., VA; Thomas CRANE, born King William Co., VA, married Mary LEE, he also served in the Revolutionary War, tradition says they started housekeeping in Goochland Co., VA. The father, James died 1794 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. Desperately need help. Please E-Mail or write to Jeanne Weaver R.R. 3, Box 279 Petersburg, IL 62675.

September 10, 1997 JEANNE WEAVER CHAPMAN,

LIPSCOMB, POLLARD - Would like info about the people mentioned in the Will of Bernard LIPSCOMB of King William Co., Va and Parrish of Saint John. The will, dated July 22, 1819, is listed in the Green Co., KY Will Records, published by B. Wright. Produced King William Co., VA 1823; proven by John Cann POLLARD and Thomas W. NEW; Test: Robert POLLARD, D. C., clerk of King William Co., VA certified true copy from his office; Recorded in Green Co., KY 1844. Does anyone know who John Cann POLLARD and Robert POLLARD are? Are they related to this family. I am researching POLLARD's, the line that I have traced from KY so far comes through Amelia Co., VA where Robert POLLARD married Mahalia CHAPMAN. There are connected CHAPMANs in Caroline County, VA. Any clues would be appreciated.

August 19, 1997 (James Arthur Morrie)

STURDIVANT, WHEELEAS - I am researching Joseph WHEELEAS born 1710 in King William, VA. He married Elizabeth STURDIVANT. They both died in Surry, NC. Return to index August 16, 1997 from (Mary Ann Hanson) BORCAS, HOLLADAY, PULLIAM - Winifred Ann HOLLADAY b. 1717 King William Co. VA to Capt. John (the Ranger) Marshall HOLLADAY and Elizabeth BORCAS married Thomas Obadiah PULLIAM. I am interested in corresponding with any other descendants about these families.

August 13, 1997 (Kathy Lencki)

ALLUMBAUGH, ALUMBAUGH, ELEMBOUGH, ELENBOUGH - Seeking information on Peter ALUMBAUGH (or ALLUMBAUGH, ELENBOUGH, ELEMBOUGH, etc.) born 1740 supposedly in King William Co. May be of either Dutch or German ancestry. Need names of parents and proof of birth.

August 9, 1997 -

POINTER, ROWE - Captain Joseph ROWE; Americus Vespucci ROWE, son of Joseph. Americus married Henry Ella POINTER of Gloucest County who was born Jan. 6, 1850. No date for Joseph or Americus. This info came from the Pointer family history article by P. M. Poynter of San Ysidre, CA. Accordingly, Joseph and Americus came from King William Co. to Gloucester County.

August 2, 1997

DABNEY, ELLETT - Who were the parents of Dabney ELLETT of King William County, Virginia? (See Old King William Homes and Families by Peyton Neale Clarke). I think they were James ELLETT, planter of King William County in 1752 (per deed), and Welthan DABNEY (born 1698), daughter of James DABNEY (St.Peter's Vestry Book). Re: their descendents, please see my article in the Virginia Genealogist Vol. 28, #3, July-September 1984.

August 2, 1997 Kathie de la Lama

McDANIEL, McDONALD, McDONNELL - Looking for information on following person: Eli and John McDANIEL 3rd, sons of John McDANIEL 1st, son of John McDONNELL in King William Co. These are ancestors of Linville McDONALD, born ca. 1768 in Chatham County, North Carolina. Any info would be appreciated.

July 19, 1997

OLDSBY, HARVEY - Is anyone researching the GOLDSBY surname. Virginia M. HARVEY was born in Stafford, VA in 1827. I have data for Virginia M. HARVEY who married George Washington GOLDSBY on Dec 23, 1844 in Stafford Co., VA. They had the following children: Thomas Mariner GOLDSBY born in Montross, West Moreland, VA; Mary H. GOLDSBY born abt 1845 in Montross, West Moreland, VA; David GOLDSBY born abt 1850 in Montross, West Moreland, VA; George O. GOLDSBY born abt 1855 in Montross, West Moreland, VA; Mattie Fannie(?) GOLDSBY born abt 1858, in VA; Victoria Beasley GOLDSBY born abt 1866, in VA; Bell GOLDSBY abt 1872 in WestPort, King William Co., VA; William GOLDSBY born abt 1874 in WestPort, King William Co., VA. Please contact me if you're researching these lines. I have more info on ancestors of George Washington GOLDSBY and decendents of Thomas Mariner GOLDSBY.

July 10, 1997 (Louise Birchfield)

WHITLOCK - I'm looking for any information on Grizel WHITLOCK who was living in King William County in 1751 when she purchased land in Goochland Co. I assume she was a widow at this time, but I don't know the name of her husband. Her children were: John, Robert, William, Grizel, Sarah, James, Anne, and I think Elizabeth. Thanks, Louise Birchfield 12002 Old Stage Trail Austin, TX 78750


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