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King William County, Virginia
Streams & Swamps


If you have information you would like to share, pertaining to a stream or swamp in King William County, please send your information to the Webmaster. I am looking for where they are located in the county. With your help we can build a better web site for King William County, Virginia Genealogy.


Name of Stream or Swamp Location
Acquinton Creek  
Aylett Creek  
Boot Swamp  
Broad Creek  
Brooks Creek  
Bull Swamp  
Clayborne Creek  
Cohoke Creek  
Cohoke Marsh  
Cohoke Mill Creek  
Dam Creek  
Dawson Swamp  
Dixon Creek  
Dorrell Creek  
Fork Bridge Creek  
Gleason Marsh  
Governor Swamp  
Gravel Run  
Harrison Creek  
Herring Creek  
Indian Town Swamp  
Jackpen Creek  
Jacks Creek  
Judy Swamp  
Lee Marsh  
Little Dorrell Creek  
Madison Creek  
Malden Creek  
Mallory Creek  
Mehixen Creek  
Mill Creek  
Moncuin Creek  
Montague Creek  
Old Town Creek  
Polkwest Creek  
Shanty Creek  
Sullens Creek  
Sweet Hall Marsh  
The Meadows  
Turkey Creek  
Webb Creek  
West Point Creek  
Williams Creek  
Woodland Creek  


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