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Pension Application of Enoch and Sarah Clawson Furr W11030

Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


Virginia }

Loudoun County } Sct.

On this 9th day of May 1836 personally appeared in open Court before the County Court of Loudoun Co Va now sitting Enoch Furr a resident of said County & State, aged Eighty Eight years, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7, 1832. That he entered the service of the United States, and served as herein stated. It was as nearly as I can recollect in the fall of 1775 in November, that I joined, as a volunteer, a company raised by Capt. George Johnson of Loudoun Co. called minute men. Volunteered in said Company for one year and marched from Little River about Aldie to Williamsburg thence to Suffolk, thence to the Great Bridge, or Long Bridge as it was called, and I was at the Battle fought at the Great Bridge in December [9th] 1775. and Company was attached to B[rigadier]. Genl. [William] Woodford Brigade, and, as well as I can now remember, my Colonel was named Spottswood [sic: Alexander Spotswood]. After the Battle of the Great Bridge I was marched to Norfolk where I was when the town was burnt by Lord Dunmore in Jany [1st & 2nd] 1776. After this we were marched back to Williamsburgh & continued doing duty in scouting parties &c. till my year was up. I then returned home and made a Journey into Western Virginia and returned & after the massacre of our men at Paoli [PA] in Sept. [21st] 1777, there came an order for men to be drafted, and my Brother was drafted for three months service, but he being a Married Man and not wishing to go, on that account I volunteered and went in his stead for three months this was about the middle of September 1777. and I was marched under an officer I think named McMisken [possibly McMichin]. I also remember a Capt. [Simon] Hancock and I think I was under the Command of a Capt. or Major Read [possibly Maj. Jacob Reed]. I was marched to New Jersey and did duty there for the three months, and my discharge from both tours of duty I have long since lost. My memory is now bad & defective, and I have forgotten names of many officers I must once have known.

I hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declare that my name is not on the pension roll, or agency of any State.

Enoch hisXmark Furr

Interrogatories & answers

1 Where & in what year Born

A. In Fauquier Co. Va. My father moved into Loudoun when I was about six years of age & I have continued to live there ever since. I do not recollect the year I was born, but know I was 25 years old when Cornwallis was captured [19 Oct 1781] and perhaps I was a little over.

2 [Any record of age?] Answer none

3 [Where living when called to service, after, and presently?] Answer to the three questions Loudoun Co. Virga.

4 Answer. I volunteered for 12 mo. and then volunteer as a substitute for my Brother Moses for 3 mo.

5. Answer. I have forgotten names of officers & Regiments

6. Answer. I recd a discharge, by whom signed I do not know. I have long since lost it.

7. [Names of neighbors who can testify to character for veracity and belief of his services.] Answer. Sydnor[?] Bailey, Cuthbert Panall[?], Joseph Fred, George Rust Senior, John Beavers, Tenly Murphy, James Leke.


NOTE: On 4 Feb 1846 Sally Furr, 78, applied for a pension stating that she married Enoch Furr in March 1786, and he died 3 April 1845. Minor Furr, born in 1777 or 1778, deposed that it was general knowledge that Enoch Furr married Sarah Clawson in 1786. Nancy Chamblin, age 77 the previous December, deposed that her father attended the wedding and spoke of it in her presence.