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Indenture Deed Between Isaac and Fanny Hough and Robert Braden
found in Loudoun Co., Virginia Deed Book 2M, pg. 142-146 dated 4 August 1810

Transcribed by Sue Beach, 22 Feb. 1998.

This Indenture made the fourth Day of August In the year of Lord one thousand eight hundred and ten Between Isaac Hough and Fanny his Wife of the County of Loudoun State of Virginia of the one part and Robert Braden of the same county

Witnesseth that the said Isaac Hough and Fanny his Wife for and in consideration of the sum of two thousand and Eighty Dollars current Money of the United States to them in hand paid by the said Robert Braden the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge and thereof do acquit and discharge the said Robert Braden Have granted bargained, sold aliened, released enfeoffed [?] and confirmed and by these presents do grant bargain sell alien release enfeoff [?] and confirm unto the said Robert Braden his heirs and assigns forever all the reversionary right and fee simple estate of in and to a certain lott [sic] of land in Piedmont manor now in the possession of Joseph Wilkerson under a lease for lives said to be unexpired bearing date the 20th day of July 1756 Between Geo Wm Fairfax of the

[page 143] the [sic] one part, and Thomas Lamb of the other part, and bounded as follows Beginning at a Stone in a place where grew a spanish oak in a line of Tankerville corner to John Hough Dec’d thence with his line N 74 W 114 3/4 poles to a stone corner to s’d Hough and in a line of Lydia Hough’s land thence with said line N5 W129 poles to a scrubby white oak corner to said Hough and in a line of Mich’l Cooper, then with his line N 88 1/2 E 16 3/4 poles to a Stone and two small hicories [sic] corner to Cooper thence with another of his lines N 9 1/2 E 6 1/2 poles to a whiteoak [sic] Corner to Cooper and Rheubin [sic] Hixon dec’d thence with his line S 8 1/2 E 127 poles to a black oak corner to Hixon and in a line of Tankerville thence with said line 89W 206 poles to the beginning Containing one hundred and sixty acres which this lott [sic] among others in said manner was conveyed unto Hugh Holmes [?] of the Borough of Winchester by Fer’d Fairfax devisee Geo W. Fairfax To whom the entire manor was conveyed by Thos Lord Fairfax, but for a greater [unreadable] as to title and situation reference is hereby made to a deed of relinquishment of Dower executed by Elizabeth Blair Fairfax Wife of the said Ferdinando in conjunction with her said Husband Nov’r 10 1799 and of record in the County Court of Loudoun and by said Hugh Holmes conveyed to the said Isaac Hough by Deed bearing date Sept. 1st 1803 of record in Loudoun Court together with all and singular the appurtenances thereto belonging or in any wise appertaining

[p 144] Except the rents due on the Lease aforesaid which under the Will of Geo. Wm Fairfax is payable to Sarah Fairfax Widow of said George during her natural life To have and to hold the said described Lott [sic] with all and singular its appurtenances except the rents aforesaid payable during the life of Sarah Fairfax which is reserved to her under the said Robert Braden his heirs and assigns forever, and the said Isaac Hough and Fanny his Wife for themselves and their heirs Executors & adm’rs covenant that the aforesaid described Lott [sic] of Land against themselves and their heirs and against all and every other person and persons whatsoever they will warrant and forever defend by these presents

In Witness whereof they have hereunto set their hands and Seals the day and year first above written.

Signed Sealed and delivered Isaac Hough {seal}
in presence of Fanny Hough {seal}
John Braden
Mahlon Janny Jun’r
Stephen Ball
Joseph Braden

Loudoun County to Wit,
The Commonwealth of Virginia

[page 145] To John A. Burns and John Hamilton Gentlemen greeting: whereas Isaac Hough and Fanny his Wife by their certain Indenture of bargain and sale dated the 4th day of August have sold and conveyed unto Robert Braden the fee Simple Estate of and in one hundred and Sixty acres of Land in the said county of Loudoun and whereas the said Fanny cannot conveniently travel to the court of said County to make her acknowledgment of the Conveyance aforesaid, we do therefore command you that you personally go to the said Fanny and examine her privily and a part from the said Isaac Hough her husband whether she doth the same freely and voluntarily without his persuasions or threats and whether she is willing the same shall be recorded in our said County Court and when you have received her acknowledgment and examination as aforesaid that you distinctly and openly certify us thereof in our said Court under your hands and seals sending then there the said Indenture and this writ witness Charles Binns Clerk of the said Court at the Courthouse aforesaid this 6th day of October 1810,

Binns, CLC

[page 146] Loudoun County [?]

We the Subscribers two of the Justices of the peace in and for the County aforesaid do hereby certify that we did this 6th day of August 1810 personally go the said Fanny and examine her privily and a part from her said husband touching the conveyance aforesaid who declared that she did Execute the said Deed Freely and voluntarily without the persuasions or threats of her said husband and that she is willing the same should be recorded among the records of the said County Court. In Testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and Seals the date above.

John A. Burns {Seal}
John Hamilton {Seal}

At a Court held for Loudoun County the 8th day of October 1810 This Indenture from Isaac Hough and Fanny his Wife to Robert Braden was acknowledged by the said Isaac Hough to be his act and Deed and together with the Commission for the privy examination of the femme and the certificate of the execution thereof being returned are ordered to be recorded.

Teste Binns CLC