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Letter from Adeline Winn of Concord, Massachusetts

Written to Mary Dulin (Jenners) Braden of Clinton Co., Indiana

Transcribed and submitted by Sue Beach,

Concord Middlesex County, Mass. March 2d, 1831

My dear Cousin, -

I received your kind letter last month, and it was with great pleasure that I perused and reperused its contents. I was sorry to hear that dear Aunt was so unwell. I hope she will be able to write soon. We heard of your fathers death last Dec. Mother takes his death very hard. she loved him as she did her life. You wrote that he was willing and not afraid to die which I think must be a great consolation to you all. You also stated that he left a good name behind which I doubt not for I have often heard people speak very highly of him. All his friends would have been very much pleased to have seen him once more, but as it was not God's will that he should visit them again they must be still. Dear Grandmothers health is not very good she is very old and has had so much trouble that she has become as a child. She has buried her husband and all her children except my dear Mother and Phinehas Blood. I presume she would write if she was capable of writing for it pleases her very much to hear from you. Father and Mother are well and send their kind love to you all. They would be very happy indeed if you would visit them. I think if I could afford to visit you as well as you could afford to visit us I should not hesitate a moment but start right off. My oldest sister Mary was married to Samuel Forbush 7 years ago last November. he is a farmer they reside in Carlisle. Sarah was married three years last Nov. to Reuben Farrar. They live in Townsend 21 miles from here. Mr. Farrar and Blood bought a large grist and saw mill there and they carry on the pencil business which is very profitable. My oldest brothers name is Abiel Jenners and Mother says he looks very much as your father did at his age he is a shoemaker and lives in Springfield about 80 miles from Concord. Dear sister Eliza Ann was married to Josiah Beard 4 years ago last Sept. he is a very amiable and worthy man. They lived in Saco Marine [page 2] she had been married about two years when she had a daughter and in 9 months after she died. We have reason to believe that she is now happy. She came home about two months before she died she said her health was not very good but hoped her journey would prove beneficial to her health. Soon after she returned she wrote me that she was much better but the next news we received was heavy, dear sister was dead. She had a kind and affectionate husband who sat by her bedside until she died. He tried every thing in his power to save her life he grudged neither cost nor labour [sic] but alas! it was all to no purpose, death called and she must obey. She left a bright and promising child which resembles her very much in its looks. Mother has it with her and thinks she could not part with her more willingly than she could with one of her own. Soon after sister died the factory was burnt in Saco and Mr. Beard lost considerable property by the fire I do not know exactly how much. He still remains a widower and lives in Waltham 9 miles from here he visits his little daughter often which appears to be a great comfort to him. Sister Abigail lives in Lowell Joseph and Alden and Lucy Janette live at home They all wish to be remembered to Aunt and all their Cousins. Please to tell Mr. Braden that I thank him for the kind letter he wrote me I did not answer it because I thought you would see the letter I wrote and if you cared about ever hearing from me again you would answer it, which I see you have and I thank you kindly for it, and I hope you will receive and answer this. Please to give my love to dear Aunt and all my Cousins and tell them we should be very happy to see them in Concord. I remain your loving Cousin

Adeline Winn