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This information from the journal of Rev. John Littlejohn was provided to the Loudoun Co., VAGenWeb page by Tom Bishop and is used with his permission.

Tom writes: "John Littlejohn was a Methodist circuit rider/preacher who lived for a while in Loudoun county before moving to KY in 1818. A microfilm of his journals are at Kentucky Wesleyan University. I had planned to type up some abstracts earlier, and only now have the time to do it. These entries concern the Loudoun area. The page numbers refer to the typewritten text, which on the film follows the original journal."

p. 124 - (Littlejohn settled down and established a Methodist class/meeting in Leesburg ca. 1780s) "Jno Littlejohn, leader. Monica do, [his wife] Elizb Tallbott, Saml Murrey, Elizb Murrey, Thos Edwards, Jno Drane, Elizb Towner, Elizb Lash, Cassia Hamilton, Nancy Drean [sic], Jane McCabe, Margt Cooper, Geo. Emery, Elizb Emery, Alexd McIntyre"

Littlejohn returned for a visit to Loudoun in June 1819.
p.139 - [June] "Thur. 17th Marrd. David Boss to Miss Elizb. Hoskins."
p.140 - [July] "Thur. 15th Married Wm Suders to Sarah Drane, daughter of my old Br. John Drane, of Leesburg."
"Sun. 18th Marrd. Asa Peck to Eliza Hough, daughter of my Frd Barnet Hough of Leesburg."
"Thurs. 29th Marrd. Sam M. Boss to Elizb. M. Fox, both young."
[Aug] "Sun 8th" ....... "Funeral of Eliza Peck who was Marrd. on Sun 18th of last month".
p. 141- "Thurs. 12th Marrd Mr Edwin C. Brown to Miss Channel both of Middleburg."
"Sund. 22nd "Joshua Chilton sons funeral".

Littlejohn went home to KY, then returned to Loudoun again in 1830.
p. 211 - [May 1830] "I make my home at Co. Binne esqr"
p. 212 - "Augst. 1st Sun. Wnt to Rehobeth heard Br Gist P.[preach] a good sermon Afternoon at Waterford fm. Rom. 1, 16 I am not ashamed &c. I bless God who gave me liberty and feelg to press the subjt. upon the unbelivg & careless. In this place and vicinity were a large and respectable body of Quakers the whole are mostly gone over to the Hicksites alias infidelity." [Thought I'd include that, since many Loudoun researchers have Quaker ancestors]
p. 218 - [Jan 1831] "14th P. [preached] Sistr. Mary McCabes funeral"......"Sr. McCabe relect of Doctr. Jno McCabe of Leesburg"
p. 219 - [Feb 1831] "Sun. 20th pd.[preached] Mr. R. Loves Funr."

There are numerous mentions throughout the text of Br's and preachers, but only by their last name. He mentions the conversion of a Mr. and Mrs. Bruce, Quakers in Frederick co., to Methodistism.

"I no longer have the film.... The film is available via interlibrary loan to anyone who wants to look at it. There's a big gap of time where he didn't keep a journal (apparently, or else it was lost), 1780s to 1817.

The early part of the journal concerns his circuit riding, and he was hardly ever in Leesburg during those years. He rode as far south as North Carolina and frequently traveled in Maryland." - Tom Bishop