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Early Church Records

in Loudoun County, Virginia
Marty Hiatt, CGRS

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Early Church Records in Loudoun County, Virginia

presented by
Marty Hiatt,
Certified Genealogical Records Specialist
at the
Loudoun Genealogy Club Spring Seminar
29 April 1997
Religion and Migration Patterns in Early Loudoun

Note from Marty Hiatt: "It is all from information at Balch, plus a few phone calls to active churches. It is about 3-4 years old, however, and in regards to the phtocopies of records available, there are more now than when the list was compiled."


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NAME: Aldie
DENOMINATION: Presbyterian
TOWN: Arcola
DATES: 1776

NAME: Arnold Grove/Hillsboro
TOWN: Hillsboro
DATE: 1830s ­
RECORDS: Quarterly conference records, 1848 & 1870-1900 are at church

NAME: Ashburn
DENOMINATION: Presbyterian
TOWN: Ashburn
DATES: 1876 ­
RECORDS: Session minutes & register 1912-1958 at PHS; church has partial records from 1890, complete from 1930.

NAME: Bethel
TOWN: Stumptown
DATES: 1859 ­

NAME: Cameron Parish
TOWN: All of county until 1770
DATES: 1749 ­
HISTORY: Hopkins, Margaret Lail. Cameron Parish in Colonial Virginia, 1988
RECORDS: Missing

NAME: Catoctin
DENOMINATION: Presbyterian
TOWN: Waterford
DATES: 1765 or 1774
HISTORY: Catoctin Presbyterian Church, 225th Anniversary Celebration, 1765-1990
RECORDS: Session minutes & register, 1883-1909, & Session minutes 1910-1948 at PHS

NAME: Catoctin Free Meeting House
DENOMINATION: Bapt., Eps., Meth. & Presb.
TOWN: Clarkís Gap
DATES: 1810 ­
HISTORY: Hutchison, L. S. & J. Divine. Catoctin Free Church

NAME: Christ Church
TOWN: Lucketts
DATES: 1773 ­ (1868)
RECORDS: Records at St. James, Leesburg

NAME: Church of Our Redeemer
TOWN: Oatlands
DATES: 1780s ­ (1870s)
RECORDS: Until 1940, records are with Emmanuel, Middleburg

NAME: Church of Our Savior
TOWN: Aldie
DATES: 1850 ­
RECORDS: Records at Emmanuel, Middleburg

NAME: Ebenezer
TOWN: Bloomfield
DATES: 1855 ­

NAME: Ebenezer
TOWN: Bloomfield
DATES: c. 1755

NAME: Ebenezer U. M.
TOWN: Neersville
DATES: 1834 ­
HISTORY: History of Ebenezer Church, 1833-1959

NAME: Emmanuel
TOWN: Middleburg
DTES: 1796 ­
HISTORY: Low, Chet, Hist. of Emmanuel Episcopal Church 1842-1992
RECORDS: Originals at church, copies at Balch, Register 1840-1926

NAME: Fairfax MM
DENOMINATION: Society of Friends
TOWN: Waterford
DATES: 1744-1929
HISTORY: Janney, Asa Moore. Ye Meeting Hous Smal, A Short History of Friends in Loudoun Co. 1962
RECORDS: Originals at Swarthmore, PA; microfilm at MSA, copies of mgs. at courthouse & Balch, pre-1800 in print.

NAME: Faith Chapel
DENOMINATION: Presbyterian
TOWN: Lucketts
DATES: 1885 ­
HISTORY: Historical sketch at Presb. Hist. Soc.
RECORDS: Session minutes & register 1917-1947 at PHS; original records at Furnace Mtn. Ch.

NAME: Frying Pan Spring
TOWN: Centreville
DATES: 1791 ­
RECORDS: Originals at BHS, 1791-1828, and 1828-1879; microfilm at Balch & Library of Virginia; pre-1800 in print

NAME: German Reformed (now St. James)
DENOMINATION: United Church of Christ
TOWN: Lovettsville
DTES: 1773 ­
RECORDS: Baptism only 1786-1859, early in German, originals at UCC archives, Lancaster, PA; copies at church; microfilm through LDS, translation at Handley library & Lib. VA.

NAME: Goose Creek Meeting
DENOMINATION: Society of Friends
TOWN: Lincoln
DATES: 1785 ­
HISTORY: Janney, Asa Moore. Ye Meeting Hous Smal, A Short History of Friends in Loudoun Co. 1962
RECORDS: Originals & microfilm at MD State Archives; pre-1800 in print

NAME: Grace M. E. (Annex)
TOWN: Lincoln
DATES: 1882 ­

NAME: Grove (Woodburn)
DATES: early 1800-192?
RECORDS: Balch has Sunday School records, 1898-1903, 1921, Conf. records 1903-1907 are with Harmony Church records

NAME: Gum Spring
DENOMINATION: Presbyterian
TOWN: Arcola
DATES: 1776

NAME: Hamilton
TOWN: Hamilton
DATES: 1889 ­
RECORDS: Womenís society minutes 1890-1894 at BHS

NAME: Harmony U. M.
TOWN: Hamilton
DATES: 1833 ­
HISTORY: Sesquicentennial 1833-1983.
RECORDS: Originals at church, copies at Balch; 2 old membership books, beginning 1871, account book 1875-1889, registers 1897-1938

NAME: John Wesley
TOWN: Waterford
DATES: 1899-1914

NAME: Ketoctin Baptist
TOWN: bet. Round Hill & Purcellville
DATES: 1751-1936
HISTORY: James, Rev. F. H. Ketoctin Baptist Church. ; Ford, Vernon. Ketoctin Chronicle
RECORDS: Original minutes 1776-1930 at BHS, typed abstracts at Balch, pre-1800 in print.

NAME: Leesburg
TOWN: Leesburg
DATES: 1884 ­
HISTORY: A History of the Leesburg Baptist Church 1884-1976

NAME: Leesburg
DENOMINATION: Presbyterian
TOWN: Leesburg
DATES: 1804 ­
HISTORY: Presbyterian Church, Leesburg, VA, 1804-1975
RECORDS: Minutes & register 1804-1869, minutes 1867-1938, Register 1867-1919 at PHS; copy of register 1804-1875 at Balch; records from 1919 at church.

NAME: Leesburg U. M.
TOWN: Leesburg
DATES: 1766 ­
HISTORY: Steadman, M. L. Leesburgís Old Stone Church 1766.
RECORDS: Originals at church 1830-1851, 1867 to present. Book "in the works."

NAME: Lincoln MM
DENOMINATION: Society of Friends
TOWN: Lincoln
DATES: 1885-1950
RECORDS: Originals Haverford College, PA, microfilm at Swarthmore College

NAME: Little River Baptist
TOWN: Aldie
DATES: 1769 ­
HISTORY: Hutchison, Rev. Westwood, Little River Baptist Church
RECORDS: Minutes 1871-1955 at BHS; list of early members at Balch

NAME: Lovettsville
DENOMINATION: Presbyterian
TOWN: Lovettsville
DATES: 1833-1892
RECORDS: Session minutes 1869-1884 at PHS, 1869-1885 transcription at Balch

NAME: Middleburg
TOWN: Middleburg
DATES: 1828 ­
RECORDS: Original minutes 1847-1955 & womenís minutes 1920-1930s at BHS. Copies at the church.

NAME: Middleburg U. M.
TOWN: Middleburg
DATES: 1784 ­
HISTORY: Emerick, C. T. L., Middleburg Methodist Churches...
RECORDS: Records from 1800s are at church, also has some records from Upperville

NAME: Mount Hope
TOWN: Waxpool
DATES: 1835 ­
HISTORY: Mt. Hope Baptist Churchó150th Anniversary 1835-1885

NAME: Mountville
TOWN: Mountville
DATES: 1852-1950

NAME: Mt. Calvary
TOWN: Round Hill
DATES: 1892 - ?

NAME: Mt. Calvary
TOWN: Round Hill
DATES: 1898 - ?

NAME: Mt. Olivet U. M.
TOWN: Lovettsville
DATES: 1860 ­
HISTORY: Rinker, Gerta Origin of Mt. Olivet as I remember it.
RECORDS: Original records at Mt. Pleasant Church, Taylorstown, copies at Balch

NAME: Mt. Pleasant U. M.
TOWN: Taylorstown
DATES: 1878 ­
RECORDS: Originals at church, date from 1890s, copies at Balch

NAME: Mt. Zion
TOWN: Aldie
DATES: 1851-1979

NAME: New Jerusalem (Bethel & Zion)
TOWN: Lovettsville
DATES: 1765 ­
HISTORY: ___. A People of God, 1765-1965.
RECORDS: Original at Gettysburg, microfilm (1784-1836) at Lib. VA & LDS, early bapts. & mgs. in I.G.I., some copies at Balch, 1876-1927; Balch has burials 1784-1836.

NAME: New Valley
TOWN: Lucketts
DATES: 1770

NAME: North Fork Primitive
TOWN: North Fork
DATES: 1784 ­
RECORDS: Originals 1784-1970 at BHS; transcription 1784-1930 at Balch; pre-1800 in print.

NAME: North Fork Regular
TOWN: North Fork
DATES: 1835
HISTORY: North Fork Baptist Church 150th Anniversary, 1835-1985
RECORDS: Original minutes 1839-1979 at BHS.

NAME: Pleasant Valley U. M.
TOWN: Chantilly
DATES: 1845 ­
HISTORY: Jackson, Jane. History of Pleasant Valley Church.
RECORDS: Originals at Sterling Methodist Church, begin 1894

NAME: Rehobeth
TOWN: Lovettsville
DATES: 1814 ­
RECORDS: Later records at Mt. Pleasant Church, Taylorstown, copies at Balch

NAME: Roszell Chapel
TOWN: Philomont
DATES: 1830

NAME: Round Hill U. M. (Woodgrove)
TOWN: Round Hill
DATES: 1887 ­
HISTORY: Centennial Commemoration, 1889-1989

NAME: Ryan (Farmwell)
TOWN: Ashburn
DATES: 1849 ­

NAME: Salem
TOWN: Neersville
DATES: 1833

NAME: Shelburne Parish
TOWN: Above Goose Creek
DATES: 1770 ­
HISTORY: Cocke, Charles F. Parish Lines, Diocese of Virginia, 1967
RECORDS: Originals & microfilm of vestry minutes 1771-1805 at Lob. VA, microfilm at Balch, pre-1800 in print.

NAME: St. Davidís (Belmont Chapel)
TOWN: Ashburn
DATES: 1836

NAME: St. James
TOWN: Leesburg
DATES: 1769 ­
HISTORY: Worsley, Lizzie, Old St. James Episcopal Church ... 1760-1897
RECORDS: Originals at church, register from 1830

NAME: St. Johnís
TOWN: Leesburg
DATES: 1878 ­
HISTORY: Sheel, E. M. History of St. John the Apostle...1878-1978
RECORDS: Original register at church.

NAME: St. Paulís
TOWN: Hamilton
DATES: 1874
RECORDS: Records at St. Peterís, Purcellville

NAME: St. Paulís
TOWN: Neersville
DATES: 1835-1981
RECORDS: Register, 1836-1843 at VA Synod Archives, Salem, VA

NAME: St. Peterís
Town: Purcellville
DATES: 1870 ­
RECORDS: Original register from 1871 at church

NAME: Sterling U. M.
TOWN: Sterling
DATES: 1875 ­
HISTORY: U. M. Church History 1875-1993
RECORDS: Original records at church

NAME: Unison (Bethesda)
TOWN: Unison
DATES: 1780 ­ (1832)
HISTORY: History of the Unison Methodist Church

NAME: Waterford
TOWN: Waterford
DATES: pre 1850
HISTORY: "Church on the 50th Anniversary of the Reorganization"

Submitted by Pat Duncan
     Posted July 20, 2001

 Brunswick Md Herald newspaper, Friday June 14, 1901

 Church History - Interesting Sketch of the Lovettsville Reformed Charge
 by the Pastor, Rev. L. T. Lampe

     The compiling of date is at all time irksome. Though many obstacles
 - incomplete and missing records, & etc - present themselves, yet by
 perseverance and forbearance on the part of many, to our urgent
 inquiries, we have been able to gather much that may be of interest.
      The existence of our congregation in "Upper Loudoun" at a very
 early date is not disputed. Being of German birth, she naturally
 flourished wherever any people of that tongue and nationality settled.
 The "German settlement," as ours is known, received its first emigrants
 in 1727 from the Palatinate states of Germany, driven hence by their
 love of liberty. Their own beloved Fatherland, along the Rhine, being
 overrun and devastated by the French, they naturally turned westward.
 The first organized German ingress came from Pennsylvania in 1734,
 induced by favorable reports carried to them by German traders, who
 visited Virginia previously.
      Our reformed congregation, with her sister, the Lutheran, was
 organized about the first year of the incoming. Though no records exist
 to verify this assertion (having been lost of burned), yet we know that
 our pioneer missionary, Rev. Michael Schlatter, sent from the Church in
 Holland, paid our congregation a visit on May 14, 1748. In his journal
 he speaks of being entertained by "Elder Wenner, a pious elder of the
 Reformed congregation living near the Potomac river, opposite Berlin"
 (Brunswick Md.) Elder W. W. Wenner, aged 91, our esteemed member and
 friend, gives much light on this subject by his family history. He says
 his present home has been in the family for the last 200 years,. His
 father having settled there about 1720. His great grandfather was a
 schoolmaster, a position of great responsibility, often assistant to the
 pastor. May this not have been the elder spoken of above by Rev.
 Schlatter? Bro. Wenner recalls having heard of his performing the rite
 of baptism, carrying out our church policy. That church and school
 services - hand-maids - were held in the same building, many old deeds
 testify, viz "to have and to hold the same for church and school
 purposes." Bro. Wenner remembers hearing his father speak of the house,
 used for such purposes, standing where the ice house now stands, on the
 parsonage grounds. Those who dug the ice house tell me of having found
 an old foundation while excavating.
      To state definitely the time of erection of church edificies is
 almost impossible, from the incomplete records in hand. No
 congregational records exist earlier than 1766. Virginia Classis not
 being in existence at that time, the Maryland Classis had jurisdiction
 over this State. From the "Fathers" we learn that Rev. Chas. Lange,
 pastor at Frederick, Md, visited our midst in August, 1767. He was
 entertained by "a pious deacon - Geo. Shumaker - who resided near the
 Potomac, in Loudoun County, Virginia." Among the names of those
 confirmed and communed on August 14, 1767, we find Kuntz, Dill,
 Schneider, Hickerman, Moll, Richie, and others, names easily recognized
 by many as familiar in our day.
      Again does our friend and brother assist us by saying that his
 grandfather (Wenner) married a Shumaker. There, no doubt, exists a long
 ancestral line, holding these families (Wenner and Shumaker) to the
 church of their fathers. Rev. Lange is spoken of as a man "of great
 diligence in labor and devotion to the work of the Master." His ministry
 at Frederick ended in May, 1768, which terminated his labors at
 Lovettsville, Va. Having administered communion to 35 persons at the
 home of Deacon Shumaker evidences that no church building as yet
 existed; for the time of the year was not present when church attendance
 was difficult.
      A subscription list appears on the last page of the German records
 (in pounds, shillings and pence), "in view of the delapidated condition
 of our church building to erect a new house of worship." Allowing ample
 time for the new order of things, brought about by our victory of
 independence, to penetrate the rural communities, we can safely say that
 this second building was built in the latter part of the 18th cemetery -
 179-. The building meant to be erected by this subscription could not
 have been the brick one just razed, for indisputable evidence exists to
 prove that it was built in 1819.
      Bro. W. W. Wenner (Uncle Billy), now 91 years of age, has a
 distinct recollection of the burning of the brick when a boy of 7 or 8
 years of age. Others remember seeing the figures 1819 in the church
 building before the time it was repaired in 1876. During the trouble
 some times of 1859-65 our brick church was used as a hospital by the
 army. The then boys tell many amusing incidents concerning those time.
      From all sources evidences lead to the conclusion that the brick
 church, erected in 1819 and repaired in 1875, which stood in the
 graveyard, was the third building erected by our people. Suffice to say,
 that after careful research and correspondence, extending over a period
 of 4 years, we have arrived at the above conclusion. Had the records
 been as copious and as carefully kept then as today, evidences would not
 be lacking to bear out our assertions.
      For a list of pastors, the "Church Fathers," synodical and
 classical records give us much help. Comparing them faithfully, we
 garner the following: The names of many from 1766 appear in our church
 records. Others not named in line appear also, no doubt members of the
 committees of supply or visiting brethren. Following the two named above
 we find the next of whom any account is given as connected with our
 congregation, to be:
      Rev. Frederick L. Henop, who removed to Frederick, Md, in 1769 or
 1770, while pastor there also preached at Lovettsville, Va, once a
 month. His labors here closed with his sudden death at Frederick, Md, in
 1784 or 1785. His pen recorded baptisms from 1776 to 1779.
      The first pastor of whom anything is known definitely, Rev. Henry
 Giesy, born in Lichtervan, Upper Saxony, Germany, April 13, 1757, came
 to America in 1776, spent four years in New York, then went to Virginia.
 "In 1782 he reached Frederick, Md, intending to return to his native
 country. Learning of the extreme destitute state of the church from
 Revs. Krug and Henop he remained and preached for the congregation at
 Short Hill, Goose Creek and South Mountain, Va." He was ordained by the
 Coetus in 1782 or 1783 in Virginia. Soon afterward he removed to
 Virginia, regularly serving the "German settlement (ours), Short Hill
 and Frederick churches."
      The first authentic (German) records extant, from his pen, date
 July 11, 1764. The records were begun September 17, 1789. Evidently the
 baptismal records of previous dates were made from his private record.
 The last record from his pen dates October 20, 1794, no doubt just
 previous to his leaving, for we find the he removed to Bedford, Pa, in
 the fall of 1794, after serving for a period of twelve years.
      During his ministry a false prophet appeared. Purporting to be an
 ordained minister of the Reformed Church, Jacob Schneider visited
 Frederick, Md, where he endeavored to create dissention and, to a
 degree, succeeded. Being found false there, he turned his attention to
 Lovettsville, Va, where he was openly antagonized by Rev. Giesy. As is
 usually the case, being fluent in speech and polite in manners, some
 followed him. In 1797 he became principal of an academy at Leesburg, Va,
 later at Harper's Ferry, W. Va., and is said to have preached at
 Lovettsville. The going away of Rev. Giesy was to his liking. His
 signature is found among the baptismal records of March 28, 1796. He
 died at Leesburg in 1826 and was buried in our cemetery, a monument
 erected by his friends marking his grave. No regular pastor being here,
 it is lawful to suppose that he preached here frequently.
      Rev. Dan Wagner accepted a call to Frederick, Md, in 1802. He
 speaks of preaching, besides Frederick, "at Glade, Middletown, Jefferson
 and Loudoun county, Va." He died in 1810. Being only able to supply this
 congregation at stated times, Rev. Schneider naturally persisted in his
 attention to the people whenever opportunity presented itself.
      In 1811 Rev. John Helfenstein moved to Frederick, Md, served until
 1829 and supplied Lovettsville. Along with his name appear the names of
 Revs. Jacob Scholl, 1811, and Henry Snider, 1826, no doubt members of
 supply committee.
      1829 Rev. S. K. Dennis served Boonsboro, Md, "and for a number of
 years Loudoun County, Va."
      1830 Revs. J. C. Bucher, D. Bassler, M. Brunner, D. Gravis and A.
 Helfenstein "supplied Loudoun."
      1831 Revs. J. B. Robaugh, D. Gravis, J. C. Bucher and J. H. Smaltz
 "were supplies."
      1832 Rev. J. C. Bucher was "supply."
      At this time Rev. E. B. Helfenstein, Presbyterian from Winchester,
 Va, contrary to the wishes of the classis and many of the members,
 preached to the Loudoun congregation and attempted to alienate them from
 the Reformed Church. Complaint was lodged against him in his Presbytery.
 He did not obey them. After repeated failures he led a small following
 away from the congregation and organized a new congregation and built
 the Presbyterian Church in Lovettsville, where we now worship, in 1833.
 The daughter has not forgotten her mother.
      1833 Rev. Stephen Staley, licensed in 1832, soon afterward took
 charge of Lovettsville, Va. Dr. Martin says: "Took charge in 1833 or
 1834. In feeble health, consequently labors frequently interrupted. Good
 man, full of the Holy Spirit."
  This is about the time the Virginia Classis was organized. The first
 minutes give Rev. Staley as serving Lovettsville and Smithfield. After
 1840 nothing is known of him. During his pastorate Rev. Robert Douglas,
 who served Shepherdstown, Martinsburg and Smithfield, frequently visited
 our congregation. He was an excellent orator and a man of refinement. "A
 typical Irish gentleman, with Southern culture," says one.
      1840 Rev. George W. Willard, D. D., licensed October, 1840, by
 Eastern Synod at Greencastle, Pa, and ordained shortly afterward in
 Jefferson, Md, which charge then comprised Jefferson, the Manor and
 Lovettsville. He served for over four years.
      1844 Rev. Mortimer L. Shuford, licensed, ordained and installed in
 1844 as pastor at Lovettsville, Va, where he continued until 1849, a
 period of 5 years. In that year he removed to Frederick county, Md.
      1849 Rev. Geo. Henry Martin, D. D., entered upon his duties in
 1849, serving for 16 years, when he resigned and accepted a call to
 Woodstock, Va.
      1865 Rev. Henry Wissler, A. M. He came about 1865. The first record
 from his pen appears in 1865, the last March 31, 1872.
      1874 Rev. Henry St. John Rinker began his labors on February 1,
 1874, installed June 11, 1874, labors ended Oct. 15, 1890, serving for a
 period of 16 years or more.
      1891 Rev. T. K. Cromer was duly installed pastor and began his work
 as such on July 15 and preached his last sermon on the first Sunday in
 November (the 3rd), 1895.
      1896 Rev. Lewis T. Lampe, A. M., began his ministry on May 17,
 installed on Sunday,  July 12, 1896, by Rev. J. A. Hoffheins, D. D., of
 Martinsburg, W Va, and Rev. G. T. Everhart, of Shepherdstown, W Va, as
 committee of the Virginia classis.
      During the ministry of Rev. Rinker a project was started for a new
 church, and the Ladies Mite Society organized to raise funds for
 furnishing of the same. The project fell through, yet the society
 remained and has become a great factor in our church life, too much
 praise cannot be said in their honor.
      The church question was again agitated during the term of Rev.
 Cromer's ministry, subscription started, plans secured, but nothing
 further was done.
      I endeavored to take up the work where my predecessors left off.
 After placing the congregation in a good financial condition, paying
 debts of many years standing, establishing a firmer basis. With renewed
 hope and confidence pastor and congregation labored hand in hand and now
 can see the new church building under way. The congregation being
 thoroughly united and harmonious, there is a new atmosphere around then,
 being free, they work with renewed vigor and greater zeal than ever to
 do still more for Him who so abundantly blessed and prospered us during
 the past.
      On Sunday, October 14, 1900, the congregation decided to build a
 new church. At once a building committee was appointed consisting of
 Rev. Lewis T. Lampe, chairman, with the following: S. W. George, J. W.
 Yakey, George F. Eamich, Wm. B. Lindsay, C. C. Wenner, T. S. Yakey, John
 George, John E. George and Robt. Washington.
  Plans were adopted and subscriptions raised. Enough money being secured
 to justify the going ahead, the contract was let March 1, 1901, and
 ground broken and foundation begun March 18, 1901.
      The building in course of erection will be the fourth the
 congregation has built.
      Congregational directory, pastor, Rev. Lewis T. Lampe; elders, J.
 W. Yakey, J. Walter Weaning; secretary, J. Walter Weaning; treasurer, G.
 F. Eamich; trustees, S. W. George, J. W. Yakey, G. F. Eamich; organist,
 Miss Mollie Potterfield. Officers of the Sunday school, superintendent,
 Rev. Lewis T. Lampe; first assistant, T. J. Cost; treasurer, Miss Jane
 Wenner; secretary, Miss Laura Potterfield. Officers of the Mite Society,
 president, Mrs. W. B. Lindsay; vice president, Mrs. L. T. Lampe,
 secretary, Miss Mollie Potterfield; assistant secretary, Miss Rose
 Leitch; treasurer, Mrs. G. F. Eamich; solicitor, Miss Maggie Elgin.
 Heidelderg League, president, Elder T. J. Cost; treasurer, Winnie