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Pension Application of Edward Harvin: S18014

Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


Loudoun County State of Virginia} SS

On the 14 day of October 1833 personally appeared th in Court of the County aforesaid now sitting, Edward Harvin, resident of said County and State. aged about Seventy Six years nine months. who being first duly Sworn according to Law, doth on his Oath, make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed the 7th June 1832. that he enlisted in the service of the United States, as a private under Capt McPherson, April 10th 1776, and swore in under Colo Stone, who gave him his bounty, that he did at the time reside in the County of Charles and State of Maryland; he joined the army at the Buttermilk Falls in New Jersey, under the command of Gen値. George Washington, from thence the army marched to Morris Town where the army took up winter quarters, in the spring [see note below] the army under the command of Gen値. Gates marched to the hid of Elk [sic: Head of Elk, now Elkton MD], where he took shipping and went to Petersburg in Va. from thence he marched to Hillsborough in North Carolina, from thence to Hines Creek, from thence to Scervins[?] farms, where he remained eleven days, from thence to the Cow-pens, where he fought under Gen値. Morgan (he further states that the first battle he fought after joining the army, was at Camden under Gen値. Gates, where the americans were defeated) from the cowpens the Army, under Gen値. Morgan, marched to Pipe Creek, from thence under Morgan, to Eutaw Springs, on our march to Eutaw Springs he joined the main army under Gen値. Green, he fought at the Eutaw Springs under Gen値. Green, from thence he marched to Cane Creek where they took up winter quarters, in the Spring, the Army under Gen値. Green marched to Guilford Court house, where he fought under Gen値. Green, and received two wounds one in the left hip, the other in the small of the Back. From the Court house, he marched by Ruglers Mills to Camden, under Gen値. Green, where he fought and received a wound with a British Spoontoon [sic: spontoon] by a British officer, and that he shot and killed the officer he being on the scouting party. He further states that, he remained in the army under Gen値. Green until the termination of the revolution, when he was discharged at Annappolis Md., and further that he does not recollect the time he was discharged, and he further declares he got no discharges, and further that his name was on Capt Francis Ware痴 roll, which was burnt at Haverdegrass [sic: Havre de Grace MD], during the last war. with many other papers. he further states that he fought in all the above battles, but is not certain that they are put down in the regular order in which they actually occured, his memory not serving him sufficiently to give the battles in regular order. [See note below.] he further states that after receiving his bounty, he received while in Petersburg, fifty Dollars in Continental money, and at Annapolis when dismissed Forty Dollars in good money. Which is all he ever received for his servises, and he further states, that he served not less that Five years in the service of the United States. He further declairs that there is no clergyman living in the neighbourhood, nor is there any clergyman with who[m] he is acquainted to whom he could apply for a certificate. and further that he has no record of his age but believes that he was Born in the year 1757 And he further declairs that he knows of no person now living by whom he can prove his service. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or an annuity, except the present, and he declairs that his name is not on the Pension Roll of any Agency in any state. Edward hisXmark Harvin


And the said court do hereby declair their opinion after the investigation of the matter, and after putting the interrogatories prescribed by the War Department that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and served as he states. And the Court further certifies, that Samuel N Galleher and John Simpson, who has signed the preceding certificate, is resident in the County of Loudoun and State of virginia, and are credible persons, and that their statement is entitled to credit.

Answers to Question by the Court

1st I was born in the year 1757

2nd Question. I have no record of my age.

3rd Question. I was living in Charles County Md. when called into the service, and have lived in Maryland and the balance of the time to the present time in Virginia since the Revolutionary War and am now living in Loudoun County Va.

Answer to the 4 Question by the Court

I enlisted.

Answer to the 5 Question by the Court

I was under Colo. Jno. Stewart & Colo. Ware

6th I never got a Discharge

7th John Simpson & Sam値. Galleher


Additional evidence in support of the claim of Edward Harvin

Loudon County Virginia to wit

This day personally appeared before [John Simpson interlined] me a Justice of the peace for the County of Loudoun and state of virginia John Richardson of the county and State aforesaid, and made oath in due form of Law, that he was a soldier of the revolution and was attached to Colo. [Henry] Lee痴 Legion of Horse, and that he knew Edward Harvin in the army of the Revolution and that they fought together in the Battle of Guilford Court House and the Eautaw Springs and that the said Harvin, was wounded, as well as himself, at the Eutaw Springs. and that he recollects hearing the name of Edward Harvin called in time of the revolutionary war with proper officers appointed to call the roll and that the said Edward Harvin, is the same that is named in the declaration sent to the pension office from this county. after the Battle of the Eutaw Springs in consequence of my wounds I obtained a permit to go home and know nothing more in regard to the further time the said Harvin served.

Given under my hand this 31st day of March 1834 John Simpson J.P.


NOTE: Events mentioned in the application in correct sequence:

6 Jan 1777 Army of George Washington goes into winter quarters at Morristown NJ

26 May 1777 Washington痴 army breaks winter camp at Morristown

May 1780 Gen. Horatio Gates appointed commander of Southern army

13 Jul 1780 Gates arrives at Hillsborough NC

15 Aug 1780 Army of Gen. Gates at Rugeley痴 Mill SC

16 Aug 1780 Army of Gen. Gates defeated at Battle of Camden SC

2 Dec 1780 Gen. Nathanael Greene takes command; sends much of Southern army into

winter quarters in Cheraw Hills SC (Cane Creek unidentified)

17 Jan 1781 Battle of Cowpens SC; Gen. Daniel Morgan victorious

Feb 1781 Gen. Morgan retires from army

15 Mar 1781 Battle of Guilford Courthouse NC under Gen. Greene

25 Apr 1781 Battle of Hobkirk Hill near Camden; Greene痴 army passed Rugeley痴 Mill

8 Sep 1781 Battle of Eutaw Springs SC under Greene