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Pension Application of Eli McKnight S2710

                Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


Virginia                    }  SS.

Loudoun County   }

On this 16th day of November 1832 personally appeared in open Court before the Justices of the Court of Loudoun County in the Commonwealth of Virginia, now sitting, Eli McKnight a resident of said County and State aged seventy two years, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on his oath, make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832. That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers & served as herein stated. I was born in the State of Delaware on the 12th of October 1760. I have been so informed by my father, but I have no record of my age. I have been informed that I was about two years of age when my father removed to Loudoun County Virg’a. where I have resided ever since. In the year 1780 I was a member of a Militia Company commanded by Capt. Thomas Humphreys and early in September of that year, I volunteered for six months service and joined a company commanded by Capt. Daniel Fegans (perhaps call’d Fegars) [sic: Daniel Feagan], Mathew Rust & Jno. Russell [John Russell] were our Leuitenants – We were destined for Hillsboro’ [Hillsborough] in North Carolina. we march’d from Loudoun early in Sept’r. 1780 in company with several other Militia Companies, two of which were commanded by Adam Vincell and Frank Russell [Francis Russell]. We march’d direct to Fredericksburg, Bowling Green, & Richmond – when we had arrived I think between Richmond & Petersburg we were inform’d that the Enemy [under Gen. Alexander Leslie] were coming round to Norfolk. Our orders were then changed & we were directed to march toward Norfolk, which we did & encamp’d within ½ a days march of that City. I continued there doing such duty as was required of me in fatigue parties, scouting parties &c until discharg’d at Falmouth as nearly as I can now recollect in Dec’r. 1780 about Christmass. – this term of service was very nearly 4 mo’s. On my return home I was again reenter’d in Humphreys’ Company and in the latter part of August 1781 was drafted out of said Company for a term of three mo’s. and march’d under the command of Capt. Gustavus Elgin (now Major Elgin of Loudoun) [pension application S8412]  Thomas Moss was our Leiutenant. we were marched direct to Gloucester thro’ Falmouth, Fredericksburg, the Bowling Green and the country between the Rappahannock & York Rivers. Col. George West of Loudoun commanded the Regiment to which our company was attached. At Gloucester we were united to a Division of the French Troops – but I do not remember the name of the French officer commanding. My duties were constant & severe, on fatigue parties, picket Guards, building Batteries &c. After the capture of Cornwallis [19 Oct 1781], I march’d after a few days, with my company to aid in guarding some Prisoners which we delivered over at Noland’s ferry in Loudoun to some Maryl’d Troops and I was dischg’d & return’d home on the last of November 1781. I never had a written discharge. this term of service continued for three months fully. My memory is infirm and I have long since forgotten the names of Officers & Regiments I once knew. I offer to sustain my application, the affidavit of Rufus Updike who was with me in my first term of service and of Henry Oram [pension application S38280]* who was with me in my second term of service. Oram is now a Revolutionary pensioner, but his term of enlistment had expired before he volunteer’d or was drafted (I forget which) into Elgin’s Company. These persons would come to court but their infirmities and distance from Leesburg would render their attendance a serious inconvenience to them. — I hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present and declare that my name is not on the pension Roll of the Agency of any State.                              [signed] Eli McKnight

*Eli McKnight expected Hy. Oram would testify to his second term of service, but when he call’d at his House, he found Oram very infirm – he said he remembered McKnight, but his being with him at the Siege of Cornwallis appeard so much like the faint impressions of a Dream, that the old Man said he would not like to swear to anything about it                                                           [signed] Eli McKnight


Loudoun County   }

Virginia                    }  SS.                 On this 15th day of Nov’r. 1832 personally came before me John White a Justice of the Peace for said County Rufus Updike a Resident of s’d. County, aged 79 years, who made oath that he was a member of Capt. Daniel Fegan’s Company of Loudoun Militia, at the same time Eli McKnight was. That he was a substitute in s’d. company for a certain John Oldacres – that he was, he believes the only man in said Company who did not volunteer – That he well remembers Eli McKnight in said Company & form’d one of his mess – that they march’d from Loudoun Co’y. in Sept’r. 1780 for Hillsboro’ in No. Carolina, but were countermanded below Richmond & encamped some few miles from Norfolk where they did duty till dischargd about the 17th day of Dec’r 1780 being nearly four months he thinks, in service – and he further saith that he has resided in the neighborhood of s’d. Eli McKnight ever since the war & knows him to be the same person who is applying for relief under the act of Congress of June 7, 1832.                                                                                                                 Rufus hisXmark Updike


NOTE: McKnight’s pension certificate is addressed to him at Belmont County OH.