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Index to Charles Binns' Ledger

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The following index to Charles Binns Ledger was transcribed and provided by Marty Hiatt, CGRS; please contact Marty at if you have questions. A microfilm copy of the ledger MAY eventually be available at the Thomas Balch Library, Leesburg, Virginia.

Library of Congress, Manuscript division. MMC-3596
Charles Binns Ledger Index
(as copied from front pages of the book)

A - -0-

B       Binns, Charles Senr.

        Binns, Jno. Alexander

        Bronaugh, William Jr. Esqr.

        Bronaugh, Mary Mason

        Binns, Ths. Nielson

        Binns, Simon Alexander

C       Carvan, Patrick

        Chamberlain, John

        Cook, James

        Corry, John


        Craven, James

        Curtis, Chichester

        Colwell, Joseph

        Chapman, George (Myld)

        Clem, a free negro

        Curtis, James

        Corry, Robert

D       Douglass, Hugh

        Donohoe, Saml

        Dreane, John

        Drurry, Leonard

        Davis, Jonathan

        Driver, a free negro

E       Elgin, Rebecca

        Ellzey, Wm Senr

        Ellzey, Wm Jr

        Edwards, Philip

F       Fees of Office

        Fields, Thomas

        Fouch, Isaac Jr

G       Greenup, Christr

H       Hale, Smith

        Hancher, Patrick

        House etc.

        Hopkins, James

        Harry, a free negro

        Hawkins, John

I/J     Jenkins, Henry

        John, a free negro

K       King, David

        Kennan, Thos

        King, Osborne

L       Littlejohn, John (page is missing)

        Luckett, John

        Lee, Ludwell Esqr

        Love, John Esqr

        Larrowe, Isaac

M       McCabe, Henry

        Murray, Saml

        Matthias, John Esqr

        Mershon, Joseph

        Mason, S T & A B T

        Mason, S T

        Moffett, Josiah

        Moxley, Samuel

        McGeath, Joseph

        Mead, William

        Muirhead, Enoch

        McGuire, Dennis

        Michael, Philip

        Mains, Archibald

N       Neilson, Hugh

        Nixon, George Senr

O       -0-

P       Powell, Levin

        Powell, Jno A. Binns

        Peyton, Francis Jr

        Potts, Edward & Jno Camell (sic)

R       Reynolds, Archibald

        Rhine, George

        Rea, Wm

        Rachell, a free negro

        Rinker, Edward

S       Saffto, James, Doctr

        Savage, George

        Sullivan, Murthey (sic)

        Simms, Charles

        Shove, Gabriel

T       Taxes, rec'd & paid

W       Wildman, Jacob

        Wilson, James

        Wildman, Joseph

        Wallace, John

        Wildman, Martin, page missing

        Wilson, Robert

        Warman, Thomas

        Wooley, Benja

Three pages of slave's birthdays, given names only