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This letter was written 17 Sept 1829 by Burr BRADEN (who was in Waterford, Loudoun Co., VA on business) to his wife, Mary Dulin JENNERS BRADEN, who was in Lafayette, IN. The Waterford area was Burr's family's home, but in the fall of 1828, he had moved west to Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN with Mary's mother (Deborah YOUNG) and several of Mary's siblings.

The transcription was done by Sue Beach and attempts to be as true to the original as possible. Comments, questions, etc are in brackets [ ]. A [?] indicates uncertainty about the word. Bold is added to help the names stand out in the text.

Waterford, Sept 17th 1829

My Dear Wife [Mary Dulin JENNERS BRADEN]

I arrived here three days since and you can better imagine than I describe the pleasure it gave me on finding our dear mother [Elizabeth STEVENS BRADEN] enjoying much better health than I could reasonably have expected. She is however very weak confined in part to her bed and mostly to her room within a few weeks past however she has rode out in the gig several times. The rest of the family are all well. Our acquaintances as far as I have heard are well. I left Mr. Bradfield [either Benjamin or Jonathan?] at his sisters Mrs. Birtram[?]. He stood the journey very well. Saurin [JENNERS, brother of Mary] hearing by Davids [JENNERS, brother of Mary] letter that I expected to be in Loudon [sic] wrote to me the letter I found here when I arrived. he wished me to let him know when I arrived here in order that he might settle his business and ride [?] over with me to Lafayette. he and Waynesburg [?] have had a difference he states Waynesburg [?] has acted very ungentlemanly towards him he will not come on with Saurin

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as was expected in consequence of their differences. I have written on to Saurin and expect he will be here in a few days. I am unable to say when we shall be able to leave here. Noble [BRADEN, brother of Burr] has not subtracted [?] any money for me [from their father, Robert's, estate]. If I should not be able to subtract [?] it all soon I shall not let it detain me. I have not seen Mr. Bradfield since we came in. He told me he would be in Waterford the latter part of the week. He will then be able to let me know when he will be ready or pretty nearly. Whenever he is I shall be for I do not intend remaining any longer than he is ready. Noble will attend to any business I may leave unsettled. We expected when we arrived to be able to leave here by the 1st of next month at any rate I dont see any thing to prevent it now. I am doubtful I shall not find time to visit Mr. Dulin and family, the last account I had of them mentions they now well all and that Mr Dulin had increased my issue [?] with him since your furniture is all here yet they could find no sale for it I think of having the table taken to pieces

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putting it in the bureau boxing [?] it up and sending them to Lafayette, they will bring nothing here. I have heard nothing from you since I left you. I wrote you near St. Mar[? unreadable] which you no doubt have rcd. I expect to rec' a letter from you soon. I am very anxious to hear from you and our dear little babe [daughter, Elizabeth Virginia BRADEN]. Oh my dear not withstanding [?] I am with mother and family, yet the recollecting that I am so far from you prevents me from enjoying their good company so much as I should if you were here. Mother and Elizabeth [BRADEN, Burr's sister] wish to be remembered to you and all the family. No more at present but remain dear wife your loving and affectionate husband

Burr Braden