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The KEIST FAMILY DAY BOOK was transcribed and submitted by Barbara Keist McClenny, granddaughter of William Clark KEIST.


Philip KEIST was born in the year 1764
Nancy Keist was born January 12 1788
Thomas Skiles was born January 9 1797
Sarah Keist was born February 14 1799
John Keist was born December 1 1800
Catharine Keist was born January 25 1803
Joseph Keist was born April 3 1806
Nathan Keist was born Jul 22 1809
Samuel Keist was born May 4 1812
Nancy Keist was born January 25 1815
Malinda Keist was born September 20 1817
Lucinda Keist was born November 4 1819
Manda Keist was born March 8 1822
Matilda Keist was born May 28 1824