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The following deed was transcribed and submitted by Donald King, No court books were listed. Please direct inquiries to Mr. King.

Indenture Deed Between William Hancock and Daniel Neale
found in Loudoun Co., Virginia dated 13 June 1761

This Indenture made the thirteenth day of June in the year of our Lord 1761 Between William Hancock of the County of Loudoun of the one part and Daniel Neale of the County aforesaid of the other part Whereas Henry Ashton late of the County of Westmoreland in his lifetime towit on the 11th Day of December 1754 by his Indenture of Lease bearing date the day and Year last mentioned and Sealed with his Seal for the Consideration of the Rents Reservations and Covenants therein Exprefsed on the part and Behalf of the said William Hancock to be paid done and performed did demise Grant and to farm Let unto the said William Hancock and to his Afsigns two certain Lotts or parcels of Land Containing one ______ hundred and fifty acres each situate in the County of Fairfax now Loudoun on both sides the Broad Run of Potowmack Joining each other and Bounded according to several Courses in the said Lease Exprefsed To have and to hold the said two Lots of Land with all and Singular the Appurtenances unto the said William Hancock his heirs and afsigns from the Sale of the said Lease for and during the Natural Life of him the said William Hancock and for and during the Natural Lives of his two sons Simon and William Hancock at and under the Yearly Rent of one Hundred pounds of Crop Tobacco and Cask as in and by the said Indenture of Lease among diverse other Clauses Covenents and agreements doth and may more fully and at large appear ______ Now This Indenture Witnefseth that the said William Hancock for and in Consideration of the sum of Ten pounds Current money to him in hand paid by the said Daniel Neale at sd before the Sealing and Delivery of these presents the Receipt whereof the said William Hancock doth hereby Acknowledge hath Granted Bargained Sold Afsigned and set over and by __ these presents doth Grant Bargain sell Afsign and set over unto the said Daniel ___ Neale and to his heirs and Afsigns all the said Two Lots or parcels of Land Containing one hundred and fifty Acres each with all houses Buildings rights members and ____ Appurtenances whatsoever to the said Two Lots of Land Belonging or in anywise appertain -ing To have and to hold the said Demised Premises with the Appurtenances unto the Said Daniel Neale and his afsigns from the date hereof for and during the life of the said William Hancock and the lives of his two Sons Simon and William Hancock and the longest lived of them under the Rents Reservations and Covenants in the said Recited Indenture of Lease mentioned as fully and amply as he the said William Hancock now hath might should or ought to have in Witnefs whereof the said William Hancock hath hereunto set his hand and Seal the Day and Year found above written _____
Sealed and Delivered

William Hancock (SS)

(name ?)
(name ?)
Chas Binns
John Hancock

The court continued and held for Loudoun County Novr the 11th 1761 This Indenture was Acknowledged by William Hancock party thereto andOrdered to be Recorded

Chas Binns ??